How I get the most out of my money. 50cube

Did you receive good health this year? Is it a good financial year for you this year? Your family members still fit and healthy? Do you need to worry about your 3 meals a day? I hope you are having a good year, just like me i had a awesome year!

I am really grateful for all the money, friends, food and opportunity that i had this year. It is really a changing point for me this year. I am not sure about you, but before i was a workaholic, spending long hours working, trying to chase money and get myself out of the rat race. Building business after work, spending time networking and by the time i got home my dad is already asleep, sometimes he will wait for me to get back but i will be too tired to talk to him. Next morning, i will be up and rushing off to work and my life continues. Not noticing that my dad has already age, and getting older. Till one day when he injured himself at work, he ask me to send him to the doctor. He said he don’t know how long more he will be able to walk properly, he wish to see the world and hope we can bring him and spend more time with him.

I always thought that by earning more money now, i will get a better life for him in the future. Then i realize time wait for no one. When i get the money, what if he is no longer there. We work for money now and try to use money to buy back time in the future. It doesn’t work this way. Cherish what ever you have now, and don’t have any regrets in the future. It was really a wake up call for me. I lost my mum when i was 16, death just came and took her just like that, i don’t wish to repeat this mistake again. So now i am doing what i could to spend more time with him and also not forgetting the people who i never met!

japan with family
So this year i bring my dad to japan! Really happy to see the other side of him. How much money also cant buy the smile on my family face! Okay my sister not smiling, but i know she is happy, its the sunlight too bright. ūüėČ

Also to give back to people i have not met! Recently i joined the 50Cube to raise funds for Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home (LAMH)

is a nursing home established in the mid-1960s. Currently, the nursing home caters to 110 needy and sick who are normally those who are unable to care for themselves or cannot be cared for in their own homes. They are admitted into the nursing home if they need daily skilled nursing care and/or assistance in activities of daily living and they have no caregiver to look after them at home. LAMH pursues a focused differentiation strategy where it firmly caters to the low-to-middle income group, targeting mainly families who are of the sandwiched class and unable to receive government subsidises. The heart of the strategy lies in staying true to the philosophy of top priorities on affordability and personalized eldercare for the residents.

They really need our support, if you can do visit their site or you can drop by their place and have a look! here

Here are some of the photos from the walk!

lunch time, recharging!!! its really not easy for some, blisters and aches for this 50km walk but they endure and walk thru to the end!!
This double rainbow is for you! Make a difference this year and make a living living. Donation for for 50Cube is extended to December 31! You can share some love here if you haven’t! CLICK HERE
Wishing you another blessed year ahead! Better Health and Wealth! See ya!

Things food company dont want you to know!


sugar-is-addictiveAccording to a recent study published in Nature Neuroscience, high fat, high calorie foods affect the brain in a way that is nearly identical to cocaine and heroin. When two researchers from florida’s Research Institute fed rats high-fat-content foods, including cheesecake, sweets and even bacon, every single one of the food activated a release of dopamine, just as the drugs do. Scarier still, over time the rats needed bigger and bigger quantities of junk food to get that same amount of dopamine, just as drug addicts need more and more of their drug of choice to maintain the same ‘high’. Researchers concluded that when the rats ate enough of these foods, and in big quantities, ‘it leads to compulsive eating habits that resemble drug addiction’ (klein, 2010). The most unsettling finding of all? When the researchers compared the brains of the rats hooked on heroin and cocaine, they found that the additive effects of the junk food actually lasted seven times longer. ‘While it took only two days for the depleted dopamine receptors in rats adicted to cocaine or heroin to return to baseline levels, it took two weeks for the obese rats to return to their normal dopamine levels,’ the study reported (Johnson and Kenny, 2010)

Food choices is important, one small can of sugary drinks can lead to long term addiction. Choose wisely.


This is taken from one small part of the book Brandwashed by Martin Lindstrom.

Think again how sleep can improve your performance!!

Recently i attended a talk at Psyched – Performance Ready talk on SLEEP by Emily Ortega.

heechai sleeping
heechai sleeping

There are a million reasons that you are unable to sleep or can’t get enough quality sleep, some may be due to stress, some can’t stop thinking about work, and many more. Some want to sleep but cant, due to the busy lifestyle trying to get a workout after work and a million of other task to complete we normally put sleep to the last. Hopefully this post can help you sleep better!

