Should you eat before your workout?

I have been asked many times, what should i eat before my workout? If you goal is to get leaner, read on!

My answer is always the same, why do you need to eat before your workout?

If you say you are hungry and you cant train empty stomach, then you better get use to it or even so, have your meals 2 to 3 hours before! Fats are your stored energy! You have the energy in you, just use some will power and you will be fine! Your body will take a while to get use to it, trust me you wont die.

funny_fun_humor_man_with_six_pack_muscles_ideas_prank_pics_images_pictures_photos_bread_guy_boyIf No Energy is your answer, i need that bread! It gives me energy. Your bread don’t get digested so quickly and eating bread or other sugary food before your workout actually affects your performance! Insulin go up, your stress hormone goes down, we want our muscle to fire us up during training and stress is what we need! So.. stop telling yourself that food gives you energy.

I am feeling tired, food will wake me up! If you are really tired, try working out in the morning when you are fresh, see what you are doing thru out the day if you are really burn out take a break! If not you can always have a cup of coffee or pre workout.


Check out Athlete Training System by Dylan Goddard, Increase Speed and Power.

Athlete Training System by Dylan Goddard for Singapore Paintball National Team

Athlete training system is specially designed to improve your power and endurance! Be it for sports or even for your ippt, try this workout to get stronger! Here we go for week 1, all you need is a stopwatch and this can be done as shown in the video at any stadium near you! Total time taken will be about 1 hour!

Warm Up 3 rounds (own time own target)10 push ups, 15 squats and 20 butterfly sit ups.

rest for 3min.

Every min on the minute * 18
1st min – run 30m *5 shuttle style2nd min : 15 jump squats
3rd min : 12 burpees

rest for 3 min

3 rounds as fast as you can
15 dive bombers
20 jumping knee tucks
30 broad jumps.

What does true mobility means to you? By Original Strength

original strength singapore
original strength singapore

At original strength they believe that mobility means to be able to move freely regardless if you are age 20 or 99. Here is a short video of what Original Strength got to say and yes they are having a course in Singapore this coming September. Check out the link below.

Course coming soon checkout the link here.

How to identify a crossfitter, is this your friend?

1. Sipping coconut water all day everyday.
coconut crossfit
coconut crossfit
2. uses terms like wod, you dnf, i am gonna do a amrap workout.
crossfitter lingo
crossfitter lingo
3. Wears this kind of training shoes, and yes dont touch it or they will kill you.
olympic lifting shoes
olympic lifting shoes
Always in their Crossfit Tshirt and shorts
crossfit tshirt
crossfit tshirt
Eating Paleo, talking paleo, breathing paleo.
eating paleo
eating paleo


The workout to burn fats and get shredded in 6 weeks!

You will need a rope and a friend to complete this, ask your friend to tie yourself up onto a pole and put you on top of small fire to slowly melt the fats. Just like the photo below.

fat burning
fat burning

The only reason you click on this post is because you are looking for a way to lose fats and have a healthier life! Good job to that, continue reading because i am going to show you how you can shred some fats.

burn fat gain muscle
burn fat gain muscle

There are so many debate out there to tell you that their workout is the best on losing body fat. However you tried the workout for a few days and you don’t see any results and you tell yourself it is BULLSHIT, this doesn’t work and you give up. If you experience this, keep reading as i uncover what kind of workout is best for weight lost.

So Here it goes, is it MuayThai, HIIT, Spartan Workout, Crossfit, Bodybuilding or running? To be honest, its all of the above! What i just mention above are called strategy, we are always trying to search for the best strategy of course a good strategy can help you get to your goal faster however what you really need is a determine mind to take ACTION and stick to your strategy long enough for results to show. If you have been inactive for 1 year you can’t expect your body to change in just 1 week. Successful people hardly change their plan and they always stick with it and unsuccessful people normally make a lot of changes and they normally don’t stick to their plan.

