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Check out Athlete Training System by Dylan Goddard, Increase Speed and Power.

Athlete Training System by Dylan Goddard for Singapore Paintball National Team

Athlete training system is specially designed to improve your power and endurance! Be it for sports or even for your ippt, try this workout to get stronger! Here we go for week 1, all you need is a stopwatch and this can be done as shown in the video at any stadium near you! Total time taken will be about 1 hour!

Warm Up 3 rounds (own time own target)10 push ups, 15 squats and 20 butterfly sit ups.

rest for 3min.

Every min on the minute * 18
1st min – run 30m *5 shuttle style2nd min : 15 jump squats
3rd min : 12 burpees

rest for 3 min

3 rounds as fast as you can
15 dive bombers
20 jumping knee tucks
30 broad jumps.

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