10 simple rules for eating that i use to keep me lean!

A lot of you who follow my post know i do a lot of buffet aka #teambulking dinner. People always asked how i eat so much but at the same time get leaner! Here is the 10 simple rules of eating that helps to get me my six pack!


1. Control your sugar intake. Canned drinks, ice cream, processed food and any form of fast acting sugar. Excessive sugar(energy) that is not used up will be stored as fats!

2. Low processed food or best no processed food. Processed food is usually high in sugar, artificial flavor, color and lack of essential nutrients! A lot is just empty calories. High processed food diet lowers the testosterone level in the body and a lower testosterone causes your body to store fats in the mid section.

3. Processed food thermogenic effect is different from natural food. Natural food is harder to digest as compared to processed food. Therefore Natural food require more energy to digest and therefore helps to increase your natural metabolism.

4. If you know that you are going to have a heavy meal at night, try intermittent fasting for your breakfast and lunch, it doesn’t really affect when you eat but more of how much food you eat!

5. Have a mix of diet, some days low carbs some days high carbs. Try training during low carbs day to let your body adapt to using more fats as energy instead of glycogen.

6. Avoid carbs and consume more meat during heavy eating! Meats will make you feel full easier as compared to rice or ice cream. Therefore less calories consume but you get to eat your heart out!

7. Avoid snacking, if you are heavy get a normal meal. Snacking on cookies or any food increases unnecessary calories intake.

8. Too much of anything is no good, not that you take 10 scoops of protein a day or a super high protein diet you wont become fat! Keep in mind protein is also calories, too much of it will be stored as fats as well!

9. Increase your healthy fat intake like salmon or animal fats. This will help to boost your testosterone level and give you a boost in muscle growth! The more muscle you have the higher your metabolism!

10. Follow thru your diet, if you cannot have carbs that day do it! Have more meat instead , if you need carbs that day, make sure you load in your carbs! Follow thru and you will see results.

This is just some of the ways i used to keep myself lean, if you find me extreme all i can say is “it takes extreme ways to get extreme result” it depends on what you want. Use whatever you find it useful and hope you see good results from it!

Changing my Diet.

12 weeks of intermittent fasting

For the past 12 weeks i have been changing diet and training after reading Melissa sarah wee , leangains.com , primal blue print, 4 hours body and some other fitness related article. Made quite a bit of progress and here is my breakdown of the 12 weeks.

Week 1 to Week 6 – Intermittent fasting with High Carbohydrate

week 2, intermittent fasting, heechai.com, fitness blogger singapore, fat lost
Week 2


week 3 and 4, intermittent fasting, heechai.com, fitness blogger singapore, fat lost
Week 3 and 4
week 5, intermittent fasting, heechai.com, fitness blogger singapore, fat lost
Week 5


bulking, high carbohydrate, grains, heechai.com,singapore fitness blogger
What i was eating(high carbs)


Week 6 to Week 12 -Intermittent fasting together with Paleo diet.


week 7, intermittent fasting, heechai.com, fitness blogger singapore, fat lost
Week 7


week 8, intermittent fasting, heechai.com, fitness blogger singapore, fat lost
Week 8


week 10, intermittent fasting, heechai.com, fitness blogger singapore, fat lost
Week 10
week 11, intermittent fasting, heechai.com, fitness blogger singapore, fat lost
Week 11


Week 12 of intermittent fasting, lean gains, lose fat, how to gain muscle
Week 12


triple chicken chop with vegetable, heechai, heechai.com, Singapore fitness blogger
Paleo Diet

As you can see in week 1-6 my muscle seems fuller and thicker as compare to the week 12 photo which is much drier and leaner. Which is what i am trying to achieve. Currently weighing 71kg with about 9% body fat.

Comparing to my previous bulking diet where i hit 3000 calories a day

Here is a comparison for my previous bulking diet. Where i actually eat like 3000 calories everyday and have a lot of carbohydrate for every meal, the photo below was taken when i am about 73kg, 14% body fat.

Bulking, heechai, heechai singapore fitness blogger, heechai.com

Depending on individual, i prefer to look lean year round and i prefer the body now compared to previously where i hit 75kg. I feel much stronger now and the energy i feel more energetic. I don’t get restless during the day and my energy is more constant.

Fasting makes your body uses more fats instead of carbohydrates as energy!

Recently i just did a CSC 15km run fasted and the feeling was fantastic, no dip in energy no lack of energy during the run as well.

I have been trying to get more information on Fitness Related stuff, to me it is really on how to let our body use fats as energy. I find that my body is really adapting well with Paleo. So now i want to test if it is fasting that leans me or my diet. So i have decided to stop my intermittent fasting so i can up my calories intake.

  1. I am going to go for a 12 weeks full Paleo or you can call it the Primal Diet
  2. Primal or Paleo lifestyle to me is basically, no grains, no processed no high sugar food.
  3. I also want to maintain my carbohydrate level between 100 to 150grams a day.
  4. Limiting my carbohydrates intake to only postworkout or early in the morning if i am not working out on that day.
  5. My Goal for this 12 weeks is to hit 75kg at 8% body fat.

Everybody got different aim my goal is to be able to lift heavy, do long distance endurance and look aesthetic(super human)

I welcome any question or feedback. You can leave a comment or email me at heechaiong@gmail.com

Intermittent fasting -Week2- Vascularity

Recently i am really addicted to getting more vascular.

How can you get more veins to show?

  1. high protein low carb diet
  • it will help your body to use more fats as energy instead of using carbs. This is especially helpful is you workout fasted in the morning, working fasted in the morning is said to be able to increase fat burn by 20% more than normal workout timing!
  • shred more fats
    • the main reason why your veins is showing is because your fats is thinning out. you hardly see fat people with veins right.
  • take some Nitric Oxide supplement like arginine product
    • Arginine is a vasodilator. it helps to relax the blood vessel and increase blood flow.
    • http://www.nutrifirst.net/view_products.asp?catid=39&categoryname=NO2-NitricOxide
  • Lift heavy ass weight with proper form
    • if you are lifting heavy with proper form you will be putting the muscle under a more stressful environment in turn tearing more muscle fiber. To recover yourself during workout the body will call more blood to flow to that particular muscle group (the pump). therefore it creates more vascularity.

    3rd week intermittent fasting

    Doing intermittent fasting for 16(fasted)/8(feast) hour or sometimes 18/6 hour. I dont have a fix plan it really depends on how hungry i feel each day.

    i really do feel more vascular now and more definition is coming out. weight did increase by a bit.
    but normally we dont only go by how much weight you increased, it is not that accurate become what we want now is only muscle gain.

    muscle gain and fat lost so weight will be hover around the same. if my prediction is right, after dropping a few more percentage of body fat, we weight should start to rise. Shall see how it goes!

    All the best people.

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    Magnum Opus

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