To be honest, all workout will help you to burn and lose your body fat. Yes any kind of workout. Even if you just do 30 min of power walk everyday. Then why am i not losing weight? I workout regularly and hardly see any results. One simple theory, because you always think that you are fat, and keep thinking as how a fat person is thinking. Let me explain. You are fat now is not just a physical thing but more of a mental. You are making fat choices now because your mind is fat.

This is really simple. I think some of you already got where i am coming from but let me give you an example. If you think yourself as a healthy person like me, i will make healthy choices in my life, for example i will never go and drink stuff that is high is sugar because i tell myself i am a healthy person. But if your mind is fat you will tell yourself, oh well i am a fat person, i got the need to drink sugar stuff. I NEED, but i dont know why i NEED.

Just like a person is good looking not because he is born good looking, he is good looking because at some point in life he decided that no matter what he want to look good. So he dress a certain way, groom himself differently and take picture a certain way.

Curing the fat mind is really very simple, imagine what will this healthy person that you wanna be look like… imagine what choice will this person make when it comes to food.. imagine what will this person do everyday.. who will this person be friend with? what will this person do every morning, will the person just sleep in or go out for a jog?

1. Visualize it
2. PEN IT DOWN and stick it somewhere you will see it or bring it with you everywhere you go.
3. Stick with it! Of course this wont happen immediately, your mind will doubt you but you know what.. tell your mind to FUCK OFF and i am going to live a new life. This is the new me! I am strong, healthy and amazing.

If this post helped you in anyway i am really happy for you. Do share your experience with me and Hello to a new you and stay strong.


7 crazy people skip 12 hours non stop, for what?

Hi, thank you for dropping by my humble blog, we are a group of fun loving, crazy people who thinks that everyone can make a difference to help another person! I believe that fitness is a powerful tool, that not only can keep you fit but also build a community which is strong and giving! So i am hoping that this community will grow and we can do more and help more people one at a time!

This time round we are grateful to be invited to do a crazy 12 hours non stop skipping challenge to raise food hampers proudly sponsored by CP FOOD! Our individual goal is to hit 35,000 skips each. To be honest I dont skip often, only had 2 weeks of training before this, i tried to skip everyday for 30min to prepare myself for this. Cause i am a strong believer that its not how pro you are but how willing you are to give!

11351345_695543890552375_4154979980282796421_nWith the awesome team of crazy people before the skipping starts! Skipping is really not a easy task for us, especially for the 5 of us in the center as what we focus mainly on is weights lifting training, endurance isn’t really our thing but i am glad we pull this off as a team and hit a total of 250,000 skips! The whole team together with the lovely kids in total raised 4100 cp food hamper to provide for the needy!

10405382_695543877219043_5372316825467164636_nThe event is open to schools Kids and public on the day as well. 12 hours non stop relay! They did a great job too, we have more than 500 people in for the relay and most of them are from the public! Some of the public who didnt bring clothes when to buy, some skips barefooted and some skip in skirt! I am truly grateful that we are living in this loving world!

11351276_696276247145806_6146149942707158934_nWanna thank the CP Team and South East District for organizing this event! And to the team who took care of us during the skips. Specially wanna thank this lady who got me my coffee for my last burst to hit my 35,000 skips! THANK YOU!

Anyway guys, i will be participating in more charity events for sure! Like this September, MAD and me will be going for the 160km run! So if you wish to support us, or know of any company who is interested collaboration we will be glad to work something together! Thanks for reading and would appreciate if you could spread this message around! YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE TOO! 😉

10 things you shouldnt do to gain lean muscle.


1. Whinning causes alot of negative energy, why spend so much energy whining when you can use it to go to the gym. Think positive, think about how good you will feel after the workout how happy you will be after your jog. Working out releases endorphins before you know it, you will be addicted to BEAST MODE everyday!

2. You shouldnt Stop Dreaming. Perserve and you will reach your goal soon. The tiger wont be affected by the comment of the sheep, you are what you see yourself as!

