Review on Rumble Roller

rumble roller singapore
rumble roller singapore

Rumble roller is a type of roller to help with myofascial release. There is 2 version to this rumble roller, one is blue (firm) and the black (extra firm). The difference between this and the normal roller is the spike. Normal roller normally comes in flat surface or just a slight protruding surface. The spike is not some fancy designer stuff but it actually works perfectly in :

  • Stimulate deeper layers of muscle tissue,
  • Stretch your muscle and fascia in multiple planes,
  • Concentrate massage pressure to more reliably enable autogenic inhibition,
  • Improve access to soft tissue near bony prominences (e.g. your spine, scapula, and pelvis).
rumble roller singapore
rumble roller singapore

Rumble roller goes deeper into your fascia as compare to your normal flat surface roller. The spike might seem really hard, but it is not. The surface feels like rubber and it is good enough for a deep release. Highly recommend people to take the black (extra firm) rumble roller. If the roller is too soft after some time the soft one will not be as effective. This roller is harder than most roller in the market, unless you are using a pipe to roll. This product will last about 2 to 3 years depending on usage, as the spike will start to crumble up after some time.

You can get a rumble roller from me at $79. Do contact me at 90488783 or email me at if interested.

Strongman for You for Me for Everyone at TheCathay

singapore strongman classic
singapore strongman classic


Today i am here attending the Singapore Strongman Classic organized by TheCathay Singapore, and Singa-Sports. Official media livefitter and Strongman event requires the participant to of course lfit heavy stuff, it looks like its a event only for those real man to take part.

singapore strongman classic
singapore strongman classic
singapore strongman classic
singapore strongman classic

To me strongman event can actually be for everyone, and people should consider adding it into their training. This not only makes training more fun, but it also strengthen muscle that you never use before. Strongman event like farmers walk, stones lift can be really functional as well. It can help with your daily activities like when you are shopping with your girlfriends or when your friends is drunk at the party. Okay just kidding..


but hey training now needs to be creative, its not longer building muscle that looks good only, but you need to be mobile and balance.

My daily fitness motivation by greg plitt

Greg Plitt Pecs Perfection Workout Preview –

Singapore Squat Challange 2014 getting more popular with the ladies!

livefitter singapore squat challenge
livefitter singapore squat challenge

Singapore Squat Challenge 2014 held at Bishan CC, organized by LiveFitter. More than 100 participant turn up for this event and I must say the highlight for the event will be the ladies who took part in this competition! More and more new female athlete is emerging in the Fitness Scene in Singapore! I believe there are many more ladies out there, don’t be shy and come join in the Fitspo (female fitness inspiration) community in Singapore together with other ladies who have the same goals as you!

livefitter singapore squat challenge
livefitter singapore squat challenge

The first impression for a Squat challenge to people normally will be, it is an event for guys only! Check out the photos I took in this event and it proves the other way. Lifting weights is no longer an event for guys only! More and more girls started to understand that lifting weights doesn’t get them bulky and big but on the other hand provide so many more benefits to their body and mind.

livefitter singapore squat challenge
livefitter singapore squat challenge


Being stronger can no only improve your joints and bones but it also gives you a toner and adds more curves to your body! Working out helps increase your energy level and normally people who works out feel less stressful and lead a happier life! With all these comes a boost in your confidence as you proof yourself over and over again that failure is not an option and you strive to break your Personal Best in whatever things you do!

livefitter singapore squat challenge
livefitter singapore squat challenge
livefitter singapore squat challenge
livefitter singapore squat challenge
livefitter singapore squat challenge
livefitter singapore squat challenge
livefitter singapore squat challenge
livefitter singapore squat challenge
livefitter singapore squat challenge
livefitter singapore squat challenge

I will definitely date any of these girls and they look fantastic! Here are some of the photos from the squat event! Strong is the new sexy, keep it up ladies!!!


10 supplement you can take to perform better during training.

Hi fitfam, these are the 10 supplement that i find really useful and help me during my training! But of course, training and dieting will still be the foundation of getting a good body. If your training and diet sucked, no matter how much supplement it is not gonna help much. Wanna know what training i do read this. My Diet can check it out here!

musclepharm supplement core series
musclepharm supplement core series

1. Caffeinated drinks Pre Workout Supplement! Caffeine rises your cortisol level and it increases your adrenaline, in this way you will be able to recruit more muscle fiber during workout, therefore able to lift heavier!

