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Daily Read 7 : Questions Are The Answer

Morning human, half way thru the week are you still feeling energise and focus? Or are you dragging yourself out of bed today and asking why do i have to go to work? What will the traffic be like to? Why do i have to wake up so early? Today’s chapter will be on Questions! We ask ourself hundreds of question everyday, asking the right question can get you fired up or burn you to death. So what should we ask ourself?

“He who asks questions cannot avoid the answers.” – Cameroon Proverb

Being in the Nazi’s concentration camp was hell, nobody thought they could ever escape this place. Except one man who asked himself this question “How can we escape this horrible place?” and all the reply he got was “Don’t be a fool” “there is no escape” but this man held on this his belief and he couldn’t accept what the others was saying. He kept asking himself over and over again, “How can i do it?” There must be a way. How can i get out of here healthy, alive, today?”

Ask and you shall received, and this day he got a idea. Few feet away from his work place was a pile of decaying dead people, who had been gassed. Men, Woman and children who had been tortured, strip off everything they had were thrown there. Instead of asking question like “how could the nazis be so cruel?” Instead he asked “How can i use this to escape?” As the end of the day neared and the work party headed back into the barracks, he decided to sneak behind the truck, strip off all his clothes and when no one is looking he dove into the pile of dead body and pretended he was dead. Waiting for the truck to move off. He waited and waited and finally he heard the sound of the engine starting. He got dump in a open grave outside the camp, waited for a few hours till he is sure that he is safe. He ran naked 25miles to freedom. This man was Stanislavsky Lech.

What is the difference between Stanislavsky Lech and the rest? The main difference was, he asked a different question. We have all learned in this book that belief shapes our decision, our actions, the directions of our life and therefore our ultimate destiny. But all these influences is a product of our thinking. “So how do we think?”

Thinking itself is nothing but the process of asking and answering questions. How to get fitter? How to earn more money? Why do i have to go to work? These questions direct our focus, and therefore how we think and feel. So if we want to change the quality of our life, we should change our habitual questions.

Ask and you shall received. Ask a terrible question and you will get a terrible answer. Many of us failed to commit to a relationship simply because we keep asking questions that create doubt. Questions like, what if there’s somebody better out there? What if i commit myself now and miss out? This fuel the thought of grass is always greener on the other side, and it keeps us from being able to enjoy what we already have in our life. Sometimes we destroy our own relationship by asking question like “why do you always do this to me?” why don’t you appreciate me?” “what if i were to leave right now-how would that make you feel?” compare with “how did i get so lucky to have you in my life?” “What do i love the most about my wife/husband?” “How much richer will our life be as a result of our relationship?”

Asking empowering question at the right time is the key. Ever in a situation where you are in a big problem and you started asking yourself negative question? Like how can he do this to me? How can my business partner just leave me?” What if you can ask yourself empowering question instead?

Tony shared with us his problem, and how these question help solved his problem. He was out on the road for 100 days out of 120 days. He came back and there were tons of post it and calls to follow up from his family, important friends and associates. He asked himself some very disempowering questions just like many of us. He said, How come i have no time? Why don’t they leave me alone? Don’t they understand that i am not a machine? Why don’t i ever get a break? As you can tell what kind of emotional state can this bring. So he created this 5 question.

So what is great about this problem? he asked, “Absolutely nothing!” He then thought about what happen 8 years ago, where he will be willing to give anything to get 20 business associates and friends to visit or call him. That broke his pattern and he laugh and began to feel grateful that there were so many people who he respect and love who wanted to spend time with him.

What is not perfect yet? Give him new answer on how he can perfect things now!

What am i willing to do to make it the way i want it? He is willing to organise his life and his schedule so it will be more balance. Take control and say NO to certain things. He also realise he needed to hire a new CEO for one of his company to free himself up.

What am i willing to no longer do in order to make it the way i want it? He could no longer whine and complain how unfair it all was or feel abused when people were really trying to support him.

How can i enjoy the process while do what is necessary to make it the way i want it? So he asked how can he enjoy himself while making the 100 calls. He then remembered his jacuzzi at his backyard and got changed to his swimwear, set up his laptop and phone and began calling. He all the while has this jacuzzi at his backyard, however he was asking himself disempowering question and he forgotten about the resources he has.

So take control of your life and start asking empowering question. Go out there and get a happier life. Lets go! This book is a must read, if you love what you read here you can get it at amazon and let me earn some affiliate fee! : >


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