3. Sticking with people of the same level. Go train with someone who you want to look like. We all learn from someone who is better than us not someone who is of the same level! You wont learn anything! So go find someone you wish to look like and STICK to him like glue!

4. Call yourself fat or think yourself as a skinny person. YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK YOU ARE. FULLSTOP. i always tell myself i am shredded and good looking. thanks.. now you know my secret. 😉

5. Only have long term goal, have both your final goal and also short term goals. We human enjoy progress, you see progress you feel good and that keeps you motivated!!
6. Eat sugar, sugar is the enemy kill it. Get it off your diet.
7. Eat processed food, high in all the bad stuff, low in all the good stuff.


8. Workout alone, sometimes we just need some one to push us a little, schedule a gym workout with your friend and you will less lightly skip gym workout that day.

9. Stay on the same workout, staying on the same workout is boring and you plateau easily, always try to find new things to learn and play. HAVE FUN!

10. Keep this post to yourself, Tag your gym buddy and go to the gym nawwwwwwww!

Should you use a Knee Wrap or a Knee Sleeves?

Been selling this kneecaps by rocktape for a few days now and i have been getting questions like, what is more suitable for me, a kneecaps (aka knee sleeves) or a knee wraps. So i decided to put in a post and maybe you will get a better understanding on which one to choose.

schiek knee wraps
schiek knee wraps
  1. Knee Wraps is surely tigher and it gives more bounce as compare to a kneecaps.
  2. Its more for powerlifting (but not for raw powerlifting, its only for equipped powerlifting)
  3. It restricts blood flow so you will have to remove the wraps after every set.
  4. Not suitable for endurance sports such as crossfit or running.
  5. Not for people who tore their muscle and looking for a rehab support for the knee.
  6. Pretty durable and can last for quite some time.
ronnie coleman knee wrap
ronnie coleman knee wrap

As you can see in the picture Ronnie Coleman wrapping it up and preparing for his heavy lifts. The tighter the better. However if you watch his video, he will have to remove the wraps after every set, because it restrict the blood from flowing.

rocktape knee sleeves
rocktape knee sleeves
  1. Kneecaps aka knee sleeves provide support and is pretty tight if you wear it the right way.
  2. It provides warm for your knee, so there will be more blood circulation.
  3. suitable for endurance sports like running, crossfit and also strength training like power lifting and Olympic lifitng.
  4. IPF Approved.
  5. Can be wore throughout the workout
  6. Doesn’t restricts the blood flow.
  7. Good for people who just got an operation and looking for something to support their knee.
  8. Very durable and can last a long time.

Here is how you should wear the Knee Caps.

how to wear a knee sleeves
how to wear a knee sleeve
  1. flip the knee caps over
  2. the smaller hold enter the feet first
  3. pull it to half of your calf
  4. from the bottom flip the knee caps over.

For performance knee caps like rocktape you will not be able to pull up the wraps just like that, you will need to use the above method to wear it so it can be tighter.


How i stay lean year round.

singapore fitness blogger
singapore fitness blogger

I got this question often from people, especially with people close to me. ” how can you eat so much but still stay so lean ” There is a few rules that i always follow for me to maintain my body.

  1. Do high intensity workout 2 to 3 times every week. if I workout on my own, I will include a lot of superset and giant set. If not I will attend iron fitness Singapore Wednesday or Saturday metabolic conditioning class.
  2. Watch the sugar in your drinks. Always try to go for zero sugar drink. Say no to Canned drinks, coke, green tea and yes fruit juice can add up a lot of sugar to your diet.
  3. if you know you are going to have a big meal that night, try skipping your breakfast and lunch if need to.
  4. Cut away processed food. Processed food is not recognized by your body, so it doesn’t get broken down properly. So it causes your body to be stress, stress causes a spike in cortisol. Processed food need less energy to break down, so if you want your body to burn more calories, consume natural unprocessed food.
  5. Sleep earlier. Not enough sleep can cause cortisol to rise and causes your body to store fat as well.
  6. Get your carbs from vegetables and fruits instead of rice and noodle.
  7. If possible always go for no sauce. Sauces contains a huge amount of sugar and sodium. Especially those gravy. Watch out for those.
  8. Take your fish oil. Fish oil helps with anti inflammation and recover you faster. This will help to keep your body in balance and less stress.
  9. Do fasted workout (empty stomach) take it slow in the beginning until your body get used to it.
  10. Train your bigger muscle if you don’t have time, legs, back, chest are your big muscle group. Train them well and see your metabolism rise.


