Crossfit Vidatha, A Weekend Crossfit Trip to Malaysia

My solo busniess + crossfit vidatha

visit in kuala lumpur. Here are some information that might useful for you if you are looking for a weekend getaway or your intention is to visit crossfit vidatha.

First if you wish to make a drop in to crossfit vidatha do ensure that you have done crossfit before, they are really strict on this and they require your box owner to verify that you are training crossfit. You can send your email in to make a booking at

Once you arrive at KL airport! Get a sim card, only 25 rm for 7 days with 3gb of data! Hotlink promo!

You can make use of this grab promotion! No discount code is needed, fixed rate from airport to KL and KL to airport! I just found out today! Previously i am paying for taxi for about 95 rm and uber about 90 rm. Grab is the cheapest i find at the moment!

Grab promo 65 rm

Next you can stay at this apartment , i book via agoda. It will fit 2 pax nicely. Mr Tan and the daughter Elly is really helpful, they will text you the instruction on how you can collet the keys, it is just beside starbucks you wont miss it. The apartment is really clean and they provide 2 towels, shower gel and shampoo is available but no tooth brush so remember to bring your own. Crossfit vidatha is just walking distance from this apartment, everything you need can be found in the mall. Best part it is only about 50sgd per night, best deal i have found so far..

Publika stay via agoda

Then after that you can walk from your apartment straight to the box! Its within the mall!

Crossfit vidatha

You have to book the class in advance! If not they might be full! So do make sure you contact them first! If i am not wrong they have morning classes at 6am, 7am and 8am then evening classes at 6pm, 7pm. It will be 50 rm for drop in.

Crossfit vidatha

I found these Protein Shake at Ben Independent Grocer (BIG).. not the best but will do for now! 12.50 rm each for 30g of protein!

Ben independent grocer

You can have your meal here too in side this BIG, they have this salad place which give generous amount of meat! Cheap and good!

Ben independent grocer salad barBen independent grocer salad bar

Many interesting restaurant around the area too! Poke bowl as shown below!

Poke bowl publika

Oh ya forget to mention, BIG got a huge variety of organic and clean food! So you might not even be able to find in Singapore! Below a SuperShot.

Big ben independent grocer

If you need some Hot Food, they have Nandos in publika as well. 1/4 chicken + chicken liver only 30rm.

Nandos at publika

Visit to CrossFit Bukit Timah, Singapore Biggest Outdoor Crossfit Box!

As CrossFit is getting more and more popular in singapore. Many People have asked me what is crossfit. So i decided to visit boxes by boxes and show you how these places looks like. It is really fun and not as intimidating as you think! So this time round i am at CrossFit Bukit Timah (Address : 220 Turf Club Rd). If you love the outdoor this will be the perfect training ground for you. Beautiful place with lots of beautiful people around! Lets see how the place looks like below!

crossfit bukit timah
They do outdoor sprint as well i call this the road of death! You can imagine what crazy things can be done here. (Lunges?)
crossfit bukit timah
Here you see a big open field where we did tyre flipping and sled push and some burpees. 
crossfit bukit timah
This open area right beside the road of death! We did some kettlebell rope pull and also weighted farmers walk! SHAG!
crossfit bukit timah
Not forgetting the amazing weights area! Loving how everything is so raw and this area is fully sheltered!
crossfit bukit timah
Lifting platform for all the olympic lifting training. 

Very spacious and also the coaches at CrossFit Bukit Timah are highly qualified you can be sure you are in good hands. If you are looking to put on some muscle or just shed some fats this is the place to be. Workout is gonna be intense but you wont be alone here for sure! If you love the SUN and you drive! This might be a good place for you! Not that easy to head up if you are not driving!

crossfit bukit timah


A Night at CrossFit Tanjong Pagar Review.

Crossfit Tanjong Pagar amazing amazing facilities one of the biggest crossfit box in Singapore. 5 mins walk from Tanjong Pagar MRT station (10 Hoe Chiang Road – 089315 #01-04/05 Keppel Towers Singapore). Below are some photos taken for this mega box. Looking at the facilities here just gets me excited!

crossfit tanjong pagar
Super long stretch of pull up bar and squat racks to ensure that you will have your space to do the WOD!
crossfit tanjong pagar
Assault Bike, Concept 2 rower and a whole stretch of astro turf for you to do your prowler!
crossfit tanjong pagar
Yeah baby all them gainz. And not to forget, Lot of barbells for everyone.
crossfit tanjong pagar
Lifting Platform!

coach-dylan-rectangleHead Coach Dylan Goddard Singapore Fittest Man. You can be sure you are in good hands. He took the class that night its a big class about 20 pax. However he spend time with every individual and making sure that everyone gets his attention and were pushing to their limit. Its a strength training night, we did a bunch of warm up that i never really do before. Very interesting moves that activates and warm up your muscles which i feel that some gym miss out on this part.

