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Do you have to go thru so much just to get fit?

Engaging a Personal trainer, taking tons and tons of supplement everyday and watching your diet. Is all this necessary?

I am writing this post because i heard a lot from people how they are eating clean, spending tons of money on a personal trainer, taking this supplement and that supplement but some how they are still not getting the results they wanted.

Something is actually missing, we have been only looking at the physical points to get fit however is your mind ready for a fit body?

The state of mind is very important, its not about how much you train or how many supplement you take or what diet you are doing because :

1. Even if you have the best personal trainer in the world, without the right state of mind you won’t be pushing yourself pass your mental barrier, everyday will be “uhh i am too tired to workout today”, ¬†“i think i am dieing, i can’t continue anymore”

2. regardless of what supplement you are taking, or even steroid. without handwork put in nothing is going to work. Muscle won’t grow just like this, they need hard training and proper nutrition!

3. Diet, most people often say, i am eating clean i am doing this doing that but why am i not seeing result and they quit the diet after 1 week or 2. You have been eating junk for the past 20 to 30 years, 1 week or 2 week of dieting is not gonna get you any where for sure!

Change your mind, your body will follow.

Seeing is achieving.

I don’t stop when i am tired, i stop when i am done.

Picture your victory and you already won half the battle ! Stay Focus, your body goes where your mind flows.

push harder, work it
push harder, work it

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