Sleeping dog
Sleeping dog

It is important to have enough sleep, there are many benefits for sleeping! It will improve your performance and think better during the day! We have different stages when we are sleeping, from stage 1 to stage 5 it will consider as 1 cycle, in 8 hours we will get 5 cycle! So the lesser time you have to sleep the lesser cycle you will get. We go thru the cycle from deep sleep to light and continue on back to deep and light. Deep sleep helps us to consolidate our memories and clear our mind and thoughts, helps with neural network strengthening to remember, learn and solve problem better and most importantly it increases blood flow to muscle and helps in tissue growth and repair! Sometimes when you are in deep sleep and someone tries to wake you up you will get a shock and you wake up feeling groggy and someday when you wake up at the right time, when you are in light sleep you feel fresh!

So you can say you have a million reason to push sleep to the last priority, but if you feel that you are losing focus on work and wish to change it, you need to sleep! Here are some ways to change the mindset!

Try to identify what your sleep belief ask yourself these questions!  What are your thoughts when comes to sleeping? (Do you tell yourself sleep is not important?) What are your emotions when it comes to sleeping? (Do you tell yourself sleep is for the weak?) Hows your lifestyle affecting your sleep? (I need to stay up to party with friends).

Now with the sleep belief you can see more clearly why you are not prioritizing your sleep. What you need to do now is simply to change the Belief. Like for example, training hard, eating right is important but not sleeping well can stop your gains! Find a lot of research on how can sleep affect your recovery and gains! See what i did there, change your belief and you will prioritize will reset your priority.

Now we know what sleeping can help, we need to SLEEP now! but wait, i can’t fall asleep! So this is where Psyched comes in! Psyched has proven steps and method you can use to help you sleep better! Here are some of the¬†methods they use.

If you are trying to sleep early but you can’t seem to do it try to change your sleeping environment! Use Dark curtains, make sure the room is quiet, comfortable bed sheets, pillows, mattress, blankets, using soothing wall color like blue, white, beige,green, Cool temperature, good air quality (all the air pollution now), aromatherapy (lavender) and remove clutter and distractions!

You can also Practice clearing your mind before going to bed! Things you can do include:
1. Write down your task for tomorrow
2. Write down anything that is bothering you and throw it away!
3. Talk it out with your friend
4. Relaxed body = relaxed mind
5. Keep work at work as much as possible
6. Disengage your brain 2 to 3h before bedtime
7. No work and overly mentally stimulating activies before bed!

If all else failed please seek professional help and contact them at

Read this, you will be shock at what excuses people give for not working out!

Patient : The problem is that obesity runs in my family. Doctor : No, the problem is no one runs in your family.


The worst thing that anyone can blame is their genetic. No one is ever set for something. Some people think they are born fat or skinny and they are destine to live that way. This is normally the norm however, i would like to point out some of the fitness people in Singapore that will prove to you that you can make a difference! Shape your mind and your body follows.

melissa sarah wee
melissa sarah wee
thara begum yeo, doreen yeo
thara begum yeo

Everyone who did a transformation has a story behind, that motivation comes from deep within them. Often people who didnt stick thru their plan failed to find the true meaning to what they are doing. It is the WHY factor and not the WHAT. We usually focus on What we are doing and not truly asking deep down giving us a deep reason why we should do it!

I workout today because i need to, is not as powerful as i workout today because it is going to keep me healthy and energize me for tomorrow! By tagging a reason to everything you do gives a meaning to it, going thru things without a reason is just like the recent ice bucket challenge where people just pour ice over and shout out to their friends just for the fun of it and throwing the real agenda behind it which is actually to call for more donation.

From today on, i hope you guys can find the reason why! Keep going and never give up!

True Motivation, we are highly motivated inside us!

This is not a motivation talk, because you are already a highly motivated individual. Everyone is self motivated, it just depends on where you focus your energy to. We are self motivated to get the things we wanted, for example working hard and saving up for that car, house, branded watches or to earn money to feed your family and most importantly for survival.


To get a ripped six pack, to get shredded, to feel secure, to get girls, to live healthier. Yes its a goal, but are these goal sustainable, why some people giving up half way? Its the mindset that matters, think about this “Oh its doesn’t matter if i am shredded or not, it is not gonna affect my living anyway.” Will you skip training today if your mindset is that? Do i need to have a fit body for survival? No! i need money more for survival as compared to having a good body!

In the short term you can trade your time for money but think about it in the long run if you are down with critical illness because you didnt care for your body. Think about this situation where you are a successful businessman and one day you got struck by heart attack because you didnt watch your diet. Or you are wheelchair bound because you got too fat to walk?