2. Branch chain amino acid. By taking this 15 min before and during training can help to improve recovery during training. BCAA is the only anti-catabolic and anabolic amino acid available, by taking it during training not only helps to improves recovery and prevent muscle from breaking down, it is also shown that after training people who takes BCAA recover faster. 15 to 20grams per training is recommended.

3. Creatine taken daily can help to increase strength and explosive power during training. It helps to replenish the ATP inside the body during your training. You will probably be able to lift more reps on the same weight after 1 week of creatine. No cycling is required for creatine, recommended 5 grams a day.

4. L-Carnitine is a fat transporter. It helps to transport more fats into mitochondria where most of the energy is produced. Especially Acetyl-Lcarnitine it can pass thru the blood brain barrier and this will help increase your focus during training as well. 1 to 2 grams is recommended.

5. Arginine helps to dilate the blood vessel so more blood can flow thru. This helps to transport more nutrient during training and it also gives you a better pumped. Commonly found in preworkout supplement, recommended about 2 to 3gram per serving.

6. Glutamine helps with anti inflammation. By taking it before and after training it helps to prevent muscle from breaking down and recover better during sets. 5 to 10grams is recommended

7. Fast acting carbohydrate (waxy maize) immediately after training can help increase spike your insulin level, boost your testosterone and reduces your cortisol level in the body and therefore making your body very anabolic after training.

8. Beta-alanine help to increase the endurance during training. It gives most people a tingling sensation on the skin! This is mostly found in your pre workout supplement but if you want you can purchase it separately as well!

9. Vitamin C taken every day, especially after workout can help to reduce your cortisol level. This aids in better recovery and boost of your immune system! I take about 2 gram a day!

10. Fish Oil, taken daily helps with anti inflammation, depending on individual the fatter you are the more fish oil your body is able to take. For me i take about 3 to 5grams of fish oil a day.

How to release trigger point at your calves by Iron Fitness Singapore

How to do a Trigger point release?

1. Place ball on yoga block, one leg on ball, and the other leg on top of the leg you’re treating. Roll up and down leg to find trigger points.


2. When you find a trigger point, point your toe forward and hold for a few seconds.

3. Then point your toe back towards you and hold. Alternate between pointing forward and back a few times.

4. Don’t forget to really work the inside of the soleus.

To find out about trigger point massage here.

Wet and Wild Run Singapore Registration Open 18 Jun 2014!

Your wildest 5km run is here! Check them out here!

Enjoy the sun and fun then end with Special Guest Dj from Butter Factory for After Party!!

wet and wild run singapore 2014
wet and wild run singapore 2014

Some of the Obstacles Preview!!!

wet and wild run singapore
wet and wild run singapore
wet and wild run singapore
wet and wild run singapore
wet and wild run singapore
wet and wild run singapore

What are you waiting for? Registration now open! Click on the link below! Group sign up will enjoy Discounts!!!

wet and wild run singapore
wet and wild run singapore

Unlock your sports potential with this little ball.

This little ball has not only help me reduce my chances of injuries during heavy and intensive workout but it also improves my mobility and strength!

With a simple technique taught by Kelvin Quah to release the trigger point by using the ball.

trigger point workshop
trigger point workshop

Now Coach Kelvin is opening up this workshop to non members as well. Do email me at if you are interested. Fees is at $100 (u.p $120) for readers only!



Intermittent fasting, What and How?

What is Intermittent Fasting? Intermittent fasting is a kind of eating pattern where you stay in fasted state (not eating) for 16 to 24 hours and feast ( eat ) for 6-8 hours. The main aim of this diet to me is to let our body adapt to using fats as energy and resting our insulin.

fasted workout
fasted workout

This diet is suitable for people who is looking to gain lean mass and for people who wants to lose fats. There is 2 to do the diet.

1. This will help people who has problem losing weight, and if your problem is with overeating or are hungry all the time. ( for those who have problem controlling the amount of food they consume)

You will only have 8 hours of eating window, normally this short period of eating time will restrict the amount of calories one can eat by about 1/4.

2. For those who are trying to gain mass like me, but are unable to eat alot. This way of eating will increase your appetite, so even after you stop your fasting diet you will find that you are able to eat more than usual.

If you are trying to gain weight you will have to try your best to hit the calories needed for you to grow! If you need 2500 calories, which is about 4 plate of chicken rice, regardless what you do you need to finish that 4 plate within this 8 hours time frame!

