muscletech – nano vapor


Taste 6/10 (taste like medicine) mixes well. ultra fine powder.
This formula is supposed to increase your pump with the arginine content.
Improve focus by caffeine
You are suppose to feel heat up after taking this, thermogenic compound
For the thermogenic I felt hotter than normal after workout. So I the thermogenic part am effective.
Normally I workout at night, sometimes I will feel kind of sleepy during workout. This product boost me and keeps me awake and don’t really gives me sleeping problem after training
For the pump I don’t really feel much of a different.
Not one of the best but still worth a try.
Rating: 8/10

universal – animal pak

a multi vitamin supplement amino acid,vitamins, digestive support and body detoxing

a total of 11 pills to swallow.
the pill are actually pretty huge, if you cannot swallow normal pills do not try this.

question : is it normal to get yellow piss from animal pak
yes, its because of the excessive amount of Vitamin B2 (riboflavin)

is it harmful?

no, unless you really overdose it too much if not it will just excrete through the unrine.

Magnum Opus

taste 9/10 (taste like soda water)
mixes well, but foamy

this formula is suppose to increase endurance because of the beta alanine content.

After trying this for a few workout, the only thing I feel was the beta alanine (tinkering) energy and endurance increments is very minimum or none.

Looking at some video online all seems great about this product. But this is not a product for me. I won’t recommend getting this.

potency : 3/10