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Numbers don’t lie. We maximise your performance potential in your field using measurable scientific methods that help justify your performance progress every step of the way, tweaking your programme based on your results, to maximise your performance potential in your field.

Our programmes are designed based on a decade of experience by our Lead Psychologist, Emily Ortega. Emily is a renowned Sports, and Performance Psychologist that have provided her expertise in major international sporting events (e.g. 2012 London Olympic Games, 2011 SEA Games, 2010 Asian Games) and in over 20 National Teams.

Our peak sport performance programmes are specially designed to help sports athletes achieve consistent peak performance in training and competitions.

Elite sport parallels today’s competitive corporate world. Just as elite athletes train for success, our corporate peak performance programmes focuses on helping your organisation and you build high performing teams to achieve their goals.

Our mental skills training programmes allow you to be adaptable in all situations and to effectively manage the different demands in your everyday life; as the skills you learn are transferable to all performance domains.

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We spend one-third of our lives sleeping, yet most
of us do not maximise the full benefits of sleeping.

In this workshop, participants will learn exclusive content
based on the latest research on sleep.

You will also be introduced to technology tools such as activity
trackers that can help us to improve our quality of sleep.

Learning Points:

  • Recharge yourself while you sleep
  • Being control of your sleep and learn how sleep & wake cycles affect you
  • Use practical strategies to get good sleep

It will be a casual sit-down event with
tasty pastries and beverages served; enriching both your mind and body.


Date: 25th Oct
Time: 3pm – 5pm
3 Stadium Walk #01-08
S397692 (Near Stadium MRT)

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