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10 simple rules for eating that i use to keep me lean!

A lot of you who follow my post know i do a lot of buffet aka #teambulking dinner. People always asked how i eat so much but at the same time get leaner! Here is the 10 simple rules of eating that helps to get me my six pack!


1. Control your sugar intake. Canned drinks, ice cream, processed food and any form of fast acting sugar. Excessive sugar(energy) that is not used up will be stored as fats!

2. Low processed food or best no processed food. Processed food is usually high in sugar, artificial flavor, color and lack of essential nutrients! A lot is just empty calories. High processed food diet lowers the testosterone level in the body and a lower testosterone causes your body to store fats in the mid section.

3. Processed food thermogenic effect is different from natural food. Natural food is harder to digest as compared to processed food. Therefore Natural food require more energy to digest and therefore helps to increase your natural metabolism.

4. If you know that you are going to have a heavy meal at night, try¬†intermittent fasting for your breakfast and lunch, it doesn’t really affect when you eat but more of how much food you eat!

5. Have a mix of diet, some days low carbs some days high carbs. Try training during low carbs day to let your body adapt to using more fats as energy instead of glycogen.

6. Avoid carbs and consume more meat during heavy eating! Meats will make you feel full easier as compared to rice or ice cream. Therefore less calories consume but you get to eat your heart out!

7. Avoid snacking, if you are heavy get a normal meal. Snacking on cookies or any food increases unnecessary calories intake.

8. Too much of anything is no good, not that you take 10 scoops of protein a day or a super high protein diet you wont become fat! Keep in mind protein is also calories, too much of it will be stored as fats as well!

9. Increase your healthy fat intake like salmon or animal fats. This will help to boost your testosterone level and give you a boost in muscle growth! The more muscle you have the higher your metabolism!

10. Follow thru your diet, if you cannot have carbs that day do it! Have more meat instead , if you need carbs that day, make sure you load in your carbs! Follow thru and you will see results.

This is just some of the ways i used to keep myself lean, if you find me extreme all i can say is “it takes extreme ways to get extreme result” it depends on what you want. Use whatever you find it useful and hope you see good results from it!

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