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Should you eat before your workout?

I have been asked many times, what should i eat before my workout? If you goal is to get leaner, read on!

My answer is always the same, why do you need to eat before your workout?

If you say you are hungry and you cant train empty stomach, then you better get use to it or even so, have your meals 2 to 3 hours before! Fats are your stored energy! You have the energy in you, just use some will power and you will be fine! Your body will take a while to get use to it, trust me you wont die.

funny_fun_humor_man_with_six_pack_muscles_ideas_prank_pics_images_pictures_photos_bread_guy_boyIf No Energy is your answer, i need that bread! It gives me energy. Your bread don’t get digested so quickly and eating bread or other sugary food before your workout actually affects your performance! Insulin go up, your stress hormone goes down, we want our muscle to fire us up during training and stress is what we need! So.. stop telling yourself that food gives you energy.

I am feeling tired, food will wake me up! If you are really tired, try working out in the morning when you are fresh, see what you are doing thru out the day if you are really burn out take a break! If not you can always have a cup of coffee or pre workout.


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