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The workout to burn fats and get shredded in 6 weeks!

You will need a rope and a friend to complete this, ask your friend to tie yourself up onto a pole and put you on top of small fire to slowly melt the fats. Just like the photo below.

fat burning
fat burning

The only reason you click on this post is because you are looking for a way to lose fats and have a healthier life! Good job to that, continue reading because i am going to show you how you can shred some fats.

burn fat gain muscle
burn fat gain muscle

There are so many debate out there to tell you that their workout is the best on losing body fat. However you tried the workout for a few days and you don’t see any results and you tell yourself it is BULLSHIT, this doesn’t work and you give up. If you experience this, keep reading as i uncover what kind of workout is best for weight lost.

So Here it goes, is it MuayThai, HIIT, Spartan Workout, Crossfit, Bodybuilding or running? To be honest, its all of the above! What i just mention above are called strategy, we are always trying to search for the best strategy of course a good strategy can help you get to your goal faster however what you really need is a determine mind to take ACTION and stick to your strategy long enough for results to show. If you have been inactive for 1 year you can’t expect your body to change in just 1 week. Successful people hardly change their plan and they always stick with it and unsuccessful people normally make a lot of changes and they normally don’t stick to their plan.

To be honest, all workout will help you to burn and lose your body fat. Yes any kind of workout. Even if you just do 30 min of power walk everyday. Then why am i not losing weight? I workout regularly and hardly see any results. One simple theory, because you always think that you are fat, and keep thinking as how a fat person is thinking. Let me explain. You are fat now is not just a physical thing but more of a mental. You are making fat choices now because your mind is fat.

This is really simple. I think some of you already got where i am coming from but let me give you an example. If you think yourself as a healthy person like me, i will make healthy choices in my life, for example i will never go and drink stuff that is high is sugar because i tell myself i am a healthy person. But if your mind is fat you will tell yourself, oh well i am a fat person, i got the need to drink sugar stuff. I NEED, but i dont know why i NEED.

Just like a person is good looking not because he is born good looking, he is good looking because at some point in life he decided that no matter what he want to look good. So he dress a certain way, groom himself differently and take picture a certain way.

Curing the fat mind is really very simple, imagine what will this healthy person that you wanna be look like… imagine what choice will this person make when it comes to food.. imagine what will this person do everyday.. who will this person be friend with? what will this person do every morning, will the person just sleep in or go out for a jog?

1. Visualize it
2. PEN IT DOWN and stick it somewhere you will see it or bring it with you everywhere you go.
3. Stick with it! Of course this wont happen immediately, your mind will doubt you but you know what.. tell your mind to FUCK OFF and i am going to live a new life. This is the new me! I am strong, healthy and amazing.

If this post helped you in anyway i am really happy for you. Do share your experience with me and Hello to a new you and stay strong.


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