How I get the most out of my money. 50cube

Did you receive good health this year? Is it a good financial year for you this year? Your family members still fit and healthy? Do you need to worry about your 3 meals a day? I hope you are having a good year, just like me i had a awesome year!

I am really grateful for all the money, friends, food and opportunity that i had this year. It is really a changing point for me this year. I am not sure about you, but before i was a workaholic, spending long hours working, trying to chase money and get myself out of the rat race. Building business after work, spending time networking and by the time i got home my dad is already asleep, sometimes he will wait for me to get back but i will be too tired to talk to him. Next morning, i will be up and rushing off to work and my life continues. Not noticing that my dad has already age, and getting older. Till one day when he injured himself at work, he ask me to send him to the doctor. He said he don’t know how long more he will be able to walk properly, he wish to see the world and hope we can bring him and spend more time with him.

I always thought that by earning more money now, i will get a better life for him in the future. Then i realize time wait for no one. When i get the money, what if he is no longer there. We work for money now and try to use money to buy back time in the future. It doesn’t work this way. Cherish what ever you have now, and don’t have any regrets in the future. It was really a wake up call for me. I lost my mum when i was 16, death just came and took her just like that, i don’t wish to repeat this mistake again. So now i am doing what i could to spend more time with him and also not forgetting the people who i never met!

japan with family
So this year i bring my dad to japan! Really happy to see the other side of him. How much money also cant buy the smile on my family face! Okay my sister not smiling, but i know she is happy, its the sunlight too bright. 😉

Also to give back to people i have not met! Recently i joined the 50Cube to raise funds for Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home (LAMH)

is a nursing home established in the mid-1960s. Currently, the nursing home caters to 110 needy and sick who are normally those who are unable to care for themselves or cannot be cared for in their own homes. They are admitted into the nursing home if they need daily skilled nursing care and/or assistance in activities of daily living and they have no caregiver to look after them at home. LAMH pursues a focused differentiation strategy where it firmly caters to the low-to-middle income group, targeting mainly families who are of the sandwiched class and unable to receive government subsidises. The heart of the strategy lies in staying true to the philosophy of top priorities on affordability and personalized eldercare for the residents.

They really need our support, if you can do visit their site or you can drop by their place and have a look! here

Here are some of the photos from the walk!

lunch time, recharging!!! its really not easy for some, blisters and aches for this 50km walk but they endure and walk thru to the end!!
This double rainbow is for you! Make a difference this year and make a living living. Donation for for 50Cube is extended to December 31! You can share some love here if you haven’t! CLICK HERE
Wishing you another blessed year ahead! Better Health and Wealth! See ya!

Charity Run : Craze Ultra 2015 101km Fundraising for Singapore Cancer Society

Craze Ultra 2015 indeed a crazy experience for us. Going non stop for 100KM for 24hours and finally we are certified nuts! A great experience overall and my first time trying to raise funds for Singapore Cancer Society while doing something i love!

I have always been a fitness junkie and been keeping myself fit for the past say 6 or 7 years! I always think that having a healthy body is important other than looking good, what can i do with this body? So MAD came along and share with me her idea of doing this CRAZE ULTRA to raise awareness and raise funds for Singapore Cancer Society!

Didnt expect that i will be raising funds for Cancer Society one day and becoming a charity athlete today. My mum passed away due to cancer when i was 16, i was thankful for all the help i received during that period of time. However i never had any thought that i could be giving back to the society today. Universe is such a powerful thing and i believe everything will come to you at the right place and right time. We just have to be patience.

So here we are doing the craze ultra, more photo below.


craze ultra 2015
craze ultra 2015
craze ultra 2015
craze ultra 2015


craze ultra 2015
Finally we are at the finish line, mental challenged but i believe everything happen for a reason and this race did made us a stronger person. PLUS we did raise some funds for the Singapore Cancer Society!

More run to come? Of course! More charity events to come for sure!

