Crossfit Vidatha, A Weekend Crossfit Trip to Malaysia

My solo busniess + crossfit vidatha visit in kuala lumpur. Here are some information that might useful for you if you are looking for a weekend getaway or your intention is to visit crossfit vidatha.

First if you wish to make a drop in to crossfit vidatha do ensure that you have done crossfit before, they are really strict on this and they require your box owner to verify that you are training crossfit. You can send your email in to make a booking at

Once you arrive at KL airport! Get a sim card, only 25 rm for 7 days with 3gb of data! Hotlink promo!

You can make use of this grab promotion! No discount code is needed, fixed rate from airport to KL and KL to airport! I just found out today! Previously i am paying for taxi for about 95 rm and uber about 90 rm. Grab is the cheapest i find at the moment!

Grab promo 65 rm

Next you can stay at this apartment , i book via agoda. It will fit 2 pax nicely. Mr Tan and the daughter Elly is really helpful, they will text you the instruction on how you can collet the keys, it is just beside starbucks you wont miss it. The apartment is really clean and they provide 2 towels, shower gel and shampoo is available but no tooth brush so remember to bring your own. Crossfit vidatha is just walking distance from this apartment, everything you need can be found in the mall. Best part it is only about 50sgd per night, best deal i have found so far..

Publika stay via agoda

Then after that you can walk from your apartment straight to the box! Its within the mall!

Crossfit vidatha

You have to book the class in advance! If not they might be full! So do make sure you contact them first! If i am not wrong they have morning classes at 6am, 7am and 8am then evening classes at 6pm, 7pm. It will be 50 rm for drop in.

Crossfit vidatha

I found these Protein Shake at Ben Independent Grocer (BIG).. not the best but will do for now! 12.50 rm each for 30g of protein!

Ben independent grocer

You can have your meal here too in side this BIG, they have this salad place which give generous amount of meat! Cheap and good!

Ben independent grocer salad barBen independent grocer salad bar

Many interesting restaurant around the area too! Poke bowl as shown below!

Poke bowl publika

Oh ya forget to mention, BIG got a huge variety of organic and clean food! So you might not even be able to find in Singapore! Below a SuperShot.

Big ben independent grocer

If you need some Hot Food, they have Nandos in publika as well. 1/4 chicken + chicken liver only 30rm.

Nandos at publika


How to identify a crossfitter, is this your friend?

1. Sipping coconut water all day everyday.
coconut crossfit
coconut crossfit
2. uses terms like wod, you dnf, i am gonna do a amrap workout.
crossfitter lingo
crossfitter lingo
3. Wears this kind of training shoes, and yes dont touch it or they will kill you.
olympic lifting shoes
olympic lifting shoes
Always in their Crossfit Tshirt and shorts
crossfit tshirt
crossfit tshirt
Eating Paleo, talking paleo, breathing paleo.
eating paleo
eating paleo


Strength Wraps for support your wrist!

Here is a tutorial on how you can use a wrist wrap:

You have been using the wrong wrist wrap all this time! If you do crossfit, strongman or calisthenic, elastic wrist wrap is not made for you.
Elastic wrist wrap was created for power lifting to support them on their heavy 1 rep lift, to be able to move a heavier load the more rigid and stable the joint is the more stable you will be. Being stable will surely help you to get that lift up. So Elastic Wrist Wrap is made to be as tight and as rigid as possible to support the wrist! However when doing sports like cheerleading, gymnastic, bar workout, strongman or crossfit, we require wrist mobility!

stacy lee, strength wraps, strength wrap
stacy lee

So thanks to CrossFit Coach and competitor Kelley Urbani (Creator of Strength Wraps), who created this amazing wrist wrap for cross fit initially because she wanted something that supports the wrist but at the same time doesn’t affect the mobility! This is even better to strongman or crossfit where they need to tackle multiple activity and they do not have the luxury of time to wrap and unwrap during the game!

strength wraps
strength wraps

So here is the beauty of the Strength Wraps.
Strength wraps is made from high grade cotton, 100% performance tested cloth wraps like no other in the market.
It is design to give you wrist support but at the same time a full range of motion. Suitable for any kind of sports that require wrist strength! Here are some example, BBOY, POLE, ARIEL, GYMNAST, PARKOUR, BARBROTHERS, CALISTENTNIC, STRONGMAN and of course CROSSFIT.

yun jie cheerleading
yun jie cheerleading

Now strength wraps is available in Singapore, you can make your purchase here! Hope you will enjoy your wraps!

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