10 Things you should know before buying a protein shake

10 Things that you should know before purchasing a protein shake, i came up with this post because i often get asked by people question about protein powder. So here we go here is my 10 things!

1. Protein shake is just like your food they are derived from milk, beef, egg depending on the brand you choose. So it is not some magical thing that you take and will make you grow big suddenly.

2. You can consume your protein shake anytime of the day. Its just like your food, if you find that your current meal for example, breakfast doesn’t have enough protein to feed your body you can supplement it with some shakes.

3. Some of the more preferred timing to consume your protein will be in the morning once you wake ( when your body is hungry for nutrients) 1 hour before training (helps to prevent muscle from breaking down), post training (helps to recover your muscle), before you sleep (so you won’t go hungry during sleep) and lastly anytime when you feel that you need additional protein.

4. On average if you are training 3 to 4 times a week, you should try to consume about 1g of protein per pound of body weight for optimum recovery. Example if i weigh 73kg i will need 73 * 2.2 (convert to pound) = 160grams of protein a day.

5. If you are lactose intolerance, meaning after taking milk protein you have bloating, diarrhea or vomiting, that particular protein may not be suitable for you, go for pure isolated protein, egg protein, soy protein or beef protein.

6. Isolated protein is the cleanest protein of all, then comes your concentrate protein. Isolated protein when thru another process of filtering so it contains almost zero lactose, fats and carbohydrate. So people who is lactose intolerant or dieting for competition this protein is the choice for you.

7. Hydrolyzed protein simply means that the protein powder when thru another process of refining and the powder is finer and easier to absorb.

8. Time taken for protein powder to be digested. (whey isolate about 1hour, whey concentrate 1 to 2hours, egg protein 4 to 6hours and casein protein 6 to 8 hours)

9. Whey isolate and concentrate is best take post training because it digest fast and casein protein is best taken before sleep or in the morning because it keeps you full.

10. It doesn’t matter which brand of protein you consume, protein is still protein if the content is the same. To the end it really depends on which brand you feel comfortable with and if it taste good so you look forward to consuming your protein powder.

New stack to get lean and shredded.

Been training for a few years now but i have yet to get to the standard of those shredded fitness model. I always thought that training was the most important part to getting shredded, until now. Supplementing and dieting has help me a lot in my physique these few months.

shredded, 6 pax, abs, heechai, lean

But my physique is still far from what i want to achieved.

I have been wanting to get as shredded as f**** like some fitness model I have been following. To just name a few they are lazar angelov, rob riches and Greg plitt.

Greg Plitt, heechai.com
Greg Plitt
lazar angelov, heechai.com
lazar angelov
zyzz, heechai.com
Rob Riches, heechai.com
Rob Riches

To achieve that first I need to try to be as close to what they are taking or eating as possible. So I have decided to take this stack as our NutriMan contestant are getting so shredded with this stack.

Other than bcaa, glutamine, multi vitamins, fish oil, vitamin e, ALA and beta alanine ( i will talk about these supplements in another post )and now I got myself a fat burner – musclepharm – shred matrix, a Pre training musclepharm assault and a protein shake – musclepharm combat powder for recovery.

This will be what I am gonna take for this month to get shredded and to build more lean muscle as well.

combat, assault, shred matrix
Combat, Assault, Shred matrix


Morning before breakfast 6am
1 serving of shred matrix
1 serving combat powder

Before lunch 1pm
1 serving shred matrix

Pre training 530pm/ no training no assault needed.
1 serving assault

Post training 730pm/ no training combat 1 serving can be taken before bed.
1 serving combat powder

Nutrifirst is currently having a event now, it’s called NutriMan by NutriFirst, and all the contestant are getting shredded with this stack. Can’t wait to get shredded with this stack too and there is a promotion price as well.

Get it here!