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Daily Read 5: How To Get What You Really Want? Part 1

Its Monday and i am excited to start my week! Are you excited or feeling sleepy at your office now? Don’t worry today 10 min Read is going to spike you up!

Many of us have been living our life, chasing a dream or goal that in the end might not be what we are looking for. Like Elvis Presley who is such a successful superstar and being loved by million of people who actually killed himself. According to Elvis’s half brother David Stanley, Elvis much preferred being drugged and numb to being conscious and miserable. There many other successful people like Elvis who ended their own life. They have all the money they wanted, they are loved by millions of people, why would they do that?

  1. They didn’t know what they really wanted out of life, so they distracted themself with artificial mood alterants (Drugs, Alcohol, Smoking)
  2. They developed not just neurological pathways, but expressways to pain. And these habits were driving them down these highways on a regular basis. The pain they are having is far more than the love and money they are getting.
  3. They didn’t know how t make themselves feel good, so they had to turn to outside forces to help them deal with the present.
  4. They never learn how to control their pain and pleasure and often let the surrounding control how they should be feeling.

So it comes to our important question What Do You Want?
What do you truly want in your life? Do you want a loving marriage, the respect of your children? Do you want plenty of money, fast cars, a thriving business? Whatever you desire or crave for you need to ask yourself “Why do i want these things?” You want fine cars, for example is because you desire the feeling that you are successful? What it all comes down to is the fact that you want these things or results because you see them as a means to achieving certain feelings, emotions, or states that you desire.

When some on kisses you do you feel good in that moment? Is it wet tissue touching wet tissue that triggers that feeling? If you think yes, then kissing a dog will get you excited. All of our emotions are nothing but a flurry of biochemical storms in our brains and we can spark them at any moment. But first we must learn how to take control of them consciously instead of living in reaction! 

Have you ever found yourself unable to remember your friends name? Or find it difficult to spell a simple word like .. house? How come you are unable to do it? You knew the answer for sure, its because you are in a stupid state. The difference between acting badly or brilliantly is not based on your ability, but on the state of your mind and/or body in any given moment. Your behaviour is not the result of your ability, but of the state that you’re in at this moment.

All the sensations that you want are available all of the time, and all you got to do is to tune to the right channel. How can we do that?

Physiology : The Power Of Movement
Emotion is created by motion or E-Motion = Energy in motion. Everything that we feel is as a result of how our body move. Try something ridiculous with me for a second. Pretend you are in a rather bored and humorless symphony conductor rhythmically swinging your arms in and out. Do it very slowly. Don’t get too excited; just do it as a matter of routine and make sure your face reflects a state of boredom. Notice how that feel and Now Clap your hands and give a big silly grin on your face, notice how fast your state changes in seconds. Every emotion you feel has a specific physiology linked to it.

Anyone can continue to feel good if they are already feeling good, the real key is to make yourself feel good when you don’t feel like it. We all have the capacity to make changes anytime. Just by changing our physiology, we can change our level of performance. Our capability is always there and what we have got to do is put ourselves into states where it is accessible.

A old person is old because he think he is old and move like he is old. Lack of movement is death! If you see children in the rain and they saw a puddle of water what do you think they will do? They are going to jump in! They are going to laugh and have fun. Now when we grow up what do we do? We walk around it, we complain. Make feeling good your expectations, you don’t need to have any reason to feel good, you are alive, you can feel good for no reason at all!

Hope this short 10min inspired you! Part 2 will be coming tomorrow, i am excited for tomorrow topic. Its on focus. Where focus goes energy flows. I strongly encourage anyone and everyone to get a copy of Tony’s book Awaken the giant within it changes my life. You can get it through my link below! I will get a few cents from it but you will get a life time of knowledge.

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