Bodybuilding Legend Jay Cutler to be in Singapore for NutriMan2014 by NutriFirst

Nutrifirst, nutriman 2014, jay cutler singapore

August 2014 – American bodybuilding legend, International Federation of BodyBuilding & Fitness (IFBB) professional bodybuilder and four-time Mr. Olympia winner Jay Cutler will make his first-ever appearance in Singapore next month. He will be gracing the finals and appearing as guest judge for NutriMan 2014 and NutriShred 2014 – fitness contests held by NutriFirst Pte Ltd, Singapore’s leading online sports and health nutrition company.

Cutler, 41, who started training seriously at the tender age of just 18, won consecutive Arnold Classic titles from 2002 to 2004. He also won the prestigious Mr. Olympia title a total of four times – 2006, 2007, 2009 and 2010. This made him the third Mr. Olympia in history (along with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Franco Columbu) to win the title in non-consecutive years, and, defeating the reigning champion Dexter Jackson in 2009, became the only Mr. Olympia in history to reclaim thetitle after having competed as title-holder and not won.

Both of the Nutri-Series events will have the finals held on the same day at renowned nightlife hotspot, Zouk, on the evening 13 August 2014. Both contests are organised by NutriFirst and 6 Productions. There will also be an opportunity for ticket-holders to meet and greet the man himself during a scheduled autograph session on-locaton.

In a collaboration between NutriFirst and BPI Sports, Jay Cutler’s revamped sports nutrition line known as Cutler Nutrition will also be officially announced while he is in town with BPI Sports International Sales Director Robert Borraza. BPI Sports and its subsidiary Cutler Nutrition are both solely distributed by NutriFirst in Singapore and in the region.

A media conference will be held on the afternoon of 12 September 2014 with interview and photograph opportunities available.

For media enquiries, contact:
Bjorn Wong, NutriFirst –
Nawfel Ricar, NutriFirst –
Preston Sin, 6 Productions –

Strongman for You for Me for Everyone at TheCathay

singapore strongman classic
singapore strongman classic


Today i am here attending the Singapore Strongman Classic organized by TheCathay Singapore, and Singa-Sports. Official media livefitter and Strongman event requires the participant to of course lfit heavy stuff, it looks like its a event only for those real man to take part.

singapore strongman classic
singapore strongman classic
singapore strongman classic
singapore strongman classic

To me strongman event can actually be for everyone, and people should consider adding it into their training. This not only makes training more fun, but it also strengthen muscle that you never use before. Strongman event like farmers walk, stones lift can be really functional as well. It can help with your daily activities like when you are shopping with your girlfriends or when your friends is drunk at the party. Okay just kidding..


but hey training now needs to be creative, its not longer building muscle that looks good only, but you need to be mobile and balance.

Singapore Squat Challange 2014 getting more popular with the ladies!

livefitter singapore squat challenge
livefitter singapore squat challenge

Singapore Squat Challenge 2014 held at Bishan CC, organized by LiveFitter. More than 100 participant turn up for this event and I must say the highlight for the event will be the ladies who took part in this competition! More and more new female athlete is emerging in the Fitness Scene in Singapore! I believe there are many more ladies out there, don’t be shy and come join in the Fitspo (female fitness inspiration) community in Singapore together with other ladies who have the same goals as you!

livefitter singapore squat challenge
livefitter singapore squat challenge

The first impression for a Squat challenge to people normally will be, it is an event for guys only! Check out the photos I took in this event and it proves the other way. Lifting weights is no longer an event for guys only! More and more girls started to understand that lifting weights doesn’t get them bulky and big but on the other hand provide so many more benefits to their body and mind.

livefitter singapore squat challenge
livefitter singapore squat challenge


Being stronger can no only improve your joints and bones but it also gives you a toner and adds more curves to your body! Working out helps increase your energy level and normally people who works out feel less stressful and lead a happier life! With all these comes a boost in your confidence as you proof yourself over and over again that failure is not an option and you strive to break your Personal Best in whatever things you do!

livefitter singapore squat challenge
livefitter singapore squat challenge
livefitter singapore squat challenge
livefitter singapore squat challenge
livefitter singapore squat challenge
livefitter singapore squat challenge
livefitter singapore squat challenge
livefitter singapore squat challenge
livefitter singapore squat challenge
livefitter singapore squat challenge

I will definitely date any of these girls and they look fantastic! Here are some of the photos from the squat event! Strong is the new sexy, keep it up ladies!!!


