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10 things you should know before buying a fat burner

  1. Fat burner won’t get you the cover model 4% body fat. Yes it don’t! Those low body fat percentage comes from special dieting and manipulation of hormone.
  2. The main goal of the fat burner is to increase the metabolism of your body.
  3. Most fat burner increase metabolism by rising of the heart rate by using caffeine, green tea extract.
  4. Heart rate increase makes the body work harder and in return more calories is burn.
  5. For a fat burner to work the amount of calories consume must be less than Calories burn (Fat burner + Resting Metabolic Rate (without doing anything + workout )
  6. There is no spot reduction. You will burn fat over all and not only on tummy alone.
  7. Avoid using fat burner for more than 2 month straight because our body adapt and the fat burner will get less effective after.
  8. Avoid taking fat burner at night as it will affect your sleep (caffeine)
  9. Fat burner can be taken before training as a pre workout as caffeine provide you with energy.
  10. Without proper dieting and nutrition, fat burner will have minimum effect.

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