The session was short and challenging and the community there is also very supportive. Everyone help each other out and yes ladies there lift. With proper form and technique.

If you are looking for a place to train and learn. Highly recommend you to get a free trial with crossfit tanjong pagar.

What is Chinese Weight Lifting with Coach Wu Chuan Fu.

Attended a Basic Weight Lifting Workshop at CrossFit Mobilus by Coach Wu Chuan Fu today 10 July 2016. Really a eye opener to the basics of Chinese Weight Lifting. I myself never really did any Snatch before, or if i did it was some really weird or bad form. I did learn some clean back at iron fitness singapore, only like 2 or 3 lesson. So this was something totally new and fresh to me. These few points that i will be sharing with you, i find help me the most and gave me the most Ah Ha Moment. So here we go.

  1. Use your quads and find your center. No sitting back. Weight should not be on your knee but on your quads.
  2. Jump with your quads.
  3. pull with your lats not your arms.
  4. Jerk with your Lats not your Shoulders
  5. Power should come from a combination of both your Quads and Lats. Firing together.
  6. Relax when gripping and only exert when lifting. Many times we exhaust ourself even before lifting the weights by holding on too tightly on the bar. It should be relax and explode when needed.

*above are just what i interpreted, if there is any mistake do drop a comment below!

I highly recommend anyone to attend coach wu workshop. Its really easier to start it right than after many years of mistake then you start correcting your form. It will be harder as the muscle memory is already there.

Shown below is the technique performed by Coach Wu Chuan Fu for clean and snatch.

Singapore Gym Review – Grit, Training for Warriors

Grit has been rebranded to Field Assembly on 2018 and they have move to


Grit – Training for warriors is a place that uses the training for warriors methodology. They train athlete (including NFL, Olympic, NBA, MLB, UFC) and people of any sports level all around the world,to help them improve in their sports and physical health. One good example will be the head coach of Grit, Gene who has been training using the methodology of training for warriors for several years and has recently gotten champion for his Fight Competition. More details of their trainer can be found here.

If you are someone looking to improve your health and you want to be able to focus better during your work. This is the place for you! I am sure, after a good workout here, you will feel less of your back aches, loosen up those stiff neck and you will definitely look better.

Located 15min from Raffles Place Mrt Station, 39D North Canal Road, Singapore, S059295

Phone: 6536-5053, Email:

grit singapore training for warrior
grit singapore training for warrior
grit singapore training for warrior
grit singapore training for warrior

I like the part where before you actually start with the training everyone needs to start with a assessment regardless of your training level. This assessment involves some basic movement to see if you have any mobility issue so to prevent any possible chances of you getting injured during the training and of cause your level of fitness to determine how hard you have to go during the workout!! So we did a few squats, push up, lunges and pull up to test our mobility and level of fitness.

After the assessment, workout begin with a series of warm up movement. Many places or personal trainer actually neglect the warm up part, which is very important in my opinion. A proper warm up gets your muscle ready and prepared for the workout.

Grit only accepts 4 person in a class at one go, so Coach Gene can focus on you and ensure that you are performing the exercise correctly. So for a class of 4, we split up in 2 group. Workout consist of 3 sets of superset exercise. First is a ball overhead hold 30sec superset with dumbbell thruster, next up deadlift superset with wall run and lastly Trx Row superset explosive push up with a 5 second on the negative. We did 4 rounds of each superset.

grit singapore training for warrior
grit singapore training for warrior
grit singapore
Looking beastly here
push up grit singapore
See me FLYYY
row grit singapore
row grit singapore

We ended our workout with a couple of cool down stretches, workout time is around 45min. Workout intensity depends on how hard individual pushes during the workout, if you feel stronger that day, push a little harder. Contact them today for a free trial, simply fill up the form in the link and they will get back to you. Click here for your free trial.

grit schedule
grit schedule

Singapore Gym Review : Anytime Fitness West Coast

Anytime Fitness West Coast is located at 501 West Coast Drive #01-302
Singapore, South West 120501 you can contact them at +65 6779 4276 or check out their website or facebook page!

