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Daily Read 8 : The Vocabulary Of Ultimate Success

Hello Humans, words can make us cry, laugh, they can wound us or heal. The words that we use everyday is so powerful and it affects how we think and act however most of us are not conscious of what comes out from our mouth daily.

I have a friend who often use the word “hate”. Every little thing that happen “hate” will be use. I hate you, i hate this, i hate that. And this causes my friend to get really angry at that point of time and she don’t know why. What if instead of using i hate my job to i prefer another job. I hate you doing this to i prefer you would do this. Wouldn’t it change the whole emotional state she is in. So is the things that happen to her that got her into such a angry state or the words that she used that made her angry. Words have power so choose them wisely. 

3 friends heard the same problem and 3 of them all have very different respond to the situation. 1 was in raged and furious. 2 got angry and upset and the 3rd got annoyed and peeved. All of these words means a different level of frustration and it produces very different results in the emotional state that each of them will be in. Can we actually change the emotional state that we are in by using a different vocabulary of the other person?

So Tony decided to give it a try. He just got to a hotel and was preparing to check in. However his staff made a mistake in the booking and the counter staff had a problem checking him in. He is really tired and normally in a situation like this he will use words like he is angry or upset but this time instead he say “I know its not your fault, however if i stand here a little longer i am afraid i will become a little PEEVED. Then the counter staff looked at tony in a perplexed look and give a smile and tony smile back. And it broke the pattern. Words shapes our belief and impact our actions. 

Without knowing the force of words, it is impossible to know men – Confucius

The word you use often will shape your destiny. People who think they are depress always say they are depress. Why i never feel depress at all because simply depress is not in my vocabulary. Its really that simple. Every time when you are going to think that you are depress, try replacing it with other words that will empower you instead. So instead of saying i am depressed, say i am feeling a little down, i am getting better or i am turning things around instead.

Words has the power to create or destroy. Many leader has used words to build a empire and made people do crazy things. Like Hitler “The German people is no warlike nation. It is a soldierly one, which means it does not want a war but does not fear it. It loves peace but it also loves it honor and freedom.” Saddam Hussein labeled  his invasion to Kuwait as a “Holy War”

Words can produce illness and words can kill. There are example out there where doctor says that this person only has 2 months to live and sure enough 2 months later this person pass on. I remember this story from Joseph (Tony No.1 Performance Coach) where his mother who got cancer and the doctor diagnosed her to only have 4 months more to live. Joseph didn’t want to accept this fact and he knew that words have power. He plead the doctor not to reveal the condition to his mum. Who are doctor to actually set a death date for someone. This is really unfair. In the end he manage to convince the doctor to not let the mother know about the condition and joseph gave lots of empowering words to the mum like doctor said you are fine after the operation. You will recover soon. Etc etc and he mum did survive a few year longer. This might be a bit hard to understand. Try it!

For example, when some one say they are angry. Ask them if they are angry or are they hurt. If they say they are hurt you can see their emotions drop immediately. Or before food, you said i am starving to death and replaced with i am just a little hungry. See how much less food you will chomp down your throat.

Stick with people who use empowering words, and you will be empowered too. 


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