There isn’t any form of motivation in my opinion. There is only that emotional link that causes you to do what you are doing. Now we are looking at health as something we should do, but in fact health is something that we must do. Its like you must breathe in order to survive. It is always you should workout today, you should do that, but why not you MUST!

When you say you should instead of you MUST, are you saying that health is not important! You only know you have to do it. Do you need any motivation to eat? Most probably not. If you need external motivation to do something, that thing might not be what you really want to do.

For me health and fitness is a must, health and fitness is a lifestyle and not a short term goal. You spend so much time studying how to earn money to build your wealth, but what is wealth without health. Imagine if you are just training thinking that you need to lose weight just to look better, will you continue working out if you have no time? You will most likely to reply yourself, argh i got no time today i can always workout tomorrow or watch my diet tomorrow. BUT if your believe is this working out releases me from my stressful day and i will feel healthier will you find time to workout?  I always believe to be healthy gives me more energy and i can work longer and concentrate better. Its not that we are different, or i am crazy to workout and eat healthy its just that healthy living is on my priority list.

How to get rid of bloated tummy

A lot of people faced the problem of a bloated tummy. These are some of the things i do to reduce my bloated tummy.

1. Drink lots of water! Every day i drink at least 4 litres of water to prevent water retention! Water retention occurs when your body doesn’t have enough water and your body starts panicking therefore it holds water.

2. Reduce your salt intake, increase in salt intake causes your body to store more water!

3. Reduce your grains intake! Some people might not be able to digest grains that well and therefore it causes a lot of stomach upset and bloating.

4. Reduce your milk(yes it includes protein shake) intake! Everyone is lactose intolerant to a certain extend, or during your early stages of life you might not have lactose intolerant but there is a chance you will get it in the later stages.

* you can consider taking whey isolate is regular protein causes you to bloat!

5. Reduce Processed food normally contains high amount of artificial flavoring and coloring together with MSG.

The Gym Nation at Feng Shan, Singapore Powerlifting Gym

the gym nation feng shan
the gym nation feng shan

Singapore Fitness blogger heechai visit The Gym Nation Gym , Singapore powerlifting gym! Located at Fengshan Community Club, 20 Bedok North Street 2, Singapore, Singapore 469644 operating hours mon to sun between 9am to 10pm.

“Adult is above 21 years old even with valid student identification.
Student is 21 years old and below with student identification.
Senior Citizen is 65 years old and above with identification.

Entrance fee for Adult is $4
Entrance fee for Student is $3
Entrance fee for Senior Citizen is $3

Membership for Adult is $55/month
Membership for Student is $45/month
Membership for Senior Citizen is $45/month

One time $10 administration charge for new membership”

link from here

the gym nation feng shan
the gym nation feng shan

Awesome facility with 2 power rack and 1 smith machine! Both power rack is equipped with weight lifting platform and bumper plate for your heavy lifting!

the gym nation feng shan
power rack 2

Stable bench for heavy presses!!

the gym nation feng shan

Power rack 1

the gym nation feng shan
cardio area!

5 cardio machines!

the gym nation feng shan
gym bench and dumbbells

dumbbell rack with weight up to 50kg!

the gym nation feng shan
the gym nation feng shan, 50kg max weight


the gym nation feng shan
the gym nation feng shan, bumper plate.

Hardly any gym in Singapore that has weight lifting platform, so you dont have to worry about dropping the weight. Sometimes i really hate it when we are unable to drop the weight, its safety issue during training. You do have a bad day sometimes and might fail on reps or when you are trying to push for extra reps. I just want to be sure that i am able to save myself when needed. Instead of saving you, some gym owner will want to save their weights first “hey dont drop the weight” (just ranting)

Anyway do visit them at for a trial today! for more information here

Singapore fitness blogger takes on Men’s Health Urbanathlon 2014

Singapore fitness blogger first ever men’s health urbanathlon 2014

14km run and 9 obstacles.

men's health urbanathlon 2014
men’s health urbanathlon 2014


Really excited to see how the route is gonna be like tomorrow. So just a run thru for myself on the 9 obstacle before tomorrow race!

Gotta from Men Health 2014 official page

MYSTERY OBSTACLE For the 1st time ever!

Test your five senses like no other race can.

By keeping you in the dark, we promise this to be a challenge you’ll remember!