Loaded with precor equipment, nice and spacious environment to train in! This gym have most of the gym equipment that you need to build a good physique. 1 power rack and 1 smith machine plus free weights. Lots of machines like pec deck flyes, triceps extension, chest flyes, bicep curl machine and many more! Everything is brand new, and guess what if you are unsure if you will like the gym, ask for a trial! Pop by today and say hi to their friend staff!

anytime fitness west coast
anytime fitness west coast

Functional training zone!!

anytime fitness singapore west coast
anytime fitness singapore west coast
anytime fitness singapore west coast weights machine
anytime fitness singapore west coast weights machine
anytime fitness singapore west coast weights area
anytime fitness singapore west coast weights area
anytime fitness west coast cardio area
anytime fitness west coast cardio area

Singapore Gym Review : Kinetika Xtreme, a place for everyone.

Kinetika Xtreme Gym Review by together with Madeleine.

Kinetika is a multi dimension equipment which can help with many different kind of sports. It is able to mimic movement of different sports like swinging, kicking punching or pulling. Kinetika Xtreme Gym also conduct ARKE class which focus on your core. It uses equipment like water ball, bosu ball and many others to train your stability. Enjoy the video below which is a summary of how their training will be like.

Kinetika Xtreme High Intensity Interval Training

At Kinetika Xtreme, its not just a normal gym workout, but it improves your functional strength and your cardiovascular health at the same time. Do call them for a free trial today!

Singapore First Strength and Conditioning Gym Review

iron fitness singapore
Iron fitness singapore

Iron Fitness Singapore, Singapore first strength and conditioning gym review by Fitness blogger (heechai). **This is not one of those crossfit gym or box. I was invited by Anthony of Iron Fitness Singapore for a trial and to give a review on the gym. I wasn’t really sure if i am up for the training at Iron Fitness Singapore due to a few problem i have:

1. My back injury when i was doing bent over row about 6 months ago. I went to the hospital due to that, luckily no harm was done to my spine however my lower back muscle got really tight.

2. I was also squatting with knee pain and lower back strained at that time (mobility issue).

3. Shoulder and Neck muscle tightness due to lower back muscle pulling and of course from the high usage of computer.

At that time, the discomfort from my lower back is that bad that i needed a massage every 2 weeks.

First day of my trial its legs day, i told coach i couldn’t do it due to my back condition. But at Iron Fitness there is no skipping of training, no matter how you gotta complete the workout. However coach can tune the workout to suit individual level of fitness.

Coach patiently guided me along and showed me the proper way to do it. Because i was having problem squatting on a normal bar, my workout remains however i will be using a safety bar instead.

safety bar squat iron fitness singapore
safety bar squat iron fitness singapore

A safety bar squat will help to keep your body upright while you are squatting. Easier for you learn the movement of the squat.

After my first trial, i when on training at Iron Fitness Singapore for another 3 months without training at another gym. I am training there about 3 times a week on average and here are the results.

1. I was squatting pain free, and my squats increase from 110kg to 130kg. (20kg increased!)

2. Bench press increase from 110kg to 130kg. (20kg increased!)

3. Dead lift increase from 135kg to 161kg. (25kg increased!)

Just my thought on the difference between iron Fitness and other gym.

1. Going to the gym but not knowing what to do? Stuck with your workout and not seeing any progress? That won’t happen because Iron Fitness training changes every day. Knowledgable coach to guide you along and teach you how to train safely.

2. Hate going to gym where everyone looks tired and unfriendly. Not over here, everyone trains hard together and we bond as we work hard and achieve our goals together.

3. Train and train but don’t know if you are improving or doing the right thing? Your progress will be tracked every 3 months here! Of course consistent training is the key to improvement, if you skip training we will know at your fitness test day or 1 rep max day!

4. Worried that the weight is too heavy? Or you might kill yourself in your training? Progressive training, we go by % of our 1 rep max for our training. Ladies do the same as well! This ensure you are always training at your best and will see improvement every 3months!

workout iron fitness singapore
workout iron fitness singapore

Training at Iron Fitness is definitely tough but enjoyable. Most of the people at Iron Fitness has a full time job but everyday without fail they will turn up for training, it makes me wonder at first what motivates them to train there everyday. Then i realise it is the Coach love for all his athlete. Regardless of who you are or where you are from, if you are willing to learn and improve Coach will give you his 100%.