During your fasted period, it will be good to throw in a fasted workout, one of the best way is to workout. In this way, your body is low on glycogen and they using more fats as energy. You might find that you feel weaker or even tired during your first few workout. But hey, you have been using carbohydrates as your main source of energy for the past 20 years or more, give your body so more time to adapt.

For lean people 10% bodyfat and below, this diet will work effectively for you but you need to be able to eat. Force feeding yourself for the first few time will be hard, you might want to consider adding mass gainer so you are able to hit the calories.

For people with higher body fat percentage i would suggestion taking at least 6 to 10 gram of fish oil and 2 grams of vitamin C a day, when high amount of fats is burn, toxic is release. You might experience fever or you might get flu easily. Take those to boost your immune system.

So here are some of the photos after fasting. I believe that we can maintain a low body fat percentage throughout the year and still stay strong and we are able to do long distance endurance run with speed!

So try it and let me know how you feel after fasting. Do email me regarding questions on intermittent fasting!

Cheers, Stronger, Leaner,Faster, Longer

How to use your Gear 2 and the new Samsung S5 Applications to help achieve your Fitness Goal!

The Samsung GALAXY S5 LTE comes with a built-in application – the Enhanced S Health app, which helps to bring all your fitness data together in a personal fitness tracker. It is able to sync with a few other applications to help you stay on your fitness track! This includes Lark, RunKeeper and MapMyFitness… all of which function as personalised trainer apps. S Health which helps to bring all your fitness data together. It is able to sync with a few other application to help you stay on your fitness track!

S health, Samsung S health
S health

Exercise function, must say that the GALAXY S5 LTE and Gear 2 will be your best running companions ever! First of all, both the GALAXY S5 LTE and Gear 2 are water and dust resistant with IP67 rating so you don’t have to worry about sweat or drizzle when you are on the go! It can track the heart rate, the distance covered, running routes you take, how fast you go and most importantly, you can set your personal goals and the Enhanced S Health app will constantly remind you to keep up with your chosen pace.

checking messages with gear 2
checking messages with gear 2

There’s also the Pedometer, which can keep track of how many steps you take in a day! For me I set a goal to hit 10,000 steps everyday! So if I am not able to hit it, I will go for a quick walk around. This really helps a lot, especially for people who are always driving or always in the office. You can add a good 10-20min daily workout to hit the target number of steps and release some stress! Sleep tracking is another very important function to me – because not only do we need to sleep for 8 hours a day, we need quality sleep during those 8 hours as well. Sleeping from 12am to 8am is 8 hours of rest; however, if you are constantly moving during 50% of the time, your body is not fully at rest! In extreme cases, I would even suggest getting some sleep aid like ZMA supplements or have some hot chocolate before bed to improve your sleep. So far, I do not have any sleeping problems. In fact, I’m motionless 80% of the time. The only problem is that I am not getting enough sleep every day, so to improve my sleep I will try to sleep earlier!!

S health Sleep tracker
S health Sleep tracker

The Samsung Gear 2 comes with a 4GB internal memory for you to store your favorite music, for those times when you forget to bring your phone out! It is also able to sync wirelessly via Bluetooth to your headset to give you music on the go! There are a few more functions available in your Samsung Gear 2, such as the 2MP camera and voice memo. These can be really useful when you need to record something spontaneously. Other than the health functions mentioned, the Samsung Gear 2 can also be used as a remote control for your television and set-top box, via the WatchON Remote app. With just a few simple steps, you will be able to have full control! *If you are at the coffee shop and you don’t like what is playing you can change it!! * (don’t get caught)

Gear 2 Remote
Gear 2 Remote

Because user connectivity is important, Samsung has given users the freedom to stay constantly connected and in touch, by allowing you to do most of your important tasks on the Samsung Gear 2! You can call someone by dialing through the Gear 2, receive your latest email/text messages and you are able to check your calendar schedule on the go! After these 4 weeks with Samsung GALAXY S5 LTE and Gear 2, I’m definitely more aware of how advanced technology is now! At the touch of a finger, it is actually possible to do so much. Your training can all be tracked now to more accurately gauge your performance, and the apps available can even guide you along on how you can improve your life! Although it will take a little time to get used to keying in data at the start, it is definitely worth the initial bit of trouble. For those of you looking to transfer all your contacts, photos, music, videos, messages, notes, calendar and more to a new Samsung GALAXY device, all you have to use is the Samsung Smart Switch, which lets you do so in just a few easy steps! You can find more information about the Smart Switch at this microsite, where you can also download the desktop program. Just Some additional perks of being a Samsung User! GALAXY Gifts GALAXY S5 LTE comes with a set of specially curated third party content and services via GALAXY Gifts(worth over S$600). GALAXY Gifts will provide a single entry into content and services, which Samsung has made accessible to users so that they can browse through a variety of content, download them and use in their daily lives to motivate them towards achieving their fitness goals. Some of these third party content and services include the following:

