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What is Chinese Weight Lifting with Coach Wu Chuan Fu.

Attended a Basic Weight Lifting Workshop at CrossFit Mobilus by Coach Wu Chuan Fu today 10 July 2016. Really a eye opener to the basics of Chinese Weight Lifting. I myself never really did any Snatch before, or if i did it was some really weird or bad form. I did learn some clean back at iron fitness singapore, only like 2 or 3 lesson. So this was something totally new and fresh to me. These few points that i will be sharing with you, i find help me the most and gave me the most Ah Ha Moment. So here we go.

  1. Use your quads and find your center. No sitting back. Weight should not be on your knee but on your quads.
  2. Jump with your quads.
  3. pull with your lats not your arms.
  4. Jerk with your Lats not your Shoulders
  5. Power should come from a combination of both your Quads and Lats. Firing together.
  6. Relax when gripping and only exert when lifting. Many times we exhaust ourself even before lifting the weights by holding on too tightly on the bar. It should be relax and explode when needed.

*above are just what i interpreted, if there is any mistake do drop a comment below!

I highly recommend anyone to attend coach wu workshop. Its really easier to start it right than after many years of mistake then you start correcting your form. It will be harder as the muscle memory is already there.

Shown below is the technique performed by Coach Wu Chuan Fu for clean and snatch.

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