We train there together, motivate each other, care for each other and Get Stronger Together!

Iron Fitness Singapore is run by Coach Kelvin Quah, the first gym that specialize in Strength and Conditioning training in Singapore. Coach kelvin is very knowledgeable in strength training and proper rehabilitation that can help people who is looking to improve his performance in sports and people of any age who is looking to have a fitter lifestyle! To apply for a trial simply fill up the form below and i will get in touch with you!

heechai progression
heechai progression



Beast Mode in Australian Strength Performance Gym in Melbourne

All the way from Singapore to Melbourne, Singapore Fitness Blogger tries out training at Australian Strength Performance gym, thanks to Skye Lee for introducing the awesome coach Benjamin Siong for the beast mode session!

If you are traveling to Melbourne do check them out!! Here it goes!


Checkout the huge training space and high roof they have! You feel like working out just by looking at the gym right? That is because this gym is specially design to peak your performance with special lighting and arrangement to elevate your mood when you are working out there!


Anybody in for a Strongman session? Totally breathless after a session of strongman class, running with the cans, lunges, farmers walk superset giant set anything you can think of to give you your best workout of your life ONLY at ASP!IMG_1152 IMG_1161 IMG_1154 IMG_1159 IMG_1160

Extra thick grips on the dumbbell so you get to activate your forearm more and look swole like a Popeye after a few sets of biceps curls. 😉IMG_1162Anybody says prowler? Yes this is a killer.

preacher curl
bicep workout

Enough of talking now, if you visit Melbourne and you are looking for a gym the TRAINASP will be the best gym to look for! Excited? Take action and start moving!

Address and contact information is here

PHONE – (03) 9038 8008
MOBILE – 0404 108 440

The Australian Strength Performance Centre
120 Weston Street
Brunswick East
VIC 3057



The Gym Nation at Feng Shan, Singapore Powerlifting Gym

the gym nation feng shan
the gym nation feng shan

Singapore Fitness blogger heechai visit The Gym Nation Gym , Singapore powerlifting gym! Located at Fengshan Community Club, 20 Bedok North Street 2, Singapore, Singapore 469644 operating hours mon to sun between 9am to 10pm.

“Adult is above 21 years old even with valid student identification.
Student is 21 years old and below with student identification.
Senior Citizen is 65 years old and above with identification.

Entrance fee for Adult is $4
Entrance fee for Student is $3
Entrance fee for Senior Citizen is $3

Membership for Adult is $55/month
Membership for Student is $45/month
Membership for Senior Citizen is $45/month

One time $10 administration charge for new membership”

link from here

the gym nation feng shan
the gym nation feng shan

Awesome facility with 2 power rack and 1 smith machine! Both power rack is equipped with weight lifting platform and bumper plate for your heavy lifting!

the gym nation feng shan
power rack 2

Stable bench for heavy presses!!

the gym nation feng shan

Power rack 1

the gym nation feng shan
cardio area!

5 cardio machines!

the gym nation feng shan
gym bench and dumbbells

dumbbell rack with weight up to 50kg!

the gym nation feng shan
the gym nation feng shan, 50kg max weight


the gym nation feng shan
the gym nation feng shan, bumper plate.

Hardly any gym in Singapore that has weight lifting platform, so you dont have to worry about dropping the weight. Sometimes i really hate it when we are unable to drop the weight, its safety issue during training. You do have a bad day sometimes and might fail on reps or when you are trying to push for extra reps. I just want to be sure that i am able to save myself when needed. Instead of saving you, some gym owner will want to save their weights first “hey dont drop the weight” (just ranting)

Anyway do visit them at for a trial today! for more information here

Singapore fitness blogger heechai Training at Iron Fitness Singapore

Singapore fitness blogger heechai is going to start my training at Iron Fitness Singapore for the next 2 month!

iron fitness singapore, heechai
iron fitness singapore

Iron Fitness Singapore is the first and only full-fledged strength and conditioning gym in Singapore to use the conjugate training method.

Their program is proven to increase athletes’ strength in as little as 3 months and achieved their fitness goals.

If you are interested in improving your strength do visit their website or head down for a trial! They are located near Lavender mrt, less than a 10min walk you will be able to reach them. (783, North Bridge Road, (S)198751)

I had my first ever one rep max test (1rm), this test is used to gauge the strength of the individual so it can be used during the training. Some will require you to work on 50% of your 1rm some 110%.  Normally we carry out 1rm test every 3 to 4 months to gauge your progress!