Strength Wraps for support your wrist!

Here is a tutorial on how you can use a wrist wrap:

You have been using the wrong wrist wrap all this time! If you do crossfit, strongman or calisthenic, elastic wrist wrap is not made for you.
Elastic wrist wrap was created for power lifting to support them on their heavy 1 rep lift, to be able to move a heavier load the more rigid and stable the joint is the more stable you will be. Being stable will surely help you to get that lift up. So Elastic Wrist Wrap is made to be as tight and as rigid as possible to support the wrist! However when doing sports like cheerleading, gymnastic, bar workout, strongman or crossfit, we require wrist mobility!

stacy lee, strength wraps, strength wrap
stacy lee

So thanks to CrossFit Coach and competitor Kelley Urbani (Creator of Strength Wraps), who created this amazing wrist wrap for cross fit initially because she wanted something that supports the wrist but at the same time doesn’t affect the mobility! This is even better to strongman or crossfit where they need to tackle multiple activity and they do not have the luxury of time to wrap and unwrap during the game!

strength wraps
strength wraps

So here is the beauty of the Strength Wraps.
Strength wraps is made from high grade cotton, 100% performance tested cloth wraps like no other in the market.
It is design to give you wrist support but at the same time a full range of motion. Suitable for any kind of sports that require wrist strength! Here are some example, BBOY, POLE, ARIEL, GYMNAST, PARKOUR, BARBROTHERS, CALISTENTNIC, STRONGMAN and of course CROSSFIT.

yun jie cheerleading
yun jie cheerleading

Now strength wraps is available in Singapore, you can make your purchase here! Hope you will enjoy your wraps!

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Think again how sleep can improve your performance!!

Recently i attended a talk at Psyched – Performance Ready talk on SLEEP by Emily Ortega.

heechai sleeping
heechai sleeping

There are a million reasons that you are unable to sleep or can’t get enough quality sleep, some may be due to stress, some can’t stop thinking about work, and many more. Some want to sleep but cant, due to the busy lifestyle trying to get a workout after work and a million of other task to complete we normally put sleep to the last. Hopefully this post can help you sleep better!

Sleeping dog
Sleeping dog

It is important to have enough sleep, there are many benefits for sleeping! It will improve your performance and think better during the day! We have different stages when we are sleeping, from stage 1 to stage 5 it will consider as 1 cycle, in 8 hours we will get 5 cycle! So the lesser time you have to sleep the lesser cycle you will get. We go thru the cycle from deep sleep to light and continue on back to deep and light. Deep sleep helps us to consolidate our memories and clear our mind and thoughts, helps with neural network strengthening to remember, learn and solve problem better and most importantly it increases blood flow to muscle and helps in tissue growth and repair! Sometimes when you are in deep sleep and someone tries to wake you up you will get a shock and you wake up feeling groggy and someday when you wake up at the right time, when you are in light sleep you feel fresh!

So you can say you have a million reason to push sleep to the last priority, but if you feel that you are losing focus on work and wish to change it, you need to sleep! Here are some ways to change the mindset!

Try to identify what your sleep belief ask yourself these questions!  What are your thoughts when comes to sleeping? (Do you tell yourself sleep is not important?) What are your emotions when it comes to sleeping? (Do you tell yourself sleep is for the weak?) Hows your lifestyle affecting your sleep? (I need to stay up to party with friends).