This is the tricky one as i dont know what it is gonna be, but i love surprises so it better be a tough one !


Pull yourself over 1.5m high cement pipes.

Your task:

  1. Pick up speed as you approach the first cement pipe (with diameter of 1.2m).
  2. Jump and pull yourself over the top of the pipe.
  3. Hop off the pipe and continue to hoist yourself over the 2nd cement pipe (with diameter of 1.5m), with the help of a low platform.
  4. If you are unsuccessful in your first attempt, you are required to make another attempt at the RETRY queue. If you fail in your re-attempt, 5 minutes will be added to your final timing as a penalty, and you will be allowed to continue with the course.

this should be easy as we always need to clear the low wall in the army!


Balance yourself across 2-inch wide beams.

Your task:

  1. Steady yourself and step onto the balancing beam. Start off with the sloping 2-inch beam and jump across to the next set of broader beams.
  2. Balance yourself to step up and across to the next set of beams.
  3. Jump off over the cone at the end of the beams to clear this obstacle.
  4. If you are unsuccessful in your first attempt, you are required to make another attempt at the RETRY queue. If you fail in your re-attempt, 5 minutes will be added to your final timing as a penalty, and you will be allowed to continue with the course.

needless to say we are all so familiar with this, we did a even higher one in army SOC!


Untangle yourself in this 4m long web of bungee cords

Your task:

  1. Put your flexibility to the test by working your way through the maze of bungee cords tied across this 4m long structure.
  2. Bend, dodge and duck through the web. Crawling on all fours on the ground is not allowed.

This can be a little tricky, hopefully the hole between the ropes is bigger, if we trip on this it is not gonna be fun anymore!


Scale up and descend these 3m high sloping structures

Your task:

  1. Pull yourself up using the rope on this 3m high sloping structure.
  2. After reaching the top, descend using the wooden blocks on the other side of the structure.
  3. Ascend and conquer the next 3m high slope with the rock-climbing grips. Slide down the other side of the structure.
  4. If you are unsuccessful in your first attempt, you are required to make another attempt at the RETRY queue. If you fail in your re-attempt, 5 minutes will be added to your final timing as a penalty, and you will be allowed to continue with the course.

Sliding down to victory always seems like a fun thing!


Carry a 20kg sandbag and run 100m.

Your task:

  1. Pick up a wet 20kg sandbag from the water trough.
  2. Carry it and run a distance of 50m forward and 50m back to your start point.
  3. Place the sandbag back into the water trough.
  4. If you are unsuccessful in your first attempt, you are required to make another attempt at the RETRY queue. If you fail in your re-attempt, 5 minutes will be added to your final timing as a penalty, and you will be allowed to continue with the course.

Wet sandbag could add on additional weight to the 20kg, this might not be as easy as it seems. putting it on one side of the shoulder should make the whole 100m run easier.


Take a 2m leap of faith

Your task:

  1. Climb up the 2m high tower.
  2. Approach the end of the platform. Walk with care and do not run!
  3. Aim for the pole that is 1.2m away and leap off. Stretch out to grab it if you can.
  4. Hang on to the pole and lower yourself onto the crash mats.

I think i am gonna jump straight down for this!


Power through two sets of parallel bars

Your task:

  1. Make your way across a pair of 6m-long parallel bars using your hands.
  2. Manoeuvre down a second set of parallel bars, with your hands on one bar and feet on the other.
  3. If you are unsuccessful in your first attempt, you are required to make another attempt at the RETRY queue. If you fail in your re-attempt, 5 minutes will be added to your final timing as a penalty, and you will be allowed to continue with the course.

walking with the parallel bar could be a killer for most, but there is a technique to it, try swing your body from left to right as you move and let the momentum carry you over!


Climb up and down a 3.2m high 3-ton truck using a rope web.Your task:

  1. Get on all fours to climb up the rope web.
  2. When you get to the top of the truck, turn around and descend the rope web on the other side feet first.
  3. Avoid getting your limbs trapped in the net as it will slow down your progress.

hopefully i dont get stuck on this! after all the running, for this obstacle. take it slow.

Seems like this year they remove the mud water obstacle which is great in my opinion. Anyway have a good run everyone, take it slow and remember to use your foam roller to warm up your muscles to get more flexibility during the obstacle tomorrow. Proper stretching is a must and remember to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water tonight! See you all tomorrow!

