10 supplement you can take to perform better during training.

Hi fitfam, these are the 10 supplement that i find really useful and help me during my training! But of course, training and dieting will still be the foundation of getting a good body. If your training and diet sucked, no matter how much supplement it is not gonna help much. Wanna know what training i do read this. My Diet can check it out here!

musclepharm supplement core series
musclepharm supplement core series

1. Caffeinated drinks Pre Workout Supplement! Caffeine rises your cortisol level and it increases your adrenaline, in this way you will be able to recruit more muscle fiber during workout, therefore able to lift heavier!

2. Branch chain amino acid. By taking this 15 min before and during training can help to improve recovery during training. BCAA is the only anti-catabolic and anabolic amino acid available, by taking it during training not only helps to improves recovery and prevent muscle from breaking down, it is also shown that after training people who takes BCAA recover faster. 15 to 20grams per training is recommended.

3. Creatine taken daily can help to increase strength and explosive power during training. It helps to replenish the ATP inside the body during your training. You will probably be able to lift more reps on the same weight after 1 week of creatine. No cycling is required for creatine, recommended 5 grams a day.

4. L-Carnitine is a fat transporter. It helps to transport more fats into mitochondria where most of the energy is produced. Especially Acetyl-Lcarnitine it can pass thru the blood brain barrier and this will help increase your focus during training as well. 1 to 2 grams is recommended.

5. Arginine helps to dilate the blood vessel so more blood can flow thru. This helps to transport more nutrient during training and it also gives you a better pumped. Commonly found in preworkout supplement, recommended about 2 to 3gram per serving.

6. Glutamine helps with anti inflammation. By taking it before and after training it helps to prevent muscle from breaking down and recover better during sets. 5 to 10grams is recommended

7. Fast acting carbohydrate (waxy maize) immediately after training can help increase spike your insulin level, boost your testosterone and reduces your cortisol level in the body and therefore making your body very anabolic after training.

8. Beta-alanine help to increase the endurance during training. It gives most people a tingling sensation on the skin! This is mostly found in your pre workout supplement but if you want you can purchase it separately as well!

9. Vitamin C taken every day, especially after workout can help to reduce your cortisol level. This aids in better recovery and boost of your immune system! I take about 2 gram a day!

10. Fish Oil, taken daily helps with anti inflammation, depending on individual the fatter you are the more fish oil your body is able to take. For me i take about 3 to 5grams of fish oil a day.

NutriFirst exclusive in Singapore – Arnold Iron Pump Supplement Review

arnold iron pump
arnold iron pump

Nutrifirst exclusive distributor for Arnold Schwarzenegger Series products in Singapore! You can get them at  www.nutrifirst.net

Arnold series Iron Pump fruit punch flavour review.

Iron pump is a preworkout supplement. What it basically do is to increase your focus during training and a better pump during your workout.

Taste superb, once open you can smell the sweet fruit punch flavor. Smells a little bit like bubble gum. No bad after taste.

I could feel the effect of iron pump kicks in about 15min after consuming 1 scoop of the iron pump. Its get me the feel to workout, so on my way to the gym i was actually brisk walking instead of my usual slow walk.

For people who hardly take caffeine do watch this as it is pretty strong.

People who is looking to get a better vascularity should give this a try, with Arginine Nitrate in it enhances the dilation of the blood vessel.

Arginine and nitrate both helps to increase our body Nitric Oxide production which will help in relaxing the blood vessel. So when more are able to flow to the area, the muscle gets a fuller pump.

Protein Shake dont give you lean muscle gain.

Alright this post is dedicated to people who just started their journey on building the aesthetic physique or wants a healthier lifestyle and have no idea how to use protein to make some gainz..

1, Protein can be taken anytime of the day. It just like your food. Don’t be bother too much on the timing.

2, Taking protein shake during workout doesn’t help much in recovering your muscle. Protein takes at least 1 to 2 hours to digest into amino acid, if you want something to aid in recovery during training have Branched Chain Amino Acid (BCAA) drinks instead.

