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Daily Read : The Key To Unlock Your Mind To Earn A Million Dollar!

Yes, today daily read is on chapter 15 of Anthony Robbins book Awaken the giant within. I remember this part in his seminar unleash the power within that i attended in Australia just last year September. So what are values? Values is something that drive you to do what you will never do in a pressuring circumstances.

When we know what value is most important to us, making a decision is quite simple. Most people, are unclear of what is most important in our lives and thus making a decision becomes a form of internal torture. If the value of a commander was Courage, loyalty, love, commitment and determination, and your soldier is being held hostage will you risk your life to save him? Without a thought you will go in and save him. It not too tough a decision to make.

We need to understand that the direction of our life is being controlled by the values we have. Not only do value lead us, it leads our organisation and our country as well. What if a country value is stability? Or conformity? How big a different it will make?

There are 2 different types of value, one is the ends and the other is the means. So what are your value? People might say Love, Family, Money… right. So What does family give you? You might say Love, Security, happiness. What you truly value is the ends we are after. So what does money give you? Maybe Power, freedom, impact. Money is just a means to achieving a much deeper set of values. A set of emotions we desire.

So often we are too busy pursuing means values that we don’t achieve our true desire: our ends values. End values are what fulfills us. Most of the time we spend time chasing goals without knowing what we truly want. And when we achieved the goals we end up saying “Is this all there is”

So the million dollar question to open our mind comes down to understand our value. How? Many of us don’t realise that we all have conflicting value in place. There are value that we want to move towards which can be success, freedom, security however there will be values that we want to move away from as well like rejection, loneliness, depression. So you want to be successful so you started your business however your No.1 move away from value is rejection. How do you think you will be successful. Regardless of which line you are in there are bound to be rejection. One part of your body says go for it you can do it and the other part of the body say avoid this you are going to get pain. So they take 2 step forward and 1 step back. So to earn a million dollar, you have to let your value be in sync to bring you there!

There are 2 Steps Change! Step 1 : identify what our current value are. What emotional state you are moving towards and what emotional state you are moving away.

Step 2: Understand that you can make conscious decisions about what value you want to live by in order to shape the quality of life and destiny you truly desire and deserve!

“We are what we repeatedly do” – Aristotle.

We can control what we want to feel. Take Charge. There is a more detailed part in the book which has more questions that is hard for me to explain here. So if you would like you can purchase the book at any book store or just go to my link below and get it shipped to you!


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