Singapore fitness blogger heechai Training at Iron Fitness Singapore

Singapore fitness blogger heechai is going to start my training at Iron Fitness Singapore for the next 2 month!

iron fitness singapore, heechai
iron fitness singapore

Iron Fitness Singapore is the first and only full-fledged strength and conditioning gym in Singapore to use the conjugate training method.

Their program is proven to increase athletes’ strength in as little as 3 months and achieved their fitness goals.

If you are interested in improving your strength do visit their website or head down for a trial! They are located near Lavender mrt, less than a 10min walk you will be able to reach them. (783, North Bridge Road, (S)198751)

I had my first ever one rep max test (1rm), this test is used to gauge the strength of the individual so it can be used during the training. Some will require you to work on 50% of your 1rm some 110%.  Normally we carry out 1rm test every 3 to 4 months to gauge your progress!

My 1 rep maximum test for squat followed by bench and deadlift.
30% to 50% for 8 reps
60% for 5 reps
70% for 3 reps
80% for 1 rep
90% for 1 rep
Max for 1 rep
+- 2.5kg 1 rep

When attempting one rep, keep calm. Take a deep breathe hold it. And execute. Maintain a slow and steady pace (so the bar wont bounce) when going down and then explode up. Holding the breathe so you will keep your lungs full and your body tight, unlike bodybuilding which practices breathing out this is something really different.

At the end my one rep max for

Squats : 110 Kg

heechai squat
heechai squating

Bench press : 110 Kg

deadlift : 135 Kg

heechai deadlift
heechai deadlift

A few things that i would like to get out in this 2 months will be

1. to increase my squats to 150 Kg

2. bench press to 130 Kg

3. Deadlift 175 Kg

4. To improve my lower back strength, i haven’t been able to squat will is partly due to my lower back injury as well. I will be doing a lot of foam roller in the gym and under coach kelvin specific rehab training i will build strength and improve my flexibility.

5. and of course with my new strength i will training to get my IPPT Gold again! Aiming to hit 2.4km under 9:30min!

I will be constantly posting up my training at my instagram page! Do follow me on my quest to become fitter!

Singapore Gym Review : Gold’s Gym – DFitness Singapore (tabata training session)

Tabata training at dfitness gym today. Tabata training is a form of high intensity interval training. It is very effective for losing fats and building muscle. It consist of 8 set per workout. 20 second work and 10 second rest per set. It is a fast and effective workout, normally will last up to 30min.


You can download a tabata timer for your workout.

We did a tabata shoulder workout.

1. Upright row
2. Military press
3. Lateral raises
4. Front raises
5. Seated rear delts flyes
6. Dumbbells shrugs
7. Barbell shrugs
8. Abs

So this is really free style you can do it any way you like. Even a mixture of full body workout will be good as well. More information can be found here

more information about dfitness gym here


HIT – high intensity training the secret to growth?

First of all let me give you a little background of what high intensity training or HIT is. Don’t mix up HIT with high intensity interval training(HIIT). They are both different.

HIT is all out hardwork on each set. Each workout will be only last about 25 min excluding the warm up. You are to perform 10 to 12 exercise, each exercise will be a set to total failure. Every rep is a control movement 3 second up and 3 second down. If you are able to hit 12 reps or more you need to increase the weight. you should hit failure about 8 reps then get your buddy to help you up on the positive and you try to hold as long on the negative as possible.

True failure.
How do we define true failure, my take on this. You only hit true failure when your friend tells you to do another rep and you can’t get it up. There is a difference between telling yourself and getting a command from a third party. Unless your mind is so program to this kind of extreme pain, you won’t be able to reach your maximum potential. because our human body is so smart, they will try to prevent us from killing ourself.

The failing mind.
How do you determine a true failure? Does your body fail before your mind or mind before your body? Alot of us would say it’s mind over body. However you body will try to prevent you from killing yourself as that is our body is naturally born for survival. So it’s gonna be near impossible to kill yourself.

You need a Training partner.
Only someone who knows your plan know how to kill you. Only when you get a command from the other party there will be a chance that your mind will go for the 10 reps.

I tried killing myself several times (in the gym) however the pain I get after the 6 rep is that bad that I had to stop on 8. I tried various ways like rest pause where I pause for 5 to 10 sec then continue another 3 reps but that doesn’t bring me to the true failure that I am looking for. Always ended up doing around 20 reps instead of 12.