3. Protein powder is not a meal replacement. Vitamins and minerals has been filtered out in the process of producing whey. So you still need to consume your real food and not survive on purely powder alone.

4. Your muscle won’t shrink just because you forget to consume your protein shake after training. Keep Calm and find some food.

losing his gains meme
losing his gains meme

5. Lastly looking at the label when product A say 60gram protein per serving and product B say 24gram per serving. It doesnt mean that product A is better it just means that the scoop size/no. of scoop require is bigger/more. If you consume the same amount of powder as product A you probably will get a similar amount of protein per serving.

optimum nutrition pro complex supplement facts
optimum nutrition pro complex supplement facts

Train hard train smart. Leave a comment below if you have any question and i will try my best to answer you.

10 things you should know before buying a fat burner

  1. Fat burner won’t get you the cover model 4% body fat. Yes it don’t! Those low body fat percentage comes from special dieting and manipulation of hormone.
  2. The main goal of the fat burner is to increase the metabolism of your body.
  3. Most fat burner increase metabolism by rising of the heart rate by using caffeine, green tea extract.
  4. Heart rate increase makes the body work harder and in return more calories is burn.
  5. For a fat burner to work the amount of calories consume must be less than Calories burn (Fat burner + Resting Metabolic Rate (without doing anything + workout )
  6. There is no spot reduction. You will burn fat over all and not only on tummy alone.
  7. Avoid using fat burner for more than 2 month straight because our body adapt and the fat burner will get less effective after.
  8. Avoid taking fat burner at night as it will affect your sleep (caffeine)
  9. Fat burner can be taken before training as a pre workout as caffeine provide you with energy.
  10. Without proper dieting and nutrition, fat burner will have minimum effect.

How a fat burner works.

fat burning
there is easier way to burn fats

This post is delegated to people who says that a fat burner is not working for them. I do get asked pretty often in NutriFirst saying that this particular fat burner is not working or not effective can you recommend me something stronger.

My first question to them normally will be how do you define “effective”. I believe a lot of people have the misconception that a fat burner burns fat directly and if you take a bottle of fat burner you will be able to lose a lot of weight without doing anything to your workout or diet. So what exactly can a fat burner do for you and how to use a fat burner?

A fat burner does work, it increases your metabolism rate normally by the use of caffeine and green tea extract. What this does is it activates your fight or flight mode in the body, which increases your heartrate therefore creating extra work for your body. People will experience things like sweating and increase in heart rate. Fat burner also provide you with more energy and focus, so you can workout harder for your training.

How to burn your fats? Fats is burn when you consume less calories than what you burn. So if you consume a fat burner but you increase the amount of food consume, there wont be any effect for the fat burner. So to be effective in losing fat, you can use your fat burner to kick start your workout by giving you more energy during training so you burn more calories and of course have a proper diet plan.

For ladies trying to lose weight aim for at least 1300 calories and for guy at least a 1600 calories a day. Plus Minus for every individual, as everyone is different. However this will be a rough guide for maintenance. Any lower will cause you to lose too much muscle mass and causes your body to go out of function as it doesnt have enough energy.

For any question you wish me to talk about email me at heechaiong@gmail.com

10 Things you should know before buying a protein shake

10 Things that you should know before purchasing a protein shake, i came up with this post because i often get asked by people question about protein powder. So here we go here is my 10 things!

1. Protein shake is just like your food they are derived from milk, beef, egg depending on the brand you choose. So it is not some magical thing that you take and will make you grow big suddenly.

2. You can consume your protein shake anytime of the day. Its just like your food, if you find that your current meal for example, breakfast doesn’t have enough protein to feed your body you can supplement it with some shakes.

3. Some of the more preferred timing to consume your protein will be in the morning once you wake ( when your body is hungry for nutrients) 1 hour before training (helps to prevent muscle from breaking down), post training (helps to recover your muscle), before you sleep (so you won’t go hungry during sleep) and lastly anytime when you feel that you need additional protein.

