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Beast Mode in Australian Strength Performance Gym in Melbourne

All the way from Singapore to Melbourne, Singapore Fitness Blogger tries out training at Australian Strength Performance gym, thanks to Skye Lee for introducing the awesome coach Benjamin Siong for the beast mode session!

If you are traveling to Melbourne do check them out!! Here it goes!


Checkout the huge training space and high roof they have! You feel like working out just by looking at the gym right? That is because this gym is specially design to peak your performance with special lighting and arrangement to elevate your mood when you are working out there!


Anybody in for a Strongman session? Totally breathless after a session of strongman class, running with the cans, lunges, farmers walk superset giant set anything you can think of to give you your best workout of your life ONLY at ASP!IMG_1152 IMG_1161 IMG_1154 IMG_1159 IMG_1160

Extra thick grips on the dumbbell so you get to activate your forearm more and look swole like a Popeye after a few sets of biceps curls. 😉IMG_1162Anybody says prowler? Yes this is a killer.

preacher curl
bicep workout

Enough of talking now, if you visit Melbourne and you are looking for a gym the TRAINASP will be the best gym to look for! Excited? Take action and start moving!

Address and contact information is here

PHONE – (03) 9038 8008
MOBILE – 0404 108 440

The Australian Strength Performance Centre
120 Weston Street
Brunswick East
VIC 3057



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