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To Stretch or not before you workout?

There maybe a lot of different saying for this. Like for a very flexible gymnast for example, stretching will be their basic warm up, however for us who don’t stretch frequently is stretching really good before your workout?

1,2,3,4 …… Strechhhhhh

1. Static stretching causes mirco tear to your muscle if your muscle is really tight. Your muscle is weaken even before the training this could increase your chances of injury!

2. After doing your static stretches it doesn’t mean you are warmed up for your workout! Instead after a static stretch you actually pull blood out of your muscle.

3. Often people who experience a tight lower back for example, they will do a static stretch on the back. But often the case for a tight back is actually due to your leg muscle pulling and you get it in the back. Stretching in that area may help to release the tension of that muscle for that moment making you feel better but the main issue is not solve and it gives you the false impression that you are ready for a workout. So if you feels alright and head on for your workout, BAM!

So i dont recommend a stretch before workout but i will suggest doing a myofascial release by using foam rolling technique. (which iron fitness singapore do before all their workout)

Trigger Point workshop
Trigger Point workshop

So is static warm up totally useless? No, Static stretching is great after you finish your workout! When your muscle is tight and you want to lengthen and relax the muscle fiber back to it original state! So next time when you want to warm up for a workout, why not try foam rolling.

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