4. On average if you are training 3 to 4 times a week, you should try to consume about 1g of protein per pound of body weight for optimum recovery. Example if i weigh 73kg i will need 73 * 2.2 (convert to pound) = 160grams of protein a day.

5. If you are lactose intolerance, meaning after taking milk protein you have bloating, diarrhea or vomiting, that particular protein may not be suitable for you, go for pure isolated protein, egg protein, soy protein or beef protein.

6. Isolated protein is the cleanest protein of all, then comes your concentrate protein. Isolated protein when thru another process of filtering so it contains almost zero lactose, fats and carbohydrate. So people who is lactose intolerant or dieting for competition this protein is the choice for you.

7. Hydrolyzed protein simply means that the protein powder when thru another process of refining and the powder is finer and easier to absorb.

8. Time taken for protein powder to be digested. (whey isolate about 1hour, whey concentrate 1 to 2hours, egg protein 4 to 6hours and casein protein 6 to 8 hours)

9. Whey isolate and concentrate is best take post training because it digest fast and casein protein is best taken before sleep or in the morning because it keeps you full.

10. It doesn’t matter which brand of protein you consume, protein is still protein if the content is the same. To the end it really depends on which brand you feel comfortable with and if it taste good so you look forward to consuming your protein powder.

Supplement Review – BPI Sports – 1.M.R Vortex fruit punch Pre workout supplement

The latest product by BPI Sports – 1.M.R vortex fruit punch pre workout supplement is here!

Given to me by a good friend, however this product will not be available in Singapore nutrifirst due to a ingredient that is banned by the Health Science Authority (HSA) – Yohimbe

First review on the supplement facts. BPI is famous for their small serving and this time instead of the usual 5gram scoop like 1.M.R, this is a 3 gram scoop!

ingredient list contains caffeine which is about 2 cups of coffee and vasodilator like yohimbe and niacin. Does not contain any creatine.

Taste is pretty okay for the fruit punch flavor. although the scoop is only 3 grams the taste is pretty strong. More towards the sweet part and ending when you swallow, its abit sour. 6/10 for the taste.

effectiveness – 8/10 it may be due to the fact that I didn’t take any yohimbe in the past, so I feel more energize after taking the product. It does give me the mood to workout and focus during my training.

Highly recommend this to people who is looking for a supplement that gives then energy and no other bullshit.



Supplement Review Singapore Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Iron Whey

Arnold series iron whey
Grow Your Legacy
Arnold Series Iron Whey
Arnold Series Iron Whey


Arnold Series Iron Whey
Arnold Series Iron Whey
Arnold Series Iron Whey
Arnold Series Iron Whey


Supplement Review for Singapore Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Iron Whey! As a Singapore Fitness Blogger i like to provide people with the latest up on supplements and nutrition, so here we go the MusclePharm – Arnold Series Iron Whey supplement review!

I didn’t get to try the whole tub of Arnold whey but i did taste a serving of the chocolate flavor!

The taste is not too sweet and a little bit salty. Or maybe it is my sweat haha but overall in comparison  with musclepharm combat powder , arnold series iron whey is not so sweet

Looking at the profile, with concentrate protein as the main source and isolate second this is a fast release protein powder, which is good for a post workout as you would want something fast absorbing. With the added vitamins and minerals it is suppose to help you absorb your protein better and maintain a better nitrogen level inside your body.

With a carbohydrate of 6 grams per serving, it is recommend for a more general use. if you are in your cutting phase or looking to lose weight you can try pure isolated protein which is zero sugar and zero in carbohydrates.

Good thing about arnold whey is that it contains, additional BCAA, Glutamine and digestive enzyme which helps you to absorb the protein better and recover better. This digestive enzyme helps to reduce bloated as well.

So if you are looking for a fast release protein, do give this a try.