  • Lark – Your Personal Wellness Assistant, which provides easy personalised recommendations on how to be fitter and healthier. GALAXY S5 LTE users receive free 12-month premium Lark services (worth S$45).
  • RunKeeper – Turn your GALAXY S5 LTE into a personal trainer in your pocket. Track your fitness activities, measure your performance over time and share achievements with friends. GALAXY S5 LTE users receive free 12-month membership (worth S$25) for RunKeeper Lite.
  • Skimble – Workout Trainer provides thousands of multimedia workouts led by expert coaches. Workouts come equipped with dynamic move-by-move videos, photos and text instructions. GALAXY S5 LTE users can enjoy a free 6-month Pro+ premium membership experience (worth S$52).
  • MapMyFitness – Built to help runners, joggers and walkers of all ability levels and ages. Easily track pace, distance, calories and time with audio alerts and much more. Track running, cycling, and over 600 types of other activities. GALAXY S5 LTE users receive free 6-month ad-free MVP access (worth S$45).

  GALAXY Life Samsung GALAXY Life is a Samsung loyalty mobile application that offers curated and exclusive content for all Samsung mobile and tablet users. GALAXY Life will offer Samsung consumers entry and access to a community that is customised by categories, content and privileges. Consumers can also join a community where they will receive curated and exclusive content optimised especially for their devices. Promotions available Purchase GALAXY S5 LTE in 16GB with contract – Trade in current smartphone or tablet and get an additional $50 overtrade from 14 June to 30 June 14. – FREE 16GB micro SD card (worth $26) on a while stocks last basis Purchase GALAXY S5 LTE in 32GB without contract and receive – FREE Wireless Charging Kit (worth $108) on a while stocks last basis – Battery Pack (worth $88) on a while stocks last basis *For GALAXY S5 LTE in 32GB purchases without contract at Samsung Experience Stores, there will be additional free gifts – Accessory Pack (HDTV Adapter and Extra Battery Kit) worth $126 S View Cover worth $78

*This post is sponsored by Samsung

Fencing in Singapore – Absolute Fencing Trial (Sponsored)

Fencing singapore, Absolute Fencing, Foil
Foil, Absolute Fencing

I was invited by Zheng Gang for a trial at Absolute Fencing Singapore.  First i was introduced to the 3 types of weapon that is used in Fencing.

There is 3 different Sword for 3 different kind of playing rules to follow, it will be the Epee, Sabre and Foil.

Fencing singapore
Fencing singapore

Put on my gear and selected my weapon of the day (Foil) , its time to rock! Some basic footwork drill like

1. On guard.

2. Moving forward and backwards

3. Strike

4. Block and strike

Game on!

I Always wanted to have a sword fight when i was young but i never had a chance to do it. The First time i got my hands on Foil, i am hooked.

i was pretty worried and excited at first, as i always thought fencing is a very technical sports and it will be very hard to play and partly due to my slow reflexes as well.

However its really fun and easy to learn! The adrenaline rush that i got during the game feels fantastic, your mind is constantly moving, thinking when to attack or to dodge an attack from the opponent. Plan a fake and strike!

This could be one of the best way to Distress! Get a few of your friends or “friends” and i believe you will have lots of fun! Cant wait to go back for another session soon!

Kids Fencing, fencing for kids in Singapore
Kids Fencing



Absolute Fencing is the one of the pioneer fencing school in Singapore. Lead by top Fencer in Singapore, be it training for competition or for people who want to take up the sports for recreation purposes. You are definitely in good hands.

Absolute Fencing is located at 18 Boon Lay Way #01-127 18@TradeHub 21 you can get your direction here.


There will be 2 workshop starting soon this holiday! Do call them to sign up now!

epee jump start

absolute fencing, musketeers holiday, fencing singapore
musketeers holiday

Bring your family and friends down for a trial today! You can get them here!