My way of doing it with a partner will be 3 sec up 3 sec down for the first 6 reps followed by slight spotting from your partner to continue another 4 reps in 3 up 3 down and end off with 2 reps of negative maximum hold for negative. When you failed, that is normally not your true failure. So go for one more rep, you are still alive at this moment. The workout should be of an intensity that you will not be able to stand up or talk properly for a while.

So the 12 exercise will include everything. It’s a full body workout. Here is a example.

1. Leg press
2. Leg extension
3. Leg curl
4. pull up 30 sec up 30 sec down 1 set.
5. Lats pulldown
6. Dips 30 sec up 30 sec down
7. Dumbbell flyes
8. Bench press
9. Barbell military press
10. Bicep curl
11. Tricep pull down
12. calves raises

We will repeat this 3 times a week. Monday, wed and Friday. Sat sunday rest and continue training back on Monday.

Here is a photo of me 2 weeks back. Let’s see how much gains I can make., heechai, singapore fitness blogger, singapore fitness
HIT training

Singapore Personal training with master Andy Toh

Singapore Personal training with master trainer Andy Toh at 1 Tras link orchid hotel s 078867





Looking for a Boutique gym style located near Tanjong Pagar Mrt station? With a group of dedicated trainer lead by master trainer Andy Toh.  The gym is fully equipped with new equipment specially chosen by Andy.

With all the hype about gym training these days, a lot of people are heading to the gym. Pushing some weight and hoping that muscle will grow. But after a few months they find that they are stuck in a¬†plateau and don’t know how to continue on with their training. With not enough knowledge on diet, supplement and training, a lot of time will be wasted.

Bodybuilding is a sports that requires very specific knowledge in order to achieve your goals. Be it strength gain or getting lean, the diet and training will all be different. So if you are clueless and stuck why not try signing up a session with Andy.  He is a professional bodybuilder with 20 years of knowledge on personal training. He definitely will help you to smash your plateau and gain some new knowledge on muscle building and leading a healthier lifestyle.


Even for myself as a certified personal trainer I always try my best to learn from all the elite trainers! Everyone got a different style of training method.

So contact Andy today for a free trial personal training here

Supplement Review Singapore Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Iron Whey

Arnold series iron whey
Grow Your Legacy
Arnold Series Iron Whey
Arnold Series Iron Whey


Arnold Series Iron Whey
Arnold Series Iron Whey
Arnold Series Iron Whey
Arnold Series Iron Whey


Supplement Review for Singapore Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Iron Whey! As a Singapore Fitness Blogger i like to provide people with the latest up on supplements and nutrition, so here we go the MusclePharm – Arnold Series Iron Whey supplement review!

I didn’t get to try the whole tub of Arnold whey but i did taste a serving of the chocolate flavor!

The taste is not too sweet and a little bit salty. Or maybe it is my sweat haha but overall in comparison  with musclepharm combat powder , arnold series iron whey is not so sweet

Looking at the profile, with concentrate protein as the main source and isolate second this is a fast release protein powder, which is good for a post workout as you would want something fast absorbing. With the added vitamins and minerals it is suppose to help you absorb your protein better and maintain a better nitrogen level inside your body.

With a carbohydrate of 6 grams per serving, it is recommend for a more general use. if you are in your cutting phase or looking to lose weight you can try pure isolated protein which is zero sugar and zero in carbohydrates.

Good thing about arnold whey is that it contains, additional BCAA, Glutamine and digestive enzyme which helps you to absorb the protein better and recover better. This digestive enzyme helps to reduce bloated as well.

So if you are looking for a fast release protein, do give this a try.


Training with Darren stephen Lim at Gold’s Gym.

Had a great training session with darren at their newly open gold’s gym at “20B east coast road S428747 (opp katong shopping center, above RHB bank.

More information on golds gym can be found at golds gym

ladder, resistance band, trx, d fitness, darren stephen lim, heechai, speed power
Training Tools of the day

being functional is the key to darren fitness training, you can know more about d fitness at


Its all about the form, speed and power.

The warm up:

jumping jacks with resistance band

Jumping jacks with palm facing up

Buddha clap

shoulder rotation front and back with arms still holding there.

holding in the position did a lateral raise and front raises.

followed by Push up and a V push up where i walk back to target more on the shoulder.

Then to the legs, with body weight squats with a pause below and a half squat jumping jacks.

The warm up really got my heart rate up and this is not what you will get in the gym. This warm up really activates all my muscle group, it feels all ready for the workout.

jumping jacks, d fitness, heechai
Jumping Jacks (warm up)

Darren demostrating the jumping jacks. Showing the proper technique before asking me to execute any exercise.

ladder drill, speed, coordination, d fitness, agility, power, heechai
Ladder Drill

To the real workout for the day!