Now with the sleep belief you can see more clearly why you are not prioritizing your sleep. What you need to do now is simply to change the Belief. Like for example, training hard, eating right is important but not sleeping well can stop your gains! Find a lot of research on how can sleep affect your recovery and gains! See what i did there, change your belief and you will prioritize will reset your priority.

Now we know what sleeping can help, we need to SLEEP now! but wait, i can’t fall asleep! So this is where Psyched comes in! Psyched has proven steps and method you can use to help you sleep better! Here are some of the methods they use.

If you are trying to sleep early but you can’t seem to do it try to change your sleeping environment! Use Dark curtains, make sure the room is quiet, comfortable bed sheets, pillows, mattress, blankets, using soothing wall color like blue, white, beige,green, Cool temperature, good air quality (all the air pollution now), aromatherapy (lavender) and remove clutter and distractions!

You can also Practice clearing your mind before going to bed! Things you can do include:
1. Write down your task for tomorrow
2. Write down anything that is bothering you and throw it away!
3. Talk it out with your friend
4. Relaxed body = relaxed mind
5. Keep work at work as much as possible
6. Disengage your brain 2 to 3h before bedtime
7. No work and overly mentally stimulating activies before bed!

If all else failed please seek professional help and contact them at

Do you ever regret not performing as you expected for a competition! This will help you overcome and become a stronger competitior! Read it!

About Us

Numbers don’t lie. We maximise your performance potential in your field using measurable scientific methods that help justify your performance progress every step of the way, tweaking your programme based on your results, to maximise your performance potential in your field.

Our programmes are designed based on a decade of experience by our Lead Psychologist, Emily Ortega. Emily is a renowned Sports, and Performance Psychologist that have provided her expertise in major international sporting events (e.g. 2012 London Olympic Games, 2011 SEA Games, 2010 Asian Games) and in over 20 National Teams.

Our peak sport performance programmes are specially designed to help sports athletes achieve consistent peak performance in training and competitions.

Elite sport parallels today’s competitive corporate world. Just as elite athletes train for success, our corporate peak performance programmes focuses on helping your organisation and you build high performing teams to achieve their goals.

Our mental skills training programmes allow you to be adaptable in all situations and to effectively manage the different demands in your everyday life; as the skills you learn are transferable to all performance domains.

Find out more:

Call : +65 6502 4392
Email :

FB Page:


We spend one-third of our lives sleeping, yet most
of us do not maximise the full benefits of sleeping.

In this workshop, participants will learn exclusive content
based on the latest research on sleep.

You will also be introduced to technology tools such as activity
trackers that can help us to improve our quality of sleep.

Learning Points:

  • Recharge yourself while you sleep
  • Being control of your sleep and learn how sleep & wake cycles affect you
  • Use practical strategies to get good sleep

It will be a casual sit-down event with
tasty pastries and beverages served; enriching both your mind and body.


Date: 25th Oct
Time: 3pm – 5pm
3 Stadium Walk #01-08
S397692 (Near Stadium MRT)

Read this, you will be shock at what excuses people give for not working out!

Patient : The problem is that obesity runs in my family. Doctor : No, the problem is no one runs in your family.


The worst thing that anyone can blame is their genetic. No one is ever set for something. Some people think they are born fat or skinny and they are destine to live that way. This is normally the norm however, i would like to point out some of the fitness people in Singapore that will prove to you that you can make a difference! Shape your mind and your body follows.

melissa sarah wee
melissa sarah wee
thara begum yeo, doreen yeo
thara begum yeo

Everyone who did a transformation has a story behind, that motivation comes from deep within them. Often people who didnt stick thru their plan failed to find the true meaning to what they are doing. It is the WHY factor and not the WHAT. We usually focus on What we are doing and not truly asking deep down giving us a deep reason why we should do it!