Physio and Rehab – MuscleTrac Singapore!

So like the fingers of a sports therapist, I designed the Trac™ of the Muscletrac to get into the tissue, penetrating, segmentally stretching, finding and eliminating performance limiting problems like muscle tightness, soreness, trigger points, and adhesions. – See more at:
So like the fingers of a sports therapist, I designed the Trac™ of the Muscletrac to get into the tissue, penetrating, segmentally stretching, finding and eliminating performance limiting problems like muscle tightness, soreness, trigger points, and adhesions. – See more at:
So like the fingers of a sports therapist, I designed the Trac™ of the Muscletrac to get into the tissue, penetrating, segmentally stretching, finding and eliminating performance limiting problems like muscle tightness, soreness, trigger points, and adhesions. – See more at:
So like the fingers of a sports therapist, I designed the Trac™ of the Muscletrac to get into the tissue, penetrating, segmentally stretching, finding and eliminating performance limiting problems like muscle tightness, soreness, trigger points, and adhesions. – See more at:

A simple to use and effective roller to bring along! I bet you have seen this in many physio clinic or gyms that promotes rehabilitation. You can read more about the muscletrac roller here.

I have been actively doing trigger point release for the past 6 months and it has been working pretty well for me, i have been sharing how trigger point release helped me in my rehab of injuries. Most of the time i will be using a Lacrosse Ball or foam roller to release the fascial. Today was my first hands on experience with this roller, it is not the best thing to use if you are alone but it is the best if you got a partner with you. this requires you to hold on to both ends of the roller and by apply firm pressure and moving slowly thru your affected area will give you a intense and deep release! I would highly recommend to coaches or people with training partner to use this!

Some of the Benefits of rolling!

MuscleTrac Roller, Singapore
MuscleTrac Roller

1. Maximizes Performance – Maximizes your sports performance by release tight muscle and fascia to provide you with a bigger range of motion during activities. This can greatly improve your power out put during exercise as you will be able to recruit more muscle fiber during activity.

2. Accelerates Recovery and relieves soreness – Especially as workout, after rolling your fascia and tight muscle gets release which creates more blood flow and therefore better recovery!

How to use?

how to use muscletrac
how to use muscletrac

Hold Both end of the muscletrac roller and roll thru your trigger point firmly and slowly. Repeat for 10 to 12 times on targeted area to release the tension.

More information on trigger point release.

Selling this MuscleTrac Roller at only $79! Contact me at for more information!

So like the fingers of a sports therapist, I designed the Trac™ of the Muscletrac to get into the tissue, penetrating, segmentally stretching, finding and eliminating performance limiting problems like muscle tightness, soreness, trigger points, and adhesions. – See more at:

Samsung Gear 2 and Samsung GALAXY S5 LTE the Gear for Fitness Review!

Samsung s5 and gear 2
Samsung s5 and gear 2

Been using the Samsung GALAXY S5 LTE and Samsung Gear 2 for the past 1 week and the experience was magical. I never ever have to worry if my phone gets into the water, or if my Gear 2 gets splashed on when I am washing my hands. Both devices are water resistant and dust proof. The GALAXY S5 LTE, coupled with a water resistant earphone jack, can stay underwater at a depth of one meter for up to 30 minutes.

Battery low? I no longer have to worry when I run out of battery, even if it’s the last 10% of my battery life. With the Ultra Power Saving Mode, I can extend the battery life to up to 30 hours! The best part is that I can still receive call, smses and whatsapp messages! I can even check my Facebook if I want to!

So far the battery life for both Gear 2 and GALAXY S5 LTE have been great. With only a single charge, my GALAXY S5 LTE can last me for 1 whole day even with Bluetooth on at all times and is continuously syncing with my Gear 2! As for the Gear 2, it can last me for about 3 days. Both devices charge quickly – it only takes about an hour and I’m ready to go!

One of the main highlights of the Samsung GALAXY S5 LTE is the camera function that comes with Real Time HDR. [With its advanced Real Time HDR,the GALAXY S5 LTE is capable of reproducing natural light and colour with striking intensity in any circumstances]

Like below the picture on the right is with HDR on!