Wet and Wild Run Singapore Registration Open 18 Jun 2014!

Your wildest 5km run is here! Check them out here!

Enjoy the sun and fun then end with Special Guest Dj from Butter Factory for After Party!!

wet and wild run singapore 2014
wet and wild run singapore 2014

Some of the Obstacles Preview!!!

wet and wild run singapore
wet and wild run singapore
wet and wild run singapore
wet and wild run singapore
wet and wild run singapore
wet and wild run singapore

What are you waiting for? Registration now open! Click on the link below! Group sign up will enjoy Discounts!!!

wet and wild run singapore
wet and wild run singapore

Nutrishred 2014 by NutriFirst Singapore Largest Online Supplement Store.

nutrishred 2014
nutrishred 2014, nutrifirst

NutriShred 2014 proudly organised by NutriFirst Singapore Largest Online Supplement Store.

After the success of NutriMan 2013 and NutriGirl 2014 this time NutriFirst will be organizing their first ever full transformation program.

They will be showing how proper diet and supplementation together with training can effective help one lose weight!

Supplementation will be provided by NutriFirst and Official trainer will be D’Fitness .

They will be training outdoor as well as showing up at some of the Safra Energy One gym in Singapore! So do watch for them and check out NutriFirst Facebook page for the latest update on their progress and what they are tdoing to effective SHRED.

Casting has officially ended! Now its time for them to SHRED do check out NutriFirst Facebook for their latest update!

Singapore fitness blogger takes on Men’s Health Urbanathlon 2014

Singapore fitness blogger first ever men’s health urbanathlon 2014

14km run and 9 obstacles.

men's health urbanathlon 2014
men’s health urbanathlon 2014


Really excited to see how the route is gonna be like tomorrow. So just a run thru for myself on the 9 obstacle before tomorrow race!

Gotta from Men Health 2014 official page

MYSTERY OBSTACLE For the 1st time ever!

Test your five senses like no other race can.

By keeping you in the dark, we promise this to be a challenge you’ll remember!

This is the tricky one as i dont know what it is gonna be, but i love surprises so it better be a tough one !


Pull yourself over 1.5m high cement pipes.

Your task:

  1. Pick up speed as you approach the first cement pipe (with diameter of 1.2m).
  2. Jump and pull yourself over the top of the pipe.
  3. Hop off the pipe and continue to hoist yourself over the 2nd cement pipe (with diameter of 1.5m), with the help of a low platform.
  4. If you are unsuccessful in your first attempt, you are required to make another attempt at the RETRY queue. If you fail in your re-attempt, 5 minutes will be added to your final timing as a penalty, and you will be allowed to continue with the course.

this should be easy as we always need to clear the low wall in the army!


Balance yourself across 2-inch wide beams.

Your task:

  1. Steady yourself and step onto the balancing beam. Start off with the sloping 2-inch beam and jump across to the next set of broader beams.
  2. Balance yourself to step up and across to the next set of beams.
  3. Jump off over the cone at the end of the beams to clear this obstacle.
  4. If you are unsuccessful in your first attempt, you are required to make another attempt at the RETRY queue. If you fail in your re-attempt, 5 minutes will be added to your final timing as a penalty, and you will be allowed to continue with the course.

needless to say we are all so familiar with this, we did a even higher one in army SOC!


Untangle yourself in this 4m long web of bungee cords

Your task:

  1. Put your flexibility to the test by working your way through the maze of bungee cords tied across this 4m long structure.
  2. Bend, dodge and duck through the web. Crawling on all fours on the ground is not allowed.

This can be a little tricky, hopefully the hole between the ropes is bigger, if we trip on this it is not gonna be fun anymore!


