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Daily Read : Mindset of a successful person.

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Today’s Daily Read : How to get from where you are to where you wanna be. The 25 Principles of Success by – Jack Canfield

To start off the book, we will start with what this book is about, it is not a book of good ideas. This is a book of timeless principles used by successful men and women throughout history. The Principles taught in this book will always work if you work the principles! So here we go the first 10 points for the introduction!

1. Anyone can consistently produce results on a regular basis. All we have to do is decide what it is you want, believe you deserve it, and practice the success principles in this book.

2. You can’t hire someone else to do your push ups for you! Principles will be taught in this book however you gotta do the hardwork!

3. First we need to take responsibility for your life and your results. Stop blaming everything around you except yourself.

4. Second we got to clarify our life purpose, our vision and what we truly want.

5. Third learn how to create unshakable belief in yourself and your dreams.

6. Fourth learn how to ask for what we want and reject rejections.

7. Fifth learn how to surround yourself with successful people.

8. Sixth we will learn how to clean up any physical and emotional messes we had and complete all the incompletes in our life.

9. Believe nothing. No matter where you read it, or who said it, even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense –Buddha

10. Warning: we may feel frustrated at not knowing about all of this earlier, anger at your parents and teachers for not teaching you these important concepts at home and at school, or anger at yourself for having already learned many of these things and not having acted on them. Just take a deep breath and realize that this is all part of the process of your journey. Everything in the past has actually been perfect. Everything in your past has led you to this transformative moment in time. Everyone including you has always done the best they could with what they knew at the time. Now you are about to know more. Celebrate your new awareness! It is about to set you free!

As always you can get the book here from Amazon or download kindle apps on your ipad and buy from the web!

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