MusclePharm Creatine Powder Review


Creatine is normally found in your meat and creatine is naturally produced in our body as well.

when ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) is used it is change into ADP (Adenosine Diphosphate), what creatine do is by changing your ADP  back into ATP. ATP is a fuel for muscle, so the more ATP you have the more you can do. Creatine will cause volumization as well, which means it will pull water into the muscle. Showing increase in water weight.

What result can see get?
You will see an increase in strength by taking your creatine. Performing more reps and higher weight. This might sound too good, but this is by far the best supplement that I have ever taken.

Why choose musclepharm creatine?
First of all is the taste, it’s suppose to be unflavored but this creatine gives me a sour taste. Which I kinda like it, I don’t have to mix it with any other drink, plain water is okay!

Suppose to be a advance formula creatine so no loading is require unlike normal creatine monohydrate which require you to load in the first 5 days.

Not much bloating for me after using this creatine. As you can see the picture attached below.
Doesn’t really mix that well, will give you a sandy texture. However if you leave it there for 15 to 20 min the creatine will dissolve. Anyway it’s only 5 grams of powder you can easily drink it down so the texture doesn’t affect me much.

How to save more when buying supplements with NutriFirst.

NutriFirst, heechai, nutrifirst.net, singapore online supplement store

How to get more from NutriFirst.

1. Try to spend at least a $100 each time to receive a $5 credit, free sample and a free delivery to your home!

2. Purchase in bulk together with your friends. Hitting $200 entitled you to a additional free gift and by hitting $500 you get to select a free gym bag!

3. Stay with NutriFirst! Loyalty member discount given to members who hit a certain total amount! $2000 – 2%, $5000 – 5% and $10,000 – 10%

4. Purchase Bundle deals at Nutrifirst.

Why NutriFirst?

1. NutriFirst Staff

NutriFirst Staff are all Fitness enthusiast, they go to the gym, take supplements and take care of their health. We always make sure that we know what we are selling.

Team NutriFirst

2. NutriFirst Showroom

NutriFirst open up a showroom specially to cater for customer who likes to hold and feel the products. Our Friendly staff will also provide free supplement consultation over at our showroom.

Nutrifirst showroom, heechai, wholesale supplement, nutrifirst.net, barnabas huang
NutriFirst Showroom

3. NutriFirst Care

We do reply to customer inquiries on fitness and supplements thru Facebook messages, phone calls (+65 67440600) and emails. Email is only replied by certified fitness instructors, so you can be sure that the answer you get is reliable.


4. Shut Up and Train – by NutriFirst

Using Products from NutriFirst like MusclePharm shaker, Tshirt, Universal Tshirt, Animal series apparels and gasp makes us a community. I know when i see people using Better Bodies belt, Gasp Branch Warren Wrist Wraps, Shut up and train singlet and NutriFirst Shaker we are one family.

nutrifirst, shut up and train

5. NutriFirst Largest online supplement store

With the widest range of products, you will be able to get all the help you need to grow at NutriFirst. Always trying to bring in the latest and most popular products. Some New brand that NutriFirst recently gotten is Musclepharm, Universal, BPI, Jay cutler, Gasp and Better Bodies do check them out at www.nutrifirst.net

6. Next day delivery.

Place an order today and your supplement will arrive to you the next day! Order above $100 and get a free delivery. NutriFirst deliver anywhere in singapore, be it your office, your house, even construction site! 3 hour time slot available starting from 930am and ending at 7-10pm.



Wholesales Manager at NutriFirst.net

For that burst, there is NutriFirst.


New stack to get lean and shredded.

Been training for a few years now but i have yet to get to the standard of those shredded fitness model. I always thought that training was the most important part to getting shredded, until now. Supplementing and dieting has help me a lot in my physique these few months.

shredded, 6 pax, abs, heechai, lean

But my physique is still far from what i want to achieved.

I have been wanting to get as shredded as f**** like some fitness model I have been following. To just name a few they are lazar angelov, rob riches and Greg plitt.