Ladder drill starting off with single leg shuffle

short sprint *2

double leg shuffle

short sprint *2

side shuffle

short sprint *2

TRX punch 30 sec for each side

jump pull on the resistance band 30 sec for each side

repeated 2 rounds, rest between sets 60 sec. Was panting like crazy at the end of every sets. I could hardly speak for a moment. Looking good is no doubt important but we want to be able to keep on moving and being functional till we are 80. Where we can still have fun with my children. Grand children.

darren stephen lim, ong hee chai, golds gym singapore, fitness singapore, gym
Post training shot!
kettle bells, d fitness, darren stephen lim, personal training singapore,
they provide kettle bell training
free weights, dumbbell, massive, d fitness, golds gym singapore, fitness blogger singapore
free weights
Strength training, d fitness, gold's gym singapore, squats, deadlift, bench press
Power Rack

The gym is fully equipped, you can have your functional training or weights training or even mixing both together!

Darren in my opinion is a trainer who knows where the limit of his trainee is and will push you thru and achieve your maximum human potential. He is very strict with the form of the exercise, making every single rep injury free and targeted at the right area.

Do drop him a text at +65 9666 1429 for personal training services. You can also find him on instagram @dslasher for more fitness tips and motivation!

Other achievement

Best Recruit, Best PT during National Service

Singapore Manhunt 2009 2nd Runner-Up
Singapore Manhunt 2009 Mr Popularity, Mr Fabulous Tan and Mr Fitness/Mr Nutrifirst Award

Cleo Bachelor 2009 Magazine Cover
Bachelor Most Made for Stardom Award

Calendar Guy Cover 2010






Sports and Fitness Expo Singapore 2013

Pharma Freak, Singapore fitness blog
Pharma Freak


PharmFreak got this very hardcore drug stall feel to me. They could be a good brand to come over to Singapore but some how most of their most effective supplement won’t be able to enter the Singapore market due to some banned ingredient by the HSA.

X-Bionic International, singapore fitness blog
X-Bionic International

some really cool compression gear at the fair, suppose to help you boost your performance. used by astronaut as well.

Coolcore Singapore, singapore fitness blog
Coolcore Singapore

This is something really “COOL”. This should be something nice for Runner or Endurance athlete! This new material that they made actually helps to keep you COOL. The moment the cloth comes in contact with my skin, it like air condition! This material is suppose to work with water, yes that means your sweat! EVEN HOT WATER! Gotta check it out! Like them on facebook.

PhD Nutrition Inc, singapore fitness blog
PhD Nutrition Inc

Another Supplement company here, looks like more and more supplement company is going to step foot into Singapore! No review on this as i have not tried their products.

IMG_0670Okay to be frank this protein bar taste good. The profile of the product is okay as well.

X-Bionic International, singapore fitness blog
X-Bionic International
Key Power, Singapore fitness blog
Key Power
Singapore Powerlifting Assoc, Singapore Fitness blog
Singapore Powerlifting Assoc
Singapore Powerlifting Assoc, Singapore fitness blog
Singapore Powerlifting Assoc

Do visit their gym at Kallang if you like to smash some weights without anyone asking you to leave the gym. Address located here.

IFitness, Singapore Fitness blog

Our local fitness magazine! Check out all the local fitness model and athlete there!

circuit training aibi, singapore fitness blog
circuit training aibi

some circuit training conducted by AIBI.

maxi muscle, singapore fitness blog
maxi muscle
Fitness Sutra, singapore fitness blog, heechai
Fitness Sutra

Check out your one stop health and fitness online portal!


So glad to see more and more supplement company entering Singapore market! This shows that they realize that more and more Singaporean is getting into the fitness wave! I love promoting for this sport event because i do hope that everyone can live healthy and look healthy! Not only rich in the pocket but rich in the health as well!

Do leave a comment if you have any views on Singapore Fitness Industry!


New stack to get lean and shredded.

Been training for a few years now but i have yet to get to the standard of those shredded fitness model. I always thought that training was the most important part to getting shredded, until now. Supplementing and dieting has help me a lot in my physique these few months.

shredded, 6 pax, abs, heechai, lean

But my physique is still far from what i want to achieved.

