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Daily Read 1 : Belief Systems, The Power To Create Or Destroy

Hi Guys, i will be doing a summary of my daily reading, hope this 10 minutes a day summary can inspire you and make you stronger. Of course for myself, I can absorb and learn more as i blog and put my thoughts down.

Today i am on chapter 4 of Anthony Robbins Awaken The Gian Within and this chapter title : Belief System : The Power To Create And The Power To Destroy. “Under all that we think, lives all we believe, like the ultimate veil of our spirits.” – Antonio Machado

This chapter started out with the story of 2 brothers, one who is a alcoholic and drug addict who was jailed for attempting to murder someone and the other brother who has a happy family with 3 kids, works as a regional manager and doesn’t do drugs or alcohol. Both were interviewed and asked what makes them who they are today and both replied “What else could i have become with a father like that”

This really got me thinking why 2 person of the same father could have such a different outcome. So in the book it explain Its not the event in our life that shapes us, but our beliefs as to what those events mean. Many more stories in the book that explains how different belief to certain events shape us differently, there is another one on two 70 years old lady, one belief that she is about to die because she is 70 and her body is breaking down and the other 70 year old lady belief what a person is capable of depends on her belief and she decided to go mountain climbing and toughen up her skills. In her 90s Hulda Crooks become the oldest woman who ascent from Mount Fuji.

Most of our belief are generalizations about our past, based on our interpretations of painful and pleasure experiences.

  1. Most of us do not consciously decide what we are going to believe.
  2. Often our believe are based on misinterpretation of our past experience.
  3. Once we adopt a believe, we forgot its merely a interpretation.

We are often being controlled by Giant Generalizations that we are unaware of and it normally starts with these 3 :
Life is … hard or learning journey
I am … not smart enough to start a business or able to learn and grow my business
People are… evil or all nice and helpful.

Once we accepted, the belief becomes unquestioned command to our nervous system. We often limit ourself by the belief that we have. A person who have not succeeded in the past, wont be able to believe they will succeed in the future.

Why the Optimist will succeed and the pessimists fail. We always have this friend who is damn accurate about whatever he says, be it weight lifting or in life. He will be saying to himself 100kg is the max he can lift and all his life 100kg will be what he gets and he is right. However why a optimist will succeed is because a optimist are those friends who you think they are stupid, thinking of lifting 200kg and he just keeps trying don’t know what failure is and one day he get his 200kg lift.

As you can see our Belief shapes our life and our future. Many of us are just unaware of these belief and we let it control our life. Then on our death bed, we regret all the things we have not done. I will end of with this 7 questions for you. Think of a belief you have for example, I am not smart enough to start a business, I am too poor to start, I believe that love will not last and man are will cheat on me.

  1. How is this belief ridiculous or absurd?
  2. Was the person I learn this belief from worth modeling in this area?
  3. What will this belief cost me emotionally if i don’t let go of this belief now?
  4. What will this belief cost me in my relationship if i don’t let go of this belief now?
  5. What will this belief cost me physically if i don’t let go of this belief now?
  6. What will this belief cost me financially if i don’t let go of this belief now?
  7. What will it cost my Family/Loved ones if i don’t let go of this belief now?


I will be posting a chapter summary everyday of course I highly recommend you get the book via my link below.

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