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How to not get cheated by Supplement facts and Fancy Supplement Label!

1. Serving size is important. Promising for example 60grams of protein serving doesnt mean the product is better, it just means that the scoop size is bigger or extra serving is need. To get a fair comparison do see the recommended amount of powder recommended per serving.

2. Claims of BCAA and Glutamine can be misleading, by this is refer to some packaging showing bcaa and glutamine content. This normally means that in the 24 grams of protein when broke down will provide you with 5gram of bcaa. If you check the scoop size, how can a 30gram scoop contain 24grams of protein plus 5.5g of bcaa plus 4gram of glutamine.

3. One rule to remember, your ingredient list is in the order from highest content to lowest content. (whey concentrate, whey isolate ….) means it contains more whey concentrate than isolate.

4. Cheap supplement are they really the same? Good things dont come cheap. If the supplement facts is the same, check the source of the product, if the source is alright check the ingredient.

5. Know what you are taking and not follow blindly by fancy product name. There are a few in the market don’t want to name them but do watch it, some are just very normal product.


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