Samsung S5 Camera
Samsung S5 Camera

It is a bright and vivid 16 MP camera with lots of different smart modes such as Selective Focus, Beauty Face and Panorama Shot for you to use for different occasions. [The new Selective Focus feature allows users to focus on a specific area of an object while simultaneously blurring out the background. With this capability, consumers no longer need a special lens kit to create a shallow depth of field (DOF) effect.] With these capabilities, I no longer need to bring my camera out. I can just use my GALAXY S5 LTE to shoot anytime anywhere.

samsung galaxy s5 camera
samsung galaxy s5 camera

What do you do when you’re out with friends and they ask to see your phone? Perhaps you have some stuff you don’t wish to share. Of course, rejecting your friends don’t seem so nice. Why not have a secret folder where only you can access? The Samsung GALAXY S5 LTE features a new Private Mode function which allows you to hide things that you don’t wish for people to see. Now your privacy is all protected! [You can use your smsun the smart phone even if you friends try to force you to share your password.]

The Samsung Gear 2 comes with a 2 MP camera and 4 GB of internal memory. It’s light on the hand weighing only 68 grams, and I wear it to sleep all the time! The 4GB memory allows you to load your favorite music and listen on the go without bringing your phone out as it also functions as a standalone music player. The Gear 2 measures my heart rate and helps me to track my sleep and steps I walk. Being able to track my heart rate whenever I want is important as this helps me to gauge if I am training at my optimal level.

low light gear 2 camera
low light gear 2 camera

Both the GALAXY S5 LTE and the Gear 2 are fully customisable and user-friendly. Do check out my upcoming post where I will be talking about how the applications in these devices can help in keeping our lifestyle healthy!

*This post is sponsored by Samsung

NutriFirst exclusive in Singapore – Arnold Iron Pump Supplement Review

arnold iron pump
arnold iron pump

Nutrifirst exclusive distributor for Arnold Schwarzenegger Series products in Singapore! You can get them at

Arnold series Iron Pump fruit punch flavour review.

Iron pump is a preworkout supplement. What it basically do is to increase your focus during training and a better pump during your workout.

Taste superb, once open you can smell the sweet fruit punch flavor. Smells a little bit like bubble gum. No bad after taste.

I could feel the effect of iron pump kicks in about 15min after consuming 1 scoop of the iron pump. Its get me the feel to workout, so on my way to the gym i was actually brisk walking instead of my usual slow walk.

For people who hardly take caffeine do watch this as it is pretty strong.

People who is looking to get a better vascularity should give this a try, with Arginine Nitrate in it enhances the dilation of the blood vessel.

Arginine and nitrate both helps to increase our body Nitric Oxide production which will help in relaxing the blood vessel. So when more are able to flow to the area, the muscle gets a fuller pump.

Vibram losing lawsuit 2014, lets support vibram by not claiming!

About the recent vibram lawsuit that has been circulating in all social media, i am standing with vibram and i am not claiming for the product even if vibram lost the lawsuit as i benefited so much from this product.

Vibram was sued by a lady who used the shoes and got injured. Her case for sueing vibram is not that she got injured but she claims that vibram made false claims that the shoe could help reduced risk of foot injury and strengthened foot and leg muscles and therefore she made the purchase. Now she wish to claim back on her vibram. For full details click here.

Previously i did a review on Vibram, you can read here. However i didn’t state much about how barefoot running has benefited me and now i would like to make it up for that post.

I still remember the days when i was running my full marathon with a normal cushion shoes, i would always experience pain on my knees after the run, and i will have problem walking properly for the next few weeks. As i entered army as a PTI, my running increases and slowly i started feeling pain in my shin as well. Well you can say that i was over trained or what but here is my experience after using vibram (barefoot running)

The first run with my vibram, was a painful one(advise : start by walking, dont be a idiot and run like me). Normally i could run 10km easily but with vibram, i couldn’t even complete a 4km. I was getting intense ache from the bottom of my calf the next day after my first run. Now that is a weird area to ache which i never experience before!

So i when on to research and realize why is it good to run barefoot. As a human, it is only natural for us to get the most comfortable position or its our natural instinct to survive better by conserving energy used as well. When we have cushion shoes, our body automatically starts to adapt and rely on the cushion for support instead of using our very own muscle and joints for cushion. As time goes by, the muscle gets weaker as it is used less often (common theory for muscle if you dont use it you will lose it).

For the running stance with a cushion shoes. you will often land on your heels and the curve on the shoes will transfer your energy forward and you save energy on this. This movement shorten your range of movement for your calf, imagine doing a calf raise when you push from your heels (you cant). So this causes your calf to get less develop and muscular imbalance occur. Your Shin muscle start pulling as your rear calf muscle is weaker now and there shin splints.

