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Daily Read 11 : Creating a compelling future, nothing happens unless first a dream.

This is one of my favourite chapter in this book “Awaken the Giant Within” Because this is the chapter that talks about how we can awaken our sleeping giant that is inside of us. Today if you were given a aladdin lamp what will be the 3 wishes you will wish for?

Have you ever wonder why some people just seem to have more energy than you? Is it really because they have more energy or its just that you are lazy? We all have the same 24 hours a day and of course you are not lazy, its just that you have impotent goals! I remember a time when i was younger what got me up early and made me slept late was playing the game on (maplestory) I slept very late at night say 5am or 6am then i woke up at 8am to continue playing. I just couldn’t get to sleep and i was so motivated to wake up everyday to keep grinding in the game. Most of us live with a simple goal, which is to pay the bills. Tell me who will be excited to wake up early everyday just to pay for the bills.

The larger the goal is the more power we will have. Goals setting is actually a very important skill, we need to pick a goal that seems impossible but at the same time thinking about achieving it will bring you crazed excitement. And to achieved those impossible goals we need to suspend our belief systems about what we are capable of achieving.

“We are what we are because we have first imagined it.” – Donald Curtis

Look around you right now, how many of the things you have now wasn’t available or even possible to own 5 years ago. If 100 years ago someone told you that invisible waves from all around the world could be pulled from air and fed into a box to generate sounds and pictures you would have thought this person must be crazy. Yet today in most people home everyone will have at least one television or 2!

If its that simple why doesn’t everyone of us set goals and achieve great things? What is holding us back? Surely we all know about goal setting. For many of us its the unconscious fear of disappointment. Some set a goal before, tried to go for it but they failed and to avoid the pain of failing they stop setting goals any more. Often we are so caught up with what we are trying to achieve and we didn’t realise how far we have come. A very good metaphor that is when a friend tell you How much your kid has grown! And you say with honest Surprise. Really? Something that is happening right in front of us and we fail to recognise it let alone see the progress of ourself.

They have a whole chunk of exercise and question in the book at this particular chapter however it will be hard for me to share it here so i will skip it. If you are interested in the question you can either purchase the book from amazon or you can email me at

The key to achieving our goal is to be committed! All human being have the needs for Constant and never ending improvement. We need to learn how to make use of stress instead of being overwhelmed by stress and not able to do anything. Stress can be use to drive you into the direction you want. We need to remember stress is self induced, we can use our intelligent to control it.

Living the life. Sometimes after setting all these goals we feel that we can only be happy only when we achieve the goal. The truth is that if we decide to be happy now, we will automatically achieve more! Goals provide magnificent direction and a way to focus, we must constantly strive to live each day to its fullest, squeezing all the joy we can out of each moment! The direction we are heading is more important than individual result. 

Live life to the fullest and don’t let it slip by you just like that. 

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