#EatClean at Raffles Place with Wafuken

After your workout dont know where to go at raffles place?

Check out Wafuken located at 12 marina view, asia square tower 2, #02-05 S018961 but do take note they are closed on the weekend.

What is so special about wafuken is how their food is actually prepared.

If you look at the menu you see the word SOUS-VIDE and if you are wondering what does this means Sous-vide (French for “under vacuum”) is a method of cooking food sealed in heat safe vacuumed packs in a temperature-controlled water bath.The Sous-vide method allows us to consistently produce perfectly cooked proteins, which also retain the flavour, moisture and nutrients in the meat.

Wafuken mission and standard which i believe they are doing a excellent job in up holding.

The food we serve does not contain unhealthy fat or excessive sugar. Instead, we utilize modern cooking techniques coupled with flavourful combinations of herbs, spices and quality ingredients in order to provide you with a healthy yet undeniably delicious experience.

My Honest review on Wafuken.

wafuken raffles
wafuken beef brown rice and sweet potato

Personally i tried their beef, salmon and chicken the taste and consistency of the shop is really good. I actually when there to dine for a few times before coming up with the review and the food taste equally nice every time i go back. The meat is really tender and juicy and especially the melt in your mouth salmon because of their special cooking method (sous vide). One more thing their chicken breast is a must try, it doesnt taste like breast meat, serious.

Serving Size and price:

Wafuken is more of a quality than quantity kinda place, if are on a high protein diet the protein it will probably cost you about $20 to get you the protein you need. For me i am pretty satisfied with a beef combine with brown rice and sweet potato which total up to about $15 for a meal, i get 2 carbs instead of vegetables so it will be filling for me. If you get the chicken meal it will be around $12.

Over all experience:

First you meet their friendly staff who will help you with your order, then the neat and clean shop front, then comes the food can take a while during lunch hour as there will be quite a lot of people so GO EARLY like 11am. The display of the food makes the food even more appetizing and of course the taste (thumbs up). If you are around the area, go have a look. Now dont say i bo jio and you dont know where to eat clean.

Things food company dont want you to know!


sugar-is-addictiveAccording to a recent study published in Nature Neuroscience, high fat, high calorie foods affect the brain in a way that is nearly identical to cocaine and heroin. When two researchers from florida’s Research Institute fed rats high-fat-content foods, including cheesecake, sweets and even bacon, every single one of the food activated a release of dopamine, just as the drugs do. Scarier still, over time the rats needed bigger and bigger quantities of junk food to get that same amount of dopamine, just as drug addicts need more and more of their drug of choice to maintain the same ‘high’. Researchers concluded that when the rats ate enough of these foods, and in big quantities, ‘it leads to compulsive eating habits that resemble drug addiction’ (klein, 2010). The most unsettling finding of all? When the researchers compared the brains of the rats hooked on heroin and cocaine, they found that the additive effects of the junk food actually lasted seven times longer. ‘While it took only two days for the depleted dopamine receptors in rats adicted to cocaine or heroin to return to baseline levels, it took two weeks for the obese rats to return to their normal dopamine levels,’ the study reported (Johnson and Kenny, 2010)

Food choices is important, one small can of sugary drinks can lead to long term addiction. Choose wisely.


This is taken from one small part of the book Brandwashed by Martin Lindstrom.

How to not get cheated by Supplement facts and Fancy Supplement Label!

1. Serving size is important. Promising for example 60grams of protein serving doesnt mean the product is better, it just means that the scoop size is bigger or extra serving is need. To get a fair comparison do see the recommended amount of powder recommended per serving.

2. Claims of BCAA and Glutamine can be misleading, by this is refer to some packaging showing bcaa and glutamine content. This normally means that in the 24 grams of protein when broke down will provide you with 5gram of bcaa. If you check the scoop size, how can a 30gram scoop contain 24grams of protein plus 5.5g of bcaa plus 4gram of glutamine.

3. One rule to remember, your ingredient list is in the order from highest content to lowest content. (whey concentrate, whey isolate ….) means it contains more whey concentrate than isolate.

4. Cheap supplement are they really the same? Good things dont come cheap. If the supplement facts is the same, check the source of the product, if the source is alright check the ingredient.

5. Know what you are taking and not follow blindly by fancy product name. There are a few in the market don’t want to name them but do watch it, some are just very normal product.