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The reason why I avoid bread.

Some of my friends might have realize that i don’t eat bread, or some of your friends are not eating bread. Do you know why? In the supermarket these days, you can easily see GLUTEN FREE products but do you know what it is?

Before i learn about how my body reacts to food, i am a bread lover. Bread used to be a staple in my breakfast, yes my family is still having bread everyday. I just don’t consume bread anymore. (*I can’t control everyone, even my family so.. its okay if they want to eat it, it their life)

Why i started avoiding bread?
In actual fact bread is not the thing i am avoiding, i am avoiding gluten. Gluten is found in many products below is a chart to show which product contains gluten.

Many of us are actually Gluten intolerance and it can result in a mal-absorption syndrome. In sensitive people, gluten destroys the villi on the lining of the small intestine, and with them the ability to adequately absorb nutrients, leading to chronic nutritional deficiencies and uncomfortable intestinal symptoms such as bloating, gas, diarrhea, and constipation, as well as other symptoms such as fatigue, depression, moodiness, and anxiety. There also may be neurological symptoms such as shooting pain, numbness or tingling of the arms and legs, and mal-absorption of calcium can cause muscle cramping and tension, skin rashes, and eventually osteoporosis. Migraine headaches are another potential symptom.

How can gluten make you fat?
To put it simply, people who are intolerance to gluten will get a stress out gut. Gut is also a primary detoxification pathway to get rid of toxins such as xeno estrogen. Ensuring healthy gut function can facilitate optimal detoxification, thus lowering the toxic load of the body and promoting fat loss. factors like the pill, food intolerance, antibiotics, steroids, refined sugar and food chemicals can disrupt the good gut flora and compromise its functioning. So how can gluten make you fat? One of the main usage of fats is to buffer toxic, with a damaged gut, you are unable to detox properly and fat storage will increase to buffer the toxic produced.
-Trainasp Fat loss bootcamp.

How to know if you are gluten intolerance?
You might not notice it but you could be intolerance to gluten. There are too many things that is happening in our body every second and if it is not a threat our body will slowly move our focus away from it. For example, try slapping yourself hand for 1 min, initially it will hurt but after 30sec you will feel less of the pain. Our body desensitized our self to the pain as our brain know this is not going to kill us. Its the same as gluten.

To test for gluten sensitivity is a gluten-free diet. Eliminate all gluten-containing products for 30 days, followed by eating as much gluten as possible for one day. Those who are gluten intolerant will typically experience bloating and diarrhea or constipation and might feel depressed, anxious, or irritable when they re-introduce gluten into their diet at the end of the 30 day trial period.

When did we started eating so much gluten?
A very interesting story how we are now consuming a lot more gluten, that i find that it is pretty logical. 19th century where railway and mills in large quantity and that is also during the great depression where everyone is not able to afford meat, cheap wheat (pasta and macoroni) becomes a staple in a lot of people diet. Then in 1990 it becomes USDA base food in the food pyramid. So who is the fattest country now?


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