Imagine yourself barefooted now, and you are out for a run. Landing on your heels will cause you immerse pain! So you got no choice but to change the running style, you start to adapt and land slightly to the fore of your foot, and you realize you are unable to run efficently tiptoeing so you change again and there you got the sweet spot! Around the mid of the foot! Now you got the running style, imagine doing a calf raise using the mid of your feet, a full calf activation! That is why i get a intense ache after running with vibram!

I will only touch on the calf part of the muscular imbalance here and there are many more benefit for going natural! But of course all these needs time to adapt! You are running or walking with cushion shoes for the past 20 years, it is only fair to give yourself at least 6months to adapt and see the benefit from barefoot running!

I would like to thank vibram for coming out with such a great product and i will continue to support you!


full marathon with vibram
full marathon with vibram

Nutrishred 2014 by NutriFirst Singapore Largest Online Supplement Store.

nutrishred 2014
nutrishred 2014, nutrifirst

NutriShred 2014 proudly organised by NutriFirst Singapore Largest Online Supplement Store.

After the success of NutriMan 2013 and NutriGirl 2014 this time NutriFirst will be organizing their first ever full transformation program.

They will be showing how proper diet and supplementation together with training can effective help one lose weight!

Supplementation will be provided by NutriFirst and Official trainer will be D’Fitness .

They will be training outdoor as well as showing up at some of the Safra Energy One gym in Singapore! So do watch for them and check out NutriFirst Facebook page for the latest update on their progress and what they are tdoing to effective SHRED.

Casting has officially ended! Now its time for them to SHRED do check out NutriFirst Facebook for their latest update!

Do you have to go thru so much just to get fit?

Engaging a Personal trainer, taking tons and tons of supplement everyday and watching your diet. Is all this necessary?

I am writing this post because i heard a lot from people how they are eating clean, spending tons of money on a personal trainer, taking this supplement and that supplement but some how they are still not getting the results they wanted.

Something is actually missing, we have been only looking at the physical points to get fit however is your mind ready for a fit body?

The state of mind is very important, its not about how much you train or how many supplement you take or what diet you are doing because :

1. Even if you have the best personal trainer in the world, without the right state of mind you won’t be pushing yourself pass your mental barrier, everyday will be “uhh i am too tired to workout today”,  “i think i am dieing, i can’t continue anymore”

2. regardless of what supplement you are taking, or even steroid. without handwork put in nothing is going to work. Muscle won’t grow just like this, they need hard training and proper nutrition!

3. Diet, most people often say, i am eating clean i am doing this doing that but why am i not seeing result and they quit the diet after 1 week or 2. You have been eating junk for the past 20 to 30 years, 1 week or 2 week of dieting is not gonna get you any where for sure!

Change your mind, your body will follow.

Seeing is achieving.

I don’t stop when i am tired, i stop when i am done.

Picture your victory and you already won half the battle ! Stay Focus, your body goes where your mind flows.

push harder, work it
push harder, work it

Your best friend for deadlift!

rock guard by rocktape singapore
rock guard by rocktape singapore

“Your Steak should be bloody, not your shin” – RockGuard

Your original rockguard to protect your shin when you are doing deadlift or rope climb during your workout. You can set your mind at ease when training, no matter how hard you rub against your rockguard you will be protected.

Especially during intense game or training you dont want to get affected because your shin hurts.

People who deadlift often uses high socks to protect their shin finds that their socks actually wear off pretty quickly. After using rockguard for 3 months it is still as good as new!

Easy to put on and no slipping!

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How you can reduce your chances of Injuires!

Injury is something that nobody wants and are afraid of regardless if the person is a professional athlete or a working adult.

According to statistics, out of the 1.35 million youths that gets injured a year, more than 1/3 is due to strains or sprain! (Related article here. )

7 most common sports injury according to webmd.

  1. Ankle sprain
  2. Groin pull
  3. Hamstring strain
  4. Shin splints
  5. Knee injury: ACL tear
  6.  Knee injury: Patellofemoral syndrome — injury resulting from the repetitive movement of your kneecap against your thigh bone
  7. Tennis elbow (epicondylitis)

Some of these injuries is caused by accident, however most of it is caused by muscular imbalanced. Muscle imbalanced is trigger point pulling its surrounding muscle which causes other part of the muscle group to be tight. The pulling spot is known as a trigger point, every one will have trigger point. Trigger point is form after muscle contract and a small area that is not able to relax back into the original state, causing a restriction in blood flow. Trigger point not treated after a long period of time get tighter and starts to affect the surrounding muscle group to be pulled.