Greg Plitt, heechai.com
Greg Plitt
lazar angelov, heechai.com
lazar angelov
zyzz, heechai.com
Rob Riches, heechai.com
Rob Riches

To achieve that first I need to try to be as close to what they are taking or eating as possible. So I have decided to take this stack as our NutriMan contestant are getting so shredded with this stack.

Other than bcaa, glutamine, multi vitamins, fish oil, vitamin e, ALA and beta alanine ( i will talk about these supplements in another post )and now I got myself a fat burner – musclepharm – shred matrix, a Pre training musclepharm assault and a protein shake – musclepharm combat powder for recovery.

This will be what I am gonna take for this month to get shredded and to build more lean muscle as well.

combat, assault, shred matrix
Combat, Assault, Shred matrix


Morning before breakfast 6am
1 serving of shred matrix
1 serving combat powder

Before lunch 1pm
1 serving shred matrix

Pre training 530pm/ no training no assault needed.
1 serving assault

Post training 730pm/ no training combat 1 serving can be taken before bed.
1 serving combat powder

Nutrifirst is currently having a event now, it’s called NutriMan by NutriFirst, and all the contestant are getting shredded with this stack. Can’t wait to get shredded with this stack too and there is a promotion price as well.

Get it here!


MusclePharm News – Arnold Schwarzenegger Series

Latest news update from MusclePharm! They are working together with Arnold, the legend in bodybuilding to come out with a new series of products!
These products will be mainly targeting the 4 fitness pillars, “performance, power, & strength, nutrient support and recovery”.
Here are the 8 items they created – For full article.
Iron Cre3 – a creatine product.
Iron Cuts – a fat burner said to ” support healthy estrogen balance and cortisol levels.”
Iron Dream – a sleep aid.
Iron Pack – a multivitamin product that includes liver.
Iron Pump – a creatine free formula based on the nitric oxide boosting action of arginine nitrate,
Iron Whey – a 100% whey protein product.
Iron Mass – a mixed protein, fats and carbohydrate formula.
My View
Arnold has always been someone I look up to, I read his book, watch his video. Learn from how he trains in the video. This is seriously is going be he next big thing!
Arnold who is the most respected figure in bodybuilding put his name on the line, together with MusclePharm the athlete company who promises science and banned free substance on their entire product. This seems like the best combination to shock the whole supplement industry!
Other Mr Olympia who came out with their own series
So which is your favorite? 
Thanks for reading!
Read my previous post on MusclePharm Assault #gamechanger

MusclePharm Assault New Formula #Gamechanger

I just ordered this awesome pre-workout online.
Cant wait to get my hands on it!

Check out this post for my review on this #gamechanger

Finally MusclePharm Assault has arrived

Product Packaging

Assault, musclepharm, singapore, fitness, blog, heechai, scoop, preworkout

Assault, musclepharm, singapore, fitness, blog, heechai, scoop, preworkout

The main difference in this new version is their Athlete Performance Blend – ArgiNitrate, Bcaa Nitrate, CreNitrate which is said to be more effective. Nitrate dilates the blood vessels so it will enhance and blood flow and helps with the distribution of the nutrients.

Next is their Purenergy –

Some information about purenergy

  • A sustained energy boost*
  •  A reduction in the amount of caffeine needed in a formulation to produce tangible results*
  • The creation of a more moderated and gradual finish, preventing the “crash” experienced with caffeine products*
  •  The optimization of natural appetite-suppressant properties*
  • Additional functional health benefits found in pTeroPure pterostilbene* 
  • made up of 43% Caffeine and 57% pTeroPure

As you can see the chart i have gotten from ChromaDex shows a big difference between caffeine(bottom bar) and purenergy(top bar). As you can see caffeine started off with a higher amount of concentration but after the first hour the caffeine dips rapidly but purenergy is still on the rise. Purenergy peaks at the 2nd hour and starts to drop graudually.

Assault, musclepharm, singapore, fitness, blog, heechai, scoop, preworkout
inside assault

MusclePharm do it differently from other competitors, as you can see here they even added in the pillow pak to abouse humidity and odor. Awesome!

