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Fencing in Singapore – Absolute Fencing Trial (Sponsored)

Fencing singapore, Absolute Fencing, Foil
Foil, Absolute Fencing

I was invited by Zheng Gang for a trial at Absolute Fencing Singapore.  First i was introduced to the 3 types of weapon that is used in Fencing.

There is 3 different Sword for 3 different kind of playing rules to follow, it will be the Epee, Sabre and Foil.

Fencing singapore
Fencing singapore

Put on my gear and selected my weapon of the day (Foil) , its time to rock! Some basic footwork drill like

1. On guard.

2. Moving forward and backwards

3. Strike

4. Block and strike

Game on!

I Always wanted to have a sword fight when i was young but i never had a chance to do it. The First time i got my hands on Foil, i am hooked.

i was pretty worried and excited at first, as i always thought fencing is a very technical sports and it will be very hard to play and partly due to my slow reflexes as well.

However its really fun and easy to learn! The adrenaline rush that i got during the game feels fantastic, your mind is constantly moving, thinking when to attack or to dodge an attack from the opponent. Plan a fake and strike!

This could be one of the best way to Distress! Get a few of your friends or “friends” and i believe you will have lots of fun! Cant wait to go back for another session soon!

Kids Fencing, fencing for kids in Singapore
Kids Fencing



Absolute Fencing is the one of the pioneer fencing school in Singapore. Lead by top Fencer in Singapore, be it training for competition or for people who want to take up the sports for recreation purposes. You are definitely in good hands.

Absolute Fencing is located at 18 Boon Lay Way #01-127 18@TradeHub 21 you can get your direction here.


There will be 2 workshop starting soon this holiday! Do call them to sign up now!

epee jump start

absolute fencing, musketeers holiday, fencing singapore
musketeers holiday

Bring your family and friends down for a trial today! You can get them here!

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