Scale up and descend these 3m high sloping structures

Your task:

  1. Pull yourself up using the rope on this 3m high sloping structure.
  2. After reaching the top, descend using the wooden blocks on the other side of the structure.
  3. Ascend and conquer the next 3m high slope with the rock-climbing grips. Slide down the other side of the structure.
  4. If you are unsuccessful in your first attempt, you are required to make another attempt at the RETRY queue. If you fail in your re-attempt, 5 minutes will be added to your final timing as a penalty, and you will be allowed to continue with the course.

Sliding down to victory always seems like a fun thing!


Carry a 20kg sandbag and run 100m.

Your task:

  1. Pick up a wet 20kg sandbag from the water trough.
  2. Carry it and run a distance of 50m forward and 50m back to your start point.
  3. Place the sandbag back into the water trough.
  4. If you are unsuccessful in your first attempt, you are required to make another attempt at the RETRY queue. If you fail in your re-attempt, 5 minutes will be added to your final timing as a penalty, and you will be allowed to continue with the course.

Wet sandbag could add on additional weight to the 20kg, this might not be as easy as it seems. putting it on one side of the shoulder should make the whole 100m run easier.


Take a 2m leap of faith

Your task:

  1. Climb up the 2m high tower.
  2. Approach the end of the platform. Walk with care and do not run!
  3. Aim for the pole that is 1.2m away and leap off. Stretch out to grab it if you can.
  4. Hang on to the pole and lower yourself onto the crash mats.

I think i am gonna jump straight down for this!


Power through two sets of parallel bars

Your task:

  1. Make your way across a pair of 6m-long parallel bars using your hands.
  2. Manoeuvre down a second set of parallel bars, with your hands on one bar and feet on the other.
  3. If you are unsuccessful in your first attempt, you are required to make another attempt at the RETRY queue. If you fail in your re-attempt, 5 minutes will be added to your final timing as a penalty, and you will be allowed to continue with the course.

walking with the parallel bar could be a killer for most, but there is a technique to it, try swing your body from left to right as you move and let the momentum carry you over!


Climb up and down a 3.2m high 3-ton truck using a rope web.Your task:

  1. Get on all fours to climb up the rope web.
  2. When you get to the top of the truck, turn around and descend the rope web on the other side feet first.
  3. Avoid getting your limbs trapped in the net as it will slow down your progress.

hopefully i dont get stuck on this! after all the running, for this obstacle. take it slow.

Seems like this year they remove the mud water obstacle which is great in my opinion. Anyway have a good run everyone, take it slow and remember to use your foam roller to warm up your muscles to get more flexibility during the obstacle tomorrow. Proper stretching is a must and remember to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water tonight! See you all tomorrow!

Results for Ronnie Coleman Classic 2013 in Ancol Jakarta

Ronnie Classic 2013 which is held in Ancol, Jakarta, Indonesia, Ocean Ecopark Convention Center at December 6 – 7, 2013

Presented to you by Fitlion and brought to you by DNI

ronniecolemanclassic2013 poster
ronniecolemanclassic2013 poster


ronniecolemanclassic2013 registration


ronniecolemanclassic2013 weight in
ronniecolemanclassic2013 weight in

Weigh in



ronniecolemanclassic2013 Under 70kg
ronniecolemanclassic2013 Under 70kg


ronniecolemanclassic2013 80kg below
ronniecolemanclassic2013 80kg below


ronniecolemanclassic2013 80kg below
ronniecolemanclassic2013 80kg below


ronniecolemanclassic2013 80kg above
ronniecolemanclassic2013 80kg above

Event booth

Few supplement company participated, i got myself some supplement which is banned in Singapore to try out!

Especially for the brand GAT which is endorse by Big Ramy! Review of the product will be coming soon!

ronniecolemanclassic2013 pharmfreak booth
ronniecolemanclassic2013 pharmafreak booth
ronniecolemanclassic2013 FitLion and DNI booth
ronniecolemanclassic2013 FitLion and DNI booth

Fitlion just started their online supplement company in Indonesia as well, definitely not No.1 yet but all the best to them!

Didn’t get a chance to shoot the finals as my camera battery when flat on my Canon Ixus 500 HS, gonna get a few more battery pack i guess! Anyway for more Photo for Ronnie Coleman Classic 2013 here

Although i am pretty disappointed with the result, it was a fruitful event for me.

