How to save more when buying supplements with NutriFirst.

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How to get more from NutriFirst.

1. Try to spend at least a $100 each time to receive a $5 credit, free sample and a free delivery to your home!

2. Purchase in bulk together with your friends. Hitting $200 entitled you to a additional free gift and by hitting $500 you get to select a free gym bag!

3. Stay with NutriFirst! Loyalty member discount given to members who hit a certain total amount! $2000 – 2%, $5000 – 5% and $10,000 – 10%

4. Purchase Bundle deals at Nutrifirst.

Why NutriFirst?

1. NutriFirst Staff

NutriFirst Staff are all Fitness enthusiast, they go to the gym, take supplements and take care of their health. We always make sure that we know what we are selling.

Team NutriFirst

2. NutriFirst Showroom

NutriFirst open up a showroom specially to cater for customer who likes to hold and feel the products. Our Friendly staff will also provide free supplement consultation over at our showroom.

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NutriFirst Showroom

3. NutriFirst Care

We do reply to customer inquiries on fitness and supplements thru Facebook messages, phone calls (+65 67440600) and emails. Email is only replied by certified fitness instructors, so you can be sure that the answer you get is reliable.


4. Shut Up and Train – by NutriFirst

Using Products from NutriFirst like MusclePharm shaker, Tshirt, Universal Tshirt, Animal series apparels and gasp makes us a community. I know when i see people using Better Bodies belt, Gasp Branch Warren Wrist Wraps, Shut up and train singlet and NutriFirst Shaker we are one family.

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5. NutriFirst Largest online supplement store

With the widest range of products, you will be able to get all the help you need to grow at NutriFirst. Always trying to bring in the latest and most popular products. Some New brand that NutriFirst recently gotten is Musclepharm, Universal, BPI, Jay cutler, Gasp and Better Bodies do check them out at

6. Next day delivery.

Place an order today and your supplement will arrive to you the next day! Order above $100 and get a free delivery. NutriFirst deliver anywhere in singapore, be it your office, your house, even construction site! 3 hour time slot available starting from 930am and ending at 7-10pm.



Wholesales Manager at

For that burst, there is NutriFirst.


Are you a Skinny Fat?
Although Singapore is not one of the country with the highest amount of obesity from the chart I have gotten.
but if you looked around you. You will be able to find a lot of skinny fats around. Like the picture above (skinny arms and legs with a big tummy and some may have man boobs.)
Why is this happening? What causes us to stall so much fat at our tummy area?
Due to our lifestyle right now, we hardly used up all the energy in our body and at the same time we load in a lot of energy. Fats are stored energy, but how come we are not using them?
Our body actually forgets how to tap fats as energy because of our new eating habit. High Carbohydrates diet.  Your rice (yes brown rice included), bread, noodle, pasta, fries, cereals and sugary drink (processed fruit juice is also included)

I thought Pasta, Bread, Brown rice , cereal with milk and Packed fruit juice is healthy!

Carbohydrates if not use by the body will be stored as fats so you will be able to use the energy later. What happens now in our lifestyle is that we are having too much carbohydrate. A typical breakfast will be bread, lunch will normally have rice and dinner we may take in pizza or pasta. Even if we workout that day, the body will choose to use up the carbohydrate (glucose) in our body first (example : will you use the money in your wallet first or the money in your bank)
So how can we use fats as energy?
1.     Do fasted (no food) workout in the morning!
a.     When you just woke up and your blood glucose in the body has been depleted! In this way your body will try to use more fats as energy as there are no more glucose left!
2.     Consume low carbohydrates meals! Best if you only consume your carbohydrates meal after an intense workout!
So what kind of carbohydrates should we choose? Why are grains not good?
Let me introduce you to our Glycemic Index scale. It is use to track the blood glucose level in the body after consuming carbohydrate.
**A surge in blood glucose in the body will cause the insulin (insulin is like a police, glucose is like thief. Insulin job is to put the glucose to Jail) will be call upon to store them as fats.

The higher the GI number (row 1) the more blood glucose there is.

Don’t agree or like what i just said? Prove me wrong!