Assault, musclepharm, singapore, fitness, blog, heechai, scoop, preworkout
quality of the powder

Drinking the Assault – Taste.

Great mixability, i prefer the taste of this version of Assault compared to the previous version.

In my opinion i can feel that the effect of this preworkout kicks in faster than the usual one that i took.

It doesn’t gives me the sudden spike in energy, i can feel focus thru out my workout.

Minimum crash afterworkout as well, but some how i feel that it suppresses my appetite as i feel full after a meal (which dont normally happen).

Took the product about 6 hours before bed time and i have no problem sleeping.

Overall i think that this is a new breakthrough for preworkout in the industry and it is worth a try.

Thanks for reading!

Check out my previous post review on MusclePharm T-Shirt

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey

Gold standards whey – Double rich chocolate flavor 10lbs bag

This is one of the highest rated brand in the supplement industry.
First of all taste and mix-ability. I taste more like dark chocolate to me. Not that artificial and not so sweet. Mixes well with just a few shake and it is a light blend very easy to drink.
Protein content.
This is a high isolate and low concentrate protein powder. Which is a higher grade compare to most other brands. Percentage of protein per scoop is also above 80%.
If you are just looking for a post workout shake this may be the right one for you. If you want something better, can go for pure isolate protein like optimum nutrition hydrowhey

Get yours at NutriFirst

Should you replace your meals with protein shake/mass gainer

Should you replace your meal with mass gainer or protein shake? The answer is no, you still need to get your vitamins and minerals from the food that you take in. Protein powder and mass gainer is a supplement it is suppose to be an addition to help with your diet and not to replace it! Same as meal replacement powder it will be good to use it on a 2 day on 1 day off basis and only use it to replace your dinner.

Review – BPI – Pump HD

BPI – Pump HD blue ice lemonade. 
So far the best tasting Pre workout I have taken. 
Very mixable. Sweet taste follow by a sour after taste. 
Definitely a very strong Pre workout.
This one is slightly different from the rest of the BPI Pre Workout as it contains some Leucine some electrolyte something different from rush and 1mr. 

I tried sipping thru the workout, the focus was great but I think the caffeine content is a little too strong. 
For those who never try Pre workout before might want to consider using half a scoop. Per serving contains 11g of powder. Overall awesome Pre must try! 

Bring your container to NutriFirst and ask me for a free serving if you want!

Gaspari nutrition – myofusion

Taste 8/10 (very rich and creamy)

Plus points
Contain : CLA
Price : mid range
Mixture of egg protein and whey isolate. Last up to 6 hours

Usplabs – yok3d

Very small pills. Easy to swallow
A lot of people say they don’t feel any effect on this.
But for me this is the most potent nitric oxide I ever tried.
In this formula is arginine nitrate(no3)
Both of this ingredient relaxes the blood vessels.
Gives you pump and endurance. Makes you want to keep on pumping.

Contains no stimulants in it. Good product for people who wants a better pump and more vascularity.

Rating 9/10

muscletech – nano vapor


Taste 6/10 (taste like medicine) mixes well. ultra fine powder.
This formula is supposed to increase your pump with the arginine content.
Improve focus by caffeine
You are suppose to feel heat up after taking this, thermogenic compound
For the thermogenic I felt hotter than normal after workout. So I the thermogenic part am effective.
Normally I workout at night, sometimes I will feel kind of sleepy during workout. This product boost me and keeps me awake and don’t really gives me sleeping problem after training
For the pump I don’t really feel much of a different.
Not one of the best but still worth a try.
Rating: 8/10

universal – animal pak

a multi vitamin supplement amino acid,vitamins, digestive support and body detoxing

a total of 11 pills to swallow.
the pill are actually pretty huge, if you cannot swallow normal pills do not try this.

question : is it normal to get yellow piss from animal pak
yes, its because of the excessive amount of Vitamin B2 (riboflavin)

is it harmful?

no, unless you really overdose it too much if not it will just excrete through the unrine.