Do Like my Facebook page for more update on fitness events!


Sports and Fitness Expo Singapore 2013

Pharma Freak, Singapore fitness blog
Pharma Freak


PharmFreak got this very hardcore drug stall feel to me. They could be a good brand to come over to Singapore but some how most of their most effective supplement won’t be able to enter the Singapore market due to some banned ingredient by the HSA.

X-Bionic International, singapore fitness blog
X-Bionic International

some really cool compression gear at the fair, suppose to help you boost your performance. used by astronaut as well.

Coolcore Singapore, singapore fitness blog
Coolcore Singapore

This is something really “COOL”. This should be something nice for Runner or Endurance athlete! This new material that they made actually helps to keep you COOL. The moment the cloth comes in contact with my skin, it like air condition! This material is suppose to work with water, yes that means your sweat! EVEN HOT WATER! Gotta check it out! Like them on facebook.

PhD Nutrition Inc, singapore fitness blog
PhD Nutrition Inc

Another Supplement company here, looks like more and more supplement company is going to step foot into Singapore! No review on this as i have not tried their products.

IMG_0670Okay to be frank this protein bar taste good. The profile of the product is okay as well.

X-Bionic International, singapore fitness blog
X-Bionic International
Key Power, Singapore fitness blog
Key Power
Singapore Powerlifting Assoc, Singapore Fitness blog
Singapore Powerlifting Assoc
Singapore Powerlifting Assoc, Singapore fitness blog
Singapore Powerlifting Assoc

Do visit their gym at Kallang if you like to smash some weights without anyone asking you to leave the gym. Address located here.

IFitness, Singapore Fitness blog

Our local fitness magazine! Check out all the local fitness model and athlete there!

circuit training aibi, singapore fitness blog
circuit training aibi

some circuit training conducted by AIBI.

maxi muscle, singapore fitness blog
maxi muscle
Fitness Sutra, singapore fitness blog, heechai
Fitness Sutra

Check out your one stop health and fitness online portal!


So glad to see more and more supplement company entering Singapore market! This shows that they realize that more and more Singaporean is getting into the fitness wave! I love promoting for this sport event because i do hope that everyone can live healthy and look healthy! Not only rich in the pocket but rich in the health as well!

Do leave a comment if you have any views on Singapore Fitness Industry!


CSC Run By the Bay 2013!

you can do it!

I would like to thank NutriFirst for sponsoring the CSC Run By the Bay. Special help from Doris and Yang from CSC for getting me the tag to run. Fresh air and great running group during the race made this a truly enjoyable one.

Met some great running – a lady who tried her best to follow up despite her gasping for air.

A 60 years old man who is running at a good pace

a petite young lady who i gave up chasing after the 12km mark! She was really quick; she can still have time to do a selfie while running.

Lastly there is this ang mo lady who I met during the last 2km, she told me she would catch up and over take me and she really did catch up in the end and we finished the race together.

Strong is no longer a word that only man can use.

NutriFirst Sponsoring CSC Run by the bay!

Free shaker bottle from NutriFirst for every csc club sign up!

Free soleus GPS watch with every sign up!
CSC run by the bay
Doris From CSC

Me for the friendly Doris from CSC!

val tape
Val Tape

spotted this new tape, one of the booth at the CSC run.

Gasp, val tape, vibram
Tape on with my Gasp and Vibram 🙂

Quality is not so bad, slightly stickier than RockTape so when you are trying to peel it off it hurts alitte more. Price is much cheaper but limited design. ($20 a roll)

pre workout
Amino energy and optimum pre

Free Amino Energy and Optimum Pre Samples give away! gotta try them for my workout!


trainer, california singapore
California Trainer

Poly Friend who is now a trainer at California Singapore. Ask him for Personal Training at Zoron Koh

garmin, running, timing
Run Timing

Immediately after the race there is ice cold 100 plus and banana together with the medal given to you. No queue any way regardless is taking your bag. There is a red bull and milo station there as well. (free milo and red bull) Overall it is worth the trip and i would love to go again!