I workout today because i need to, is not as powerful as i workout today because it is going to keep me healthy and energize me for tomorrow! By tagging a reason to everything you do gives a meaning to it, going thru things without a reason is just like the recent ice bucket challenge where people just pour ice over and shout out to their friends just for the fun of it and throwing the real agenda behind it which is actually to call for more donation.

From today on, i hope you guys can find the reason why! Keep going and never give up!

To Stretch or not before you workout?

There maybe a lot of different saying for this. Like for a very flexible gymnast for example, stretching will be their basic warm up, however for us who don’t stretch frequently is stretching really good before your workout?

1,2,3,4 …… Strechhhhhh

1. Static stretching causes mirco tear to your muscle if your muscle is really tight. Your muscle is weaken even before the training this could increase your chances of injury!

2. After doing your static stretches it doesn’t mean you are warmed up for your workout! Instead after a static stretch you actually pull blood out of your muscle.

3. Often people who experience a tight lower back for example, they will do a static stretch on the back. But often the case for a tight back is actually due to your leg muscle pulling and you get it in the back. Stretching in that area may help to release the tension of that muscle for that moment making you feel better but the main issue is not solve and it gives you the false impression that you are ready for a workout. So if you feels alright and head on for your workout, BAM!

So i dont recommend a stretch before workout but i will suggest doing a myofascial release by using foam rolling technique. (which iron fitness singapore do before all their workout)

Trigger Point workshop
Trigger Point workshop

So is static warm up totally useless? No, Static stretching is great after you finish your workout! When your muscle is tight and you want to lengthen and relax the muscle fiber back to it original state! So next time when you want to warm up for a workout, why not try foam rolling.

True Motivation, we are highly motivated inside us!

This is not a motivation talk, because you are already a highly motivated individual. Everyone is self motivated, it just depends on where you focus your energy to. We are self motivated to get the things we wanted, for example working hard and saving up for that car, house, branded watches or to earn money to feed your family and most importantly for survival.


To get a ripped six pack, to get shredded, to feel secure, to get girls, to live healthier. Yes its a goal, but are these goal sustainable, why some people giving up half way? Its the mindset that matters, think about this “Oh its doesn’t matter if i am shredded or not, it is not gonna affect my living anyway.” Will you skip training today if your mindset is that? Do i need to have a fit body for survival? No! i need money more for survival as compared to having a good body!

In the short term you can trade your time for money but think about it in the long run if you are down with critical illness because you didnt care for your body. Think about this situation where you are a successful businessman and one day you got struck by heart attack because you didnt watch your diet. Or you are wheelchair bound because you got too fat to walk?

There isn’t any form of motivation in my opinion. There is only that emotional link that causes you to do what you are doing. Now we are looking at health as something we should do, but in fact health is something that we must do. Its like you must breathe in order to survive. It is always you should workout today, you should do that, but why not you MUST!

When you say you should instead of you MUST, are you saying that health is not important! You only know you have to do it. Do you need any motivation to eat? Most probably not. If you need external motivation to do something, that thing might not be what you really want to do.

For me health and fitness is a must, health and fitness is a lifestyle and not a short term goal. You spend so much time studying how to earn money to build your wealth, but what is wealth without health. Imagine if you are just training thinking that you need to lose weight just to look better, will you continue working out if you have no time? You will most likely to reply yourself, argh i got no time today i can always workout tomorrow or watch my diet tomorrow. BUT if your believe is this working out releases me from my stressful day and i will feel healthier will you find time to workout?  I always believe to be healthy gives me more energy and i can work longer and concentrate better. Its not that we are different, or i am crazy to workout and eat healthy its just that healthy living is on my priority list.

