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7 crazy people skip 12 hours non stop, for what?

Hi, thank you for dropping by my humble blog, we are a group of fun loving, crazy people who thinks that everyone can make a difference to help another person! I believe that fitness is a powerful tool, that not only can keep you fit but also build a community which is strong and giving! So i am hoping that this community will grow and we can do more and help more people one at a time!

This time round we are grateful to be invited to do a crazy 12 hours non stop skipping challenge to raise food hampers proudly sponsored by CP FOOD! Our individual goal is to hit 35,000 skips each. To be honest I dont skip often, only had 2 weeks of training before this, i tried to skip everyday for 30min to prepare myself for this. Cause i am a strong believer that its not how pro you are but how willing you are to give!

11351345_695543890552375_4154979980282796421_nWith the awesome team of crazy people before the skipping starts! Skipping is really not a easy task for us, especially for the 5 of us in the center as what we focus mainly on is weights lifting training, endurance isn’t really our thing but i am glad we pull this off as a team and hit a total of 250,000 skips! The whole team together with the lovely kids in total raised 4100 cp food hamper to provide for the needy!

10405382_695543877219043_5372316825467164636_nThe event is open to schools Kids and public on the day as well. 12 hours non stop relay! They did a great job too, we have more than 500 people in for the relay and most of them are from the public! Some of the public who didnt bring clothes when to buy, some skips barefooted and some skip in skirt! I am truly grateful that we are living in this loving world!

11351276_696276247145806_6146149942707158934_nWanna thank the CP Team and South East District for organizing this event! And to the team who took care of us during the skips. Specially wanna thank this lady who got me my coffee for my last burst to hit my 35,000 skips! THANK YOU!

Anyway guys, i will be participating in more charity events for sure! Like this September, MAD and me will be going for the 160km run! So if you wish to support us, or know of any company who is interested collaboration we will be glad to work something together! Thanks for reading and would appreciate if you could spread this message around! YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE TOO! 😉

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