How to release trigger point at your calves by Iron Fitness Singapore

How to do a Trigger point release?

1. Place ball on yoga block, one leg on ball, and the other leg on top of the leg you’re treating. Roll up and down leg to find trigger points.


2. When you find a trigger point, point your toe forward and hold for a few seconds.

3. Then point your toe back towards you and hold. Alternate between pointing forward and back a few times.

4. Don’t forget to really work the inside of the soleus.

To find out about trigger point massage here.

Release muscle tightness with foam rolling – Rumble Roller

Foam rolling self myofascial release, helps with releasing the tension of your tight muscle by having pressure on a specific area and rolling over to loosen up the muscle. Foam rolling is like having a deep tissue massage, the difference is you can do it on your own.

There are so many benefits of rolling, i got to know about rolling quite a while back when i was training with Samuel at his Hulk Lair! However i didn’t really took rolling that seriously at that time as i found it troublesome and normally for my training i don’t really do any stretching before or after my training. So after many years my muscle got tighter and tighter and i was experiencing lower back pain and my neck and shoulder is always very stiff.

Until one day i went over to Iron Fitness Singapore, where coach kelvin saw my problem during squating. He told me my lower back is too tight and ask me to lie down as he performed a trigger point release on me. He advice me to roll more often and showed me how i should be doing it using the foam roller and a ball. There is a course that you can learn more about rolling for more information do email me @


foam rolling course
foam roller course

There are a few kind of roller out there and today i am going to touch on the Rumble Roller! After rolling on a few different kind of roller, Pipe .. yes in iron fitness singapore we use white solid pipe, the normal foam roller. I personally feel that rumble roller goes deeper into the muscle giving me a more intense pressure on the specific point which is better in releasing muscle tension. It feels like someone’s elbow is rubbing across your muscle.

I would highly recommend this self remedy because it is easy to learn and you can do it any where. During the days where you are not going to the gym you can consider having a 1 hour rolling session at home! This not only aids in recovery it will also help with your flexibility. This will surely help in increasing your lift.

For more information on the next rolling course or if you wish to purchase a rumble roller ($78) do drop me a email at