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10 things you shouldnt do to gain lean muscle.


1. Whinning causes alot of negative energy, why spend so much energy whining when you can use it to go to the gym. Think positive, think about how good you will feel after the workout how happy you will be after your jog. Working out releases endorphins before you know it, you will be addicted to BEAST MODE everyday!

2. You shouldnt Stop Dreaming. Perserve and you will reach your goal soon. The tiger wont be affected by the comment of the sheep, you are what you see yourself as!

3. Sticking with people of the same level. Go train with someone who you want to look like. We all learn from someone who is better than us not someone who is of the same level! You wont learn anything! So go find someone you wish to look like and STICK to him like glue!

4. Call yourself fat or think yourself as a skinny person. YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK YOU ARE. FULLSTOP. i always tell myself i am shredded and good looking. thanks.. now you know my secret. 😉

5. Only have long term goal, have both your final goal and also short term goals. We human enjoy progress, you see progress you feel good and that keeps you motivated!!
6. Eat sugar, sugar is the enemy kill it. Get it off your diet.
7. Eat processed food, high in all the bad stuff, low in all the good stuff.


8. Workout alone, sometimes we just need some one to push us a little, schedule a gym workout with your friend and you will less lightly skip gym workout that day.

9. Stay on the same workout, staying on the same workout is boring and you plateau easily, always try to find new things to learn and play. HAVE FUN!

10. Keep this post to yourself, Tag your gym buddy and go to the gym nawwwwwwww!

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