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10 supplement you can take to perform better during training.

Hi fitfam, these are the 10 supplement that i find really useful and help me during my training! But of course, training and dieting will still be the foundation of getting a good body. If your training and diet sucked, no matter how much supplement it is not gonna help much. Wanna know what training i do read this. My Diet can check it out here!

musclepharm supplement core series
musclepharm supplement core series

1. Caffeinated drinks Pre Workout Supplement! Caffeine rises your cortisol level and it increases your adrenaline, in this way you will be able to recruit more muscle fiber during workout, therefore able to lift heavier!

2. Branch chain amino acid. By taking this 15 min before and during training can help to improve recovery during training. BCAA is the only anti-catabolic and anabolic amino acid available, by taking it during training not only helps to improves recovery and prevent muscle from breaking down, it is also shown that after training people who takes BCAA recover faster. 15 to 20grams per training is recommended.

3. Creatine taken daily can help to increase strength and explosive power during training. It helps to replenish the ATP inside the body during your training. You will probably be able to lift more reps on the same weight after 1 week of creatine. No cycling is required for creatine, recommended 5 grams a day.

4. L-Carnitine is a fat transporter. It helps to transport more fats into mitochondria where most of the energy is produced. Especially Acetyl-Lcarnitine it can pass thru the blood brain barrier and this will help increase your focus during training as well. 1 to 2 grams is recommended.

5. Arginine helps to dilate the blood vessel so more blood can flow thru. This helps to transport more nutrient during training and it also gives you a better pumped. Commonly found in preworkout supplement, recommended about 2 to 3gram per serving.

6. Glutamine helps with anti inflammation. By taking it before and after training it helps to prevent muscle from breaking down and recover better during sets. 5 to 10grams is recommended

7. Fast acting carbohydrate (waxy maize) immediately after training can help increase spike your insulin level, boost your testosterone and reduces your cortisol level in the body and therefore making your body very anabolic after training.

8. Beta-alanine help to increase the endurance during training. It gives most people a tingling sensation on the skin! This is mostly found in your pre workout supplement but if you want you can purchase it separately as well!

9. Vitamin C taken every day, especially after workout can help to reduce your cortisol level. This aids in better recovery and boost of your immune system! I take about 2 gram a day!

10. Fish Oil, taken daily helps with anti inflammation, depending on individual the fatter you are the more fish oil your body is able to take. For me i take about 3 to 5grams of fish oil a day.

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