I have been wanting to get as shredded as f**** like some fitness model I have been following. To just name a few they are lazar angelov, rob riches and Greg plitt.

Greg Plitt,
Greg Plitt
lazar angelov,
lazar angelov
Rob Riches,
Rob Riches

To achieve that first I need to try to be as close to what they are taking or eating as possible. So I have decided to take this stack as our NutriMan contestant are getting so shredded with this stack.

Other than bcaa, glutamine, multi vitamins, fish oil, vitamin e, ALA and beta alanine ( i will talk about these supplements in another post )and now I got myself a fat burner – musclepharm – shred matrix, a Pre training musclepharm assault and a protein shake – musclepharm combat powder for recovery.

This will be what I am gonna take for this month to get shredded and to build more lean muscle as well.

combat, assault, shred matrix
Combat, Assault, Shred matrix


Morning before breakfast 6am
1 serving of shred matrix
1 serving combat powder

Before lunch 1pm
1 serving shred matrix

Pre training 530pm/ no training no assault needed.
1 serving assault

Post training 730pm/ no training combat 1 serving can be taken before bed.
1 serving combat powder

Nutrifirst is currently having a event now, it’s called NutriMan by NutriFirst, and all the contestant are getting shredded with this stack. Can’t wait to get shredded with this stack too and there is a promotion price as well.

Get it here!


Burn more fats and stay leaner!

Heard of this – its not what you eat but the time you eat?

It’s all about how to let your body use more fats as energy to burn out those stubborn fats in your body! Now i am going to unveil to you how it is done!

So here is a simple story by me on how to burn more fats.

For example, you are going out shopping today, the item you are buying is $50 and your wallet only got $25, so naturally you will go to the bank and withdraw another $25 to purchase that item right? So if you are eating food before your workout, even worst high carbohydrate food! Your Wallet will be full! Minimum withdrawal from the bank (stored energy (fats)). Which is not what we want to achieve.

Your body will start leaning out on the arms and followed by your legs then your body, how gauge if the diet is workout is by the vascularity of my arms. This is something i read from the book, your body fats is stored in a way that you must be able to escape from danger if needed. So if thinking logically, the best place to store your fats will be the center. So arms, legs then tummy.

quad, legs, heechai, veins
quads with veins
veins, forearms, heechai,
veins of my forearms
shredded, 6 pax, abs, heechai, lean

To Optimize fat burn, here is my routine.

5am – consume 5gram BCAA 2.5 gram glutamine

515am – workout

615am – consume 5 gram BCAA 2.5g glutamine

10am – first meal
I always like to give my body a few hours buffer after workout to optimize fat lost, after workout your body is looking for energy to burn. But there is also a lot of other saying that immediately post workout you must consume protein and other stuff as it is the anabolic window. You just got to try everything and see what produce the best result for you.
Always keep an open mind and make some gains!

I normally get my information by reading books like Primal Blue print, website like leangains and Optimum Nutrition Sponsored Melissa Sarah Wee.

What kind of training should you do?

So many different kind of training is available now that I am also confuse what kind of training is right for me. We have yoga, CrossFit, Power lifting, bodybuilding style, Running, Calisthenics, high intensity interval training (hiit)
and some suggest just swinging the kettle bell at home for a workout.

The main thing that I want to touch on is what do you want to achieve out of the workout. Have a open mind to it. For example if you want to build muscle on your upper body, you can’t be only doing only running everyday and none of your upper body muscle is work then no muscle will grow

Different kind of training engage your different muscle group, most of the people actually have a mixture of high weight and low rep for strength mixed together with high rep and moderate weight for your endurance muscle.

For myself I like to mix around different kind of workout to shock my body. To make sure that all kinds of muscle fiber is hit. Keeping an open mind is certainly very important, reading on the Web and saying oh this bodybuilder did this kind of training and he is like this, so his workout surely will be able to get me to his size. But remember we only see that one hour of his workout, thru out the day you don’t know what else he is doing! He may have other secret training that he don’t wish to reveal.

likewise during cutting phase, you can see a lot of people doing depleting workout, super high reps but did you see what they did before the training?

To me there is no right or wrong training, every kind of training has its own strength. If you see results, just keep on doing. Just my take.

I Recently have been doing a 4 sets routine.

first set light weight for 20 reps

2nd set 15 reps

3rd set 10 reps

and end off with super heavy 5 reps

if you are unable to complete the reps, pause for 5 to 10 sec and continue.

i ensure that all my muscle group is hit. Give it a try.