My 1 rep maximum test for squat followed by bench and deadlift.
30% to 50% for 8 reps
60% for 5 reps
70% for 3 reps
80% for 1 rep
90% for 1 rep
Max for 1 rep
+- 2.5kg 1 rep

When attempting one rep, keep calm. Take a deep breathe hold it. And execute. Maintain a slow and steady pace (so the bar wont bounce) when going down and then explode up. Holding the breathe so you will keep your lungs full and your body tight, unlike bodybuilding which practices breathing out this is something really different.

At the end my one rep max for

Squats : 110 Kg

heechai squat
heechai squating

Bench press : 110 Kg

deadlift : 135 Kg

heechai deadlift
heechai deadlift

A few things that i would like to get out in this 2 months will be

1. to increase my squats to 150 Kg

2. bench press to 130 Kg

3. Deadlift 175 Kg

4. To improve my lower back strength, i haven’t been able to squat will is partly due to my lower back injury as well. I will be doing a lot of foam roller in the gym and under coach kelvin specific rehab training i will build strength and improve my flexibility.

5. and of course with my new strength i will training to get my IPPT Gold again! Aiming to hit 2.4km under 9:30min!

I will be constantly posting up my training at my instagram page! Do follow me on my quest to become fitter!

Singapore Gym Review : Gold’s Gym – DFitness Singapore (tabata training session)

Tabata training at dfitness gym today. Tabata training is a form of high intensity interval training. It is very effective for losing fats and building muscle. It consist of 8 set per workout. 20 second work and 10 second rest per set. It is a fast and effective workout, normally will last up to 30min.


You can download a tabata timer for your workout.

We did a tabata shoulder workout.

1. Upright row
2. Military press
3. Lateral raises
4. Front raises
5. Seated rear delts flyes
6. Dumbbells shrugs
7. Barbell shrugs
8. Abs

So this is really free style you can do it any way you like. Even a mixture of full body workout will be good as well. More information can be found here

more information about dfitness gym here


Gymm boxx XL Bishan CC Review

Gymm boxx Address at 51 Bishan St 13 #04-01/02, Bishan CC, Singapore (579799)

Operating Hours: Weekdays 8am – 10pm, Weekends & PH 8am – 8pm

gymm boxx rates
gymm boxx rates bishan

Per Entry rate for 21 years old and above is $5. Below 21 years old is $4 per entry.


gymm boxx bishan
gymm boxx bishan


locker, gymm boxx
40cents locker

The locker require you to pay $0.40 to use, a lot of people just place their item into the locker without paying (no lock) which is not very safe in my opinion. So i did paid for it!

Next is the gym does not provide towel! So please remember to bring your own towel!

gymm boxx xxl bishan
gymm boxx xxl bishan

This is the first half of the gym! Best part about this gym, 4 sets of dumbbells rack! Lots of Benches!

Traps bar gymm boxx xxl bishan
Traps Bar!

Here we see a rare bar! Good for doing shrugs and deadlift!

gymm boxx xxl bishan
50kg dumbbell at gymm boxx xxl bishan

Maximum weight for dumbbell is 50kg!

leg press, gymm boxx xxl bishan
gymm boxx xxl bishan

Leg presses and smith machine, one set each!

gymm boxx xxl bishan
gymm boxx xxl bishan

3 Power Rack!!

1 incline bench!

1 decline bench!

1 flat bench!

gymm boxx xxl bishan
gymm boxx xxl bishan
gymm boxx xxl bishan
gymm boxx xxl bishan
gymm boxx xxl bishan
gymm boxx xxl bishan
gymm boxx xxl bishan
gymm boxx xxl bishan
gymm boxx xxl bishan
gymm boxx xxl bishan

They have the rear delts flyes machine and the seated calf raises as well!

Gymm Boxx XXL in my opinion is a great gym to go to! Located at Bishan CC which is 5min away from the Bishan MRT station. Memebership fee is $165 for 3 months with a one time membership fee of $30! Price is still quite reasonable but, towel and locker is the main issue. In my opinion it is a gym with fantastic equipment but if you want quality service it will be better to pay the extra $30 to join True Fitness/California/Fitness First. Crowd here is also younger, ranging from 16 to 24.


Thanks for reading, for more information do check out Gymm Boxx website here.

Want to know more about other gym that i went? Click here

True Fitness Ang Mo Kio Opening Trial.