There are a 2 ways to treat this, first you can go for a sports massage which will cost you average $90 to $150 an hour to get a deep tissue massage to release the trigger spot or you can LEARN how to perform a self myofascial release by attending the workshop conducted at Iron Fitness Singapore.

Some information about the Coach.

Rehab and Trigger Point Trainer

His knowledge and experience goes beyond physical training as he is a certified rehab trainer, allowing you to put your mind at ease as you’re always in good hands. The key to achieving fitness success fast lies in a coach who can take you there and is prepared for any situation.

Training is tough and while the results can be rewarding, it is also common that professional athletes suffer from injuries. Having a coach who understands your limits and able to execute recovery procedures is a definite must. And with his strong experience in trigger points, you can train and go all out without fear of injuries.

List of Certifications

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • CrossFit Level 2 Coaches Prep Course
  • CrossFit Judges Course
  • Australian Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Mix Martial Art Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Singapore Sports Council NCAP Coach
  • Singapore Sports Council NCAP Olympic Lift Coach
  • Rehab Trainer Course accredited by Australian Physiotherapy Association, ACE & Fitness Australian
  • Master Rehab Trainer Course accredited by Australian Physiotherapy Association, ACE & Fitness Australian
  • Trigger Point Performance Ultimate 6 Trainer
  • Human Principles Introductory Sports Taping
  • Human Principles Advanced Sports Taping
  • Krav Maga Military / Law Enforcement Intensive Training Level 1
  • SAA IAAF CECS Level 1 Youth Coach Course
  • IAAF CECS Level 1 Youth Coach Course
  • Singapore Sports Council Basic Exercise Course
  • Singapore Sports Council Fitness Instructor Course
  • Singapore Sports Council Certified Personal Trainer Course
  • Singapore Sports Council Strength and Conditioning Course (Basic Level)
  • Singapore Sports Council Basic Sports Massage Course
  • Sport Nutrition ACE Approved Course
  • Singapore National Climbing Standards Sport Climbing Certification Level 1 s/no 128353
  • Singapore National Climbing Standards Sport Climbing Certification Level 2 s/no 204533
  • ViPR Trainer Course
  • ACE Fitness Kettlebell Training Course
  • Fitness Anywhere – Certified TRX Suspension Trainer

All information gotten from do visit them for more information.

Up Coming Workshop!

iron fitness singapore trigger point workshop
iron fitness singapore trigger point workshop

Date :  31 May 2014 (Saturday)

Time : 830am to 1030am (2hours)

Location : 783 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198751

Attire : gym attire (singlet and shorts is fine)

What you will learn :

During the workshop you will learn and apply the proper technique to release trigger point (hands on, its gonna be painful). Learn about how some common injuries occur and how to treat it (shin splints, tennis elbow, etc). Learn what causes you to feel pain. Best if you have any pain or problem in mobility, write it down! Coach will have a answer for you on the day of the workshop!

What you will receive :

1. Iron Fitness Singapore Tshirt *1

2. Iron Fitness Singapore Trial * 1

3. Guide to trigger point (workshop notes)

4. Trigger ball

5. Full 2 hours session to understand how to release trigger point correctly.

Workshop Registration

The workshop will cost $120 but for reader you will only need to pay $100 for the workshop! Do email me at if you are interested. Limited slot only (6pax per class)

Send in your application now to!



How to get rid of bloated tummy

A lot of people faced the problem of a bloated tummy. These are some of the things i do to reduce my bloated tummy.

1. Drink lots of water! Every day i drink at least 4 litres of water to prevent water retention! Water retention occurs when your body doesn’t have enough water and your body starts panicking therefore it holds water.

2. Reduce your salt intake, increase in salt intake causes your body to store more water!

3. Reduce your grains intake! Some people might not be able to digest grains that well and therefore it causes a lot of stomach upset and bloating.

4. Reduce your milk(yes it includes protein shake) intake! Everyone is lactose intolerant to a certain extend, or during your early stages of life you might not have lactose intolerant but there is a chance you will get it in the later stages.

* you can consider taking whey isolate is regular protein causes you to bloat!

5. Reduce Processed food normally contains high amount of artificial flavoring and coloring together with MSG.