Review on Rumble Roller

rumble roller singapore
rumble roller singapore

Rumble roller is a type of roller to help with myofascial release. There is 2 version to this rumble roller, one is blue (firm) and the black (extra firm). The difference between this and the normal roller is the spike. Normal roller normally comes in flat surface or just a slight protruding surface. The spike is not some fancy designer stuff but it actually works perfectly in :

  • Stimulate deeper layers of muscle tissue,
  • Stretch your muscle and fascia in multiple planes,
  • Concentrate massage pressure to more reliably enable autogenic inhibition,
  • Improve access to soft tissue near bony prominences (e.g. your spine, scapula, and pelvis).
rumble roller singapore
rumble roller singapore

Rumble roller goes deeper into your fascia as compare to your normal flat surface roller. The spike might seem really hard, but it is not. The surface feels like rubber and it is good enough for a deep release. Highly recommend people to take the black (extra firm) rumble roller. If the roller is too soft after some time the soft one will not be as effective. This roller is harder than most roller in the market, unless you are using a pipe to roll. This product will last about 2 to 3 years depending on usage, as the spike will start to crumble up after some time.

You can get a rumble roller from me at $79. Do contact me at 90488783 or email me at if interested.

My daily fitness motivation by greg plitt

Greg Plitt Pecs Perfection Workout Preview –

How to release trigger point at your calves by Iron Fitness Singapore

How to do a Trigger point release?

1. Place ball on yoga block, one leg on ball, and the other leg on top of the leg you’re treating. Roll up and down leg to find trigger points.


2. When you find a trigger point, point your toe forward and hold for a few seconds.

3. Then point your toe back towards you and hold. Alternate between pointing forward and back a few times.

4. Don’t forget to really work the inside of the soleus.

To find out about trigger point massage here.

Unlock your sports potential with this little ball.

This little ball has not only help me reduce my chances of injuries during heavy and intensive workout but it also improves my mobility and strength!

With a simple technique taught by Kelvin Quah to release the trigger point by using the ball.

trigger point workshop
trigger point workshop

Now Coach Kelvin is opening up this workshop to non members as well. Do email me at if you are interested. Fees is at $100 (u.p $120) for readers only!



Intermittent fasting, What and How?

What is Intermittent Fasting? Intermittent fasting is a kind of eating pattern where you stay in fasted state (not eating) for 16 to 24 hours and feast ( eat ) for 6-8 hours. The main aim of this diet to me is to let our body adapt to using fats as energy and resting our insulin.

fasted workout
fasted workout

This diet is suitable for people who is looking to gain lean mass and for people who wants to lose fats. There is 2 to do the diet.

1. This will help people who has problem losing weight, and if your problem is with overeating or are hungry all the time. ( for those who have problem controlling the amount of food they consume)

You will only have 8 hours of eating window, normally this short period of eating time will restrict the amount of calories one can eat by about 1/4.

2. For those who are trying to gain mass like me, but are unable to eat alot. This way of eating will increase your appetite, so even after you stop your fasting diet you will find that you are able to eat more than usual.

If you are trying to gain weight you will have to try your best to hit the calories needed for you to grow! If you need 2500 calories, which is about 4 plate of chicken rice, regardless what you do you need to finish that 4 plate within this 8 hours time frame!

During your fasted period, it will be good to throw in a fasted workout, one of the best way is to workout. In this way, your body is low on glycogen and they using more fats as energy. You might find that you feel weaker or even tired during your first few workout. But hey, you have been using carbohydrates as your main source of energy for the past 20 years or more, give your body so more time to adapt.

For lean people 10% bodyfat and below, this diet will work effectively for you but you need to be able to eat. Force feeding yourself for the first few time will be hard, you might want to consider adding mass gainer so you are able to hit the calories.

For people with higher body fat percentage i would suggestion taking at least 6 to 10 gram of fish oil and 2 grams of vitamin C a day, when high amount of fats is burn, toxic is release. You might experience fever or you might get flu easily. Take those to boost your immune system.

So here are some of the photos after fasting. I believe that we can maintain a low body fat percentage throughout the year and still stay strong and we are able to do long distance endurance run with speed!

So try it and let me know how you feel after fasting. Do email me regarding questions on intermittent fasting!

Cheers, Stronger, Leaner,Faster, Longer