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How i stay lean year round.

singapore fitness blogger
singapore fitness blogger

I got this question often from people, especially with people close to me. ” how can you eat so much but still stay so lean ” There is a few rules that i always follow for me to maintain my body.

  1. Do high intensity workout 2 to 3 times every week. if I workout on my own, I will include a lot of superset and giant set. If not I will attend iron fitness Singapore Wednesday or Saturday metabolic conditioning class.
  2. Watch the sugar in your drinks. Always try to go for zero sugar drink. Say no to Canned drinks, coke, green tea and yes fruit juice can add up a lot of sugar to your diet.
  3. if you know you are going to have a big meal that night, try skipping your breakfast and lunch if need to.
  4. Cut away processed food. Processed food is not recognized by your body, so it doesn’t get broken down properly. So it causes your body to be stress, stress causes a spike in cortisol. Processed food need less energy to break down, so if you want your body to burn more calories, consume natural unprocessed food.
  5. Sleep earlier. Not enough sleep can cause cortisol to rise and causes your body to store fat as well.
  6. Get your carbs from vegetables and fruits instead of rice and noodle.
  7. If possible always go for no sauce. Sauces contains a huge amount of sugar and sodium. Especially those gravy. Watch out for those.
  8. Take your fish oil. Fish oil helps with anti inflammation and recover you faster. This will help to keep your body in balance and less stress.
  9. Do fasted workout (empty stomach) take it slow in the beginning until your body get used to it.
  10. Train your bigger muscle if you don’t have time, legs, back, chest are your big muscle group. Train them well and see your metabolism rise.


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