Despite having a bad ache on my legs due to legs training on a Thursday i am still able to clock a decent timing. Most probably it is due to the highly motivated group of runner who is around and my HIIT training! Next up will be aiming for my 42km standard chartered run! More Hiit to come!



Dive with Fishermen Scuba at Pulau Dayang

logo fishermen
Fishermen Scuba Logo


Fishermen Scuba is one of the oldest dive school around, they are very strict with their standard and always watch for safety. You can be sure that you are in good hands when you dive with fishermen team!
Located next to paya lebar mrt station. Take exit C once you arrive, less than 5 mins walk you will be able to reach them.

My second time diving with them, overall it was a pretty good experience.

fishermen scuba bus
Our Bus to Mercing

We left fishermen at about 8pm and arrived woodlands checkpoint at about 9pm, huge jam there and it took quite some time for us to go in. *take note they will ask each of the diver to pay $10 ringgit so we can keep our equipments and bag on the bus. They use this to clear the customs.

backpack, dive gear
Dive Gear and my bag pack for me and my buddy

There will be one stop before reaching Mercing, so better go to the toilet at woodlands checkpoint or at the stop(petrol kiosk). We arrived at Mercing about 150am.

Took a 4 hours boat ride to arrive at Dayang, there is a aircon cabin below but i choose to sleep at the 2nd deck as i get motion sickness easily in air conditioned room.

Boat, Fishermen, Scuba,
Fishermen own the boat!

Check in to our room at Dayang, air conditioned room 2 king size bed for 4 person, the only bad thing was that there was no water heater for the shower. Electricity will be off for a certain time slot around 9-5pm.

Woke up at 730am to get prepared for our first dive! You wont have much time to sleep, try to sleep as much as possible on the boat and on the bus!

sinus, block nose, mucus, zyrtec-d
My Magic Pill

Pop a Zyrtec-D (you can get it at your guardian pharmacy.) This will help with my sinus as it dries up the mucus and helps me to equalize better during the dive. Take 1 tablet every morning 3 days before the dive then take 1 tablet every morning before the dive!

Here is the schedule for the Dives.

Depart Johor Bahru for Mersing
Arrive Mersing and depart for Pulau Dayang
Arrive Pulau Dayang and check in to Dayang Resort
Breakfast at Dayang Resort
First Dive
Second Dive
Third Dive
Fouth Dive (Night Dive)
Fifth Dive
Sixth Dive
Check out of Dayang Resort and depart for Mersing
Arrive Mersing and depart for Johor Bahru
Arrive Johor Bahru

*You will only be allowed to do the night dive if you are certified.



Food – For this trip

food, diving, dayang, buffet
Our dinning area by the beach!

Buffet style food –

  • Drinks
    • Water, tea, coffee, syrup drinks
  • Breakfast
    • Egg, bread, beans, hotdogs, nuggets, fruits.
  • Lunch
    •  Noodles, chicken, fish, egg, fruit (spicy)
  • Dinner
    •  Rice, fried chicken, Lamp Chop, Satay and fruits.

As a Health and Fitness Blogger, the food is still quite clean to me, i ate like 10 eggs, quite a lot of chicken wings, satay and plenty of fruits in that 2 days! Even thou i told myself to junk as it is a holiday! Some how my mind doesn’t allow it, i guess i am just too used to the junk-less diet.

Here are some of the dive photo!

fish, coral, plant, sea, underwater
nemo, clown fish, sea, diving, hand
NEMO (clown fish)
nudibranch, sea, diving
Couple, Fish, Bat Fish, Diving, Sea
Bat Fish (couple)
diving, sea, lion fish, poisonous
Lion Fish (poisonous)
cutterfish, sea, diving
dive buddy, sea, underwater
Dive Buddy 🙂
Thanks for the wonderful memories. Will be back in the sea real soon!

Fear of Drowning while Diving?
Diving is a safe sports, if you follow the dive master instructions, know your equipment well and stay in a group. The risk of drowning is very low.

Do you need to know how to swim to dive?
Nope, you just need to be comfortable in water to dive.

Thanks for reading!
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