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Training with harun brunei legend at fitness first paragon


Shoulder and bicep day with harun from brunei. He who is a mega gym, supplement and food chain owner in brunei, trains champion in brunei! Every year he will send a group of people to compete all over the world! Like the recent Shawn roden classic and the up coming Ronnie Coleman classic which I will be going to have a look!

So impress with his stamina and strength for a person at his age , no wonder he gain so much respect in brunei! While we are training everyone in the gym just wanna have a look at him.

Today we did a front shoulder and bicep workout. Yes! He split the shoulders up we only did front shoulder!! He said this is how they do it in brunei, 2 training session everyday!

Repetition is just a number, we do to failure and we train hard core. That is the mindset of champion. If your mind is weak, don’t train with me. So we go 10 reps 20 reps and harun say 10 more! So I kept pushing on. This is real, this is hard core. Muscle was so pumped at the end of every set. Veins popping everywhere. Harun don’t go thru the full range of motion but he keeps the tension there. Going back and fore tearing every single muscle fiber and going to failure. This is the old school way of training.

He also advice me on doing sprinting as cardio, sweating out after every session will be healthy for you!

So keep in mind people. Go hard or go home! your mind shape your body, nothing else can help you. Train hard, eat good, sleep well that is all that matters.

Some posing practice.




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