Was invited by Alex Javier to join him at the opening of True Fitness ang mo kio at Djitsun Mall.
True Fitness is located at the 4th floor of the Djitsun Mall in Ang Mo Kio. Location is pretty accessible with good dining location nearby(e.g. astons).
heechai, fitness, blogger, directory, djitsun, truefitness
The ambience of the place is very soothing, music playing will be more of a soft pop. With blue lighting with makes the place a really comfortable place to train.
As you can see here the gym free weights area is not very big. Only 4 benches. As compare to their cardio area which takes up a lot of space.
bench, dumbbells, fitness, blogger, heechai
bench, dumbbells, fitness, blogger, heechai
bench, dumbbells, fitness, blogger, heechai
1 incline , 1 flat bench , 1 decline leg press. That’s all for the free weights area.
bench, dumbbells, fitness, blogger, heechaiA better view of the free weights area.
bench, dumbbells, fitness, blogger, heechai
Heaviest dumbbell there is 32kg.
hammer strength, bench, dumbbells, fitness, blogger, heechai
Best part about the gym will be these hammer strength machine. 2 chest 2 back. Right at the end there is this pec deck flyes machine for your rear delts and chest flyes (*rare machine).
Cables, lats pull down, seated cable row, squat rack, smith machine, fitness, blogger, heechai
Cable areas 2 lats pull down and 2 seated row. 2 smith machine and 1 squat rack.
The gym focuses more on cardios, machines and stretching. Excellent for those couple or young office ladies or men who is looking for a place to mingle and train.
Check it out if you are free! They give free 1 week trial pass! Just walk in and check it out with their friendly staff 🙂


Review On Toa Payoh Safra Gym.

On my way to Toa Payoh Safra (293 Lorong 6, Toa PayohSingapore 319387), heard a lot of good comment about that place! Nowadays Safra is dominated by MacDonald, Yishun Safra also have one! *How to get Cutting like this!*fitness blogger, singapore, toa payoh, gym, review

While walking to the gym, i saw the best musclebuilding restaurant! My Postworkout meal is readily available! Double Up Chicken with garden veggie and mash potato! Don’t even need to think i know what i want already 🙂

toa payoh safra gym, heechai, fitness blogger
Aston! Double up chicken! show your safra card to get discount!

Clean and new gym! Spacious! They have this cross fit corner for those people to do chins, ball throw, TRX! You can even train your IPPT here, with standing broad jump mat and shuttle run track! HUGE mirror everywhere, *which is very necessary for US to Flex*.

2 Power Rack, sited leg press, sited calf raises, 1 smith machine, 1 incline 1 decline and 1 flat bench, dumbbell weight up to 50kg, a few cable cross machine and most importantly they have sited chest press and as you can see below, they have a sited shoulder press as well! This is Heaven!

leg press, bench press, smith machine, power rack, heavy dumbbell, hee chai, fitness blogger, singapore
shuttle run track at toa payoh safra
fitness blogger, singapore heechai
fitness blogger singapore, heechai
you hardly can find a seated press in free weights! this is awesome!
singapore fitness blogger, heechai
leg press!
singapore fitness blogger, heechai
seated chest press, most of your common gym wouldnt have this as well.
To Level 2!
Lots of Cardio machine with a nice view facing the pool and warm sun rays shinning in 🙂
singapore fitness blogger, heechai
lots of cardio machines
singapore fitness blogger, heechai
some more cardio machine!

They have another weights area for people who want to train arms or lighter weight selection! Awesome! Lots of Machines for you to hit all the different muscle group! No more excuses! *oh i cannot train because they dont have this machine*

singapore fitness blogger, heechaisingapore fitness blogger, heechai

Everything is good, only thing is the entry payment!

Per Entry Type Fees Usage Timing
#Off Peak
Hour Usage
$5 Weekdays: 7am to 5pm

Saturdays: 7am to 1pm

Sundays/PH: 1pm to 7pmGuests$8Peak Hour
Member$10#Weekdays: 5pm to 10pm

#Saturdays: 1pm to 8pm

Sundays/PH: 9am to 1pmGuests$15

Walkable distance from Toa Payoh Mrt, about 10-15min walk a good warm up to the gym!

Quite a lot of customer is there but there are so many machines around, so the waiting time is not that bad!

Toilet is clean and neat as well. steam room and jacuzzi is available!

A must try! I will definitely go back again!

Thanks for reading!