Singapore First Strength and Conditioning Gym Review

iron fitness singapore
Iron fitness singapore

Iron Fitness Singapore, Singapore first strength and conditioning gym review by Fitness blogger (heechai). **This is not one of those crossfit gym or box. I was invited by Anthony of Iron Fitness Singapore for a trial and to give a review on the gym. I wasn’t really sure if i am up for the training at Iron Fitness Singapore due to a few problem i have:

1. My back injury when i was doing bent over row about 6 months ago. I went to the hospital due to that, luckily no harm was done to my spine however my lower back muscle got really tight.

2. I was also squatting with knee pain and lower back strained at that time (mobility issue).

3. Shoulder and Neck muscle tightness due to lower back muscle pulling and of course from the high usage of computer.

At that time, the discomfort from my lower back is that bad that i needed a massage every 2 weeks.

First day of my trial its legs day, i told coach i couldn’t do it due to my back condition. But at Iron Fitness there is no skipping of training, no matter how you gotta complete the workout. However coach can tune the workout to suit individual level of fitness.

Coach patiently guided me along and showed me the proper way to do it. Because i was having problem squatting on a normal bar, my workout remains however i will be using a safety bar instead.

safety bar squat iron fitness singapore
safety bar squat iron fitness singapore

A safety bar squat will help to keep your body upright while you are squatting. Easier for you learn the movement of the squat.

After my first trial, i when on training at Iron Fitness Singapore for another 3 months without training at another gym. I am training there about 3 times a week on average and here are the results.

1. I was squatting pain free, and my squats increase from 110kg to 130kg. (20kg increased!)

2. Bench press increase from 110kg to 130kg. (20kg increased!)

3. Dead lift increase from 135kg to 161kg. (25kg increased!)

Just my thought on the difference between iron Fitness and other gym.

1. Going to the gym but not knowing what to do? Stuck with your workout and not seeing any progress? That won’t happen because Iron Fitness training changes every day. Knowledgable coach to guide you along and teach you how to train safely.

2. Hate going to gym where everyone looks tired and unfriendly. Not over here, everyone trains hard together and we bond as we work hard and achieve our goals together.

3. Train and train but don’t know if you are improving or doing the right thing? Your progress will be tracked every 3 months here! Of course consistent training is the key to improvement, if you skip training we will know at your fitness test day or 1 rep max day!

4. Worried that the weight is too heavy? Or you might kill yourself in your training? Progressive training, we go by % of our 1 rep max for our training. Ladies do the same as well! This ensure you are always training at your best and will see improvement every 3months!

workout iron fitness singapore
workout iron fitness singapore

Training at Iron Fitness is definitely tough but enjoyable. Most of the people at Iron Fitness has a full time job but everyday without fail they will turn up for training, it makes me wonder at first what motivates them to train there everyday. Then i realise it is the Coach love for all his athlete. Regardless of who you are or where you are from, if you are willing to learn and improve Coach will give you his 100%.

We train there together, motivate each other, care for each other and Get Stronger Together!

Iron Fitness Singapore is run by Coach Kelvin Quah, the first gym that specialize in Strength and Conditioning training in Singapore. Coach kelvin is very knowledgeable in strength training and proper rehabilitation that can help people who is looking to improve his performance in sports and people of any age who is looking to have a fitter lifestyle! To apply for a trial simply fill up the form below and i will get in touch with you!

heechai progression
heechai progression



Singapore fitness blogger heechai Training at Iron Fitness Singapore

Singapore fitness blogger heechai is going to start my training at Iron Fitness Singapore for the next 2 month!

iron fitness singapore, heechai
iron fitness singapore

Iron Fitness Singapore is the first and only full-fledged strength and conditioning gym in Singapore to use the conjugate training method.

Their program is proven to increase athletes’ strength in as little as 3 months and achieved their fitness goals.

If you are interested in improving your strength do visit their website or head down for a trial! They are located near Lavender mrt, less than a 10min walk you will be able to reach them. (783, North Bridge Road, (S)198751)

I had my first ever one rep max test (1rm), this test is used to gauge the strength of the individual so it can be used during the training. Some will require you to work on 50% of your 1rm some 110%.  Normally we carry out 1rm test every 3 to 4 months to gauge your progress!

My 1 rep maximum test for squat followed by bench and deadlift.
30% to 50% for 8 reps
60% for 5 reps
70% for 3 reps
80% for 1 rep
90% for 1 rep
Max for 1 rep
+- 2.5kg 1 rep

When attempting one rep, keep calm. Take a deep breathe hold it. And execute. Maintain a slow and steady pace (so the bar wont bounce) when going down and then explode up. Holding the breathe so you will keep your lungs full and your body tight, unlike bodybuilding which practices breathing out this is something really different.

At the end my one rep max for

Squats : 110 Kg

heechai squat
heechai squating

Bench press : 110 Kg

deadlift : 135 Kg

heechai deadlift
heechai deadlift

A few things that i would like to get out in this 2 months will be

1. to increase my squats to 150 Kg

2. bench press to 130 Kg

3. Deadlift 175 Kg

4. To improve my lower back strength, i haven’t been able to squat will is partly due to my lower back injury as well. I will be doing a lot of foam roller in the gym and under coach kelvin specific rehab training i will build strength and improve my flexibility.

5. and of course with my new strength i will training to get my IPPT Gold again! Aiming to hit 2.4km under 9:30min!

I will be constantly posting up my training at my instagram page! Do follow me on my quest to become fitter!