  1. Take measurement of your
    1. Weight
    2. Body fat percentage (can be taken at the gym)
    3. *Best if you can have measurement of your arms, chest, waist, hips and thigh.
  2. Do fasted workout in the morning. 3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) – Any kind of workout for 45min every morning!
  3. Change your eating habit. (Example below)
    1. Breakfast – (4-5 eggs (with 2 yolks)) plus apple
    2. Lunch – Chicken Chop (sides Veggie)
    3. Dinner – Grilled Fish (sides veggie and potato)
  4. Follow for 30 days!
  5. Drop me an email so I can keep you motivated, answer your question and complete the 30 days together! – subject : 30 day challenge!
Some other Important Facts
** High carbohydrates (e.g. ice cream) spike blood glucose which in turn raises your “Serotonin” happy feeling for a while and the body sends out a large amount of insulin as the sudden rush of sugar causes the body to go into emergency. Then you will have a dip in blood sugar and your body feels that it is out of energy, you feel tired and restless because your blood glucose level is low and natural reaction when you feel that you are out of energy you will go for second round of food!
**How diabetes happens?
If beta cells don’t produce enough insulin, or the body doesn’t respond to the insulin that is present, glucose builds up in the blood instead of being absorbed by cells in the body, leading to prediabetes or diabetes.
**So if you spike your insulin everyday slowly it will get less sensitive and need to produce more insulin to bring down the glucose in your blood stream. Eventually the system breaks down and you are unable to clear the glucose and you get your diabetes.

RockTape Workshop at TMP Novena.

I want to start the post by asking you to watch this video on how a normal tape can affect the movement of a cat. Animal cant lie if something affects them. – shared by


What is Rocktape?
Rocktape is a natural-hybrid product and consists of 97% cotton, 3% nylon and uses no drugs. The adhesive is a hypo-allergenic acrylic based adhesive and contains no latex. When we manufacture Rocktape, we introduce a bias into the weave of the fabric so it stretches in one direction and not the other.
How it works? How can it help?
Rocktapes creates what we call a bio-mechanical lifting mechanism which lifts the skin away from the soft tissue. This allows blood to move into an injured area which accelerates healing and recovery. Rocktape is also great for correcting tracking issues in knees, shoulders or elbows. It can also be used to correct posture problems including those associated with pregnancy.
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Why RockTape?
Rocktape gives a 180% elongation ( which means a 10 cm tape can be stretch to 18cm)
Tighter weave compared to other tapes
Longer lasting adhesive (personally I tried it on for 2 days and it still sticks nicely)
Method of taping which I learn from the course! (sharing for free!)
1.     Muscle Injury/ Strain
heechai, fitness, blogger, blog, singapore, rocktape, rocktape sg
hands on!
heechai, fitness, blogger, blog, singapore, rocktape, rocktape sg
heechai, fitness, blogger, blog, singapore, rocktape, rocktape sg
taping the quads
heechai, fitness, blogger, blog, singapore, rocktape, rocktape sg
every one paying attention!
heechai, fitness, blogger, blog, singapore, rocktape, rocktape sg
my quads
heechai, fitness, blogger, blog, singapore, rocktape, rocktape sg
a.     First we must understand that if the muscle injury/strains/tear is too much rocktape will not work.
b.     Applying the tape will helps to facilitate painfree movement, reduce swelling/bruising and help to sense body position if we are in a bad body posture.
c.      3 steps to tape!
                                               i.     Stretch the body part
                                              ii.     Stabilization tape (stretch tape 50%)
                                            iii.     Decompression tape (stretch tape 80%)
2.     Swelling Reduction Taping
heechai, fitness, blogger, blog, singapore, rocktape, rocktape sg
for more blood flow!


a.     Good for Grade 3 muscle tear *application of rocktape on after 48 hours of RICE therapy (rest, ice, compression, elevate)
3.     Body sense and Postural Control Taping

heechai, fitness, blogger, blog, singapore, rocktape, rocktape sg
being tape by the doctor
a.     Helps to place the body back into the right posture. The tape basically act as a reminder when you over stretch your muscle and you have to use your own muscle strength to pull back to the right position.
4.     Power Taping
Power taping, heechai, fitness, blogger, blog, singapore, rocktape, rocktape sg
Power taping
a.     Helps with varies kind of sports to improve the power output, didn’t get to touch on this topic much this time round as they have a separate course for that! Would love to join that!
Photo during the event!
heechai, fitness, blogger, blog, singapore, rocktape, rocktape sg
heechai, fitness, blogger, blog, singapore, rocktape, rocktape sg, book, tape
free book and tape

Of course there are more usage for Rocktape like how to help with “shin splints” and “plantar fasciitis” attend their course to learn more!

For those who are interested to join the course you can always go to or contact Arvin at 91903505.
For $250 you will get a Book, 1* rocktape 5cm * 5meter and you will be getting a certificate from rcoktape sg as well! Most importantly is the sports knowledge that you get! It is totally worth it i would highly recommend you to try!

Thanks Dr Darek Lam
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heechai, fitness, blogger, blog, singapore, rocktape, rocktape sg
Thanks Rocktape Sg

heechai, fitness, blogger, blog, singapore, rocktape, rocktape sg

Thanks for reading!

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