Visit to CrossFit Bukit Timah, Singapore Biggest Outdoor Crossfit Box!

As CrossFit is getting more and more popular in singapore. Many People have asked me what is crossfit. So i decided to visit boxes by boxes and show you how these places looks like. It is really fun and not as intimidating as you think! So this time round i am at CrossFit Bukit Timah (Address : 220 Turf Club Rd). If you love the outdoor this will be the perfect training ground for you. Beautiful place with lots of beautiful people around! Lets see how the place looks like below!

crossfit bukit timah
They do outdoor sprint as well i call this the road of death! You can imagine what crazy things can be done here. (Lunges?)
crossfit bukit timah
Here you see a big open field where we did tyre flipping and sled push and some burpees. 
crossfit bukit timah
This open area right beside the road of death! We did some kettlebell rope pull and also weighted farmers walk! SHAG!
crossfit bukit timah
Not forgetting the amazing weights area! Loving how everything is so raw and this area is fully sheltered!
crossfit bukit timah
Lifting platform for all the olympic lifting training. 

Very spacious and also the coaches at CrossFit Bukit Timah are highly qualified you can be sure you are in good hands. If you are looking to put on some muscle or just shed some fats this is the place to be. Workout is gonna be intense but you wont be alone here for sure! If you love the SUN and you drive! This might be a good place for you! Not that easy to head up if you are not driving!

crossfit bukit timah


How to identify a crossfitter, is this your friend?

1. Sipping coconut water all day everyday.
coconut crossfit
coconut crossfit
2. uses terms like wod, you dnf, i am gonna do a amrap workout.
crossfitter lingo
crossfitter lingo
3. Wears this kind of training shoes, and yes dont touch it or they will kill you.
olympic lifting shoes
olympic lifting shoes
Always in their Crossfit Tshirt and shorts
crossfit tshirt
crossfit tshirt
Eating Paleo, talking paleo, breathing paleo.
eating paleo
eating paleo


Think again how sleep can improve your performance!!

Recently i attended a talk at Psyched – Performance Ready talk on SLEEP by Emily Ortega.

heechai sleeping
heechai sleeping

There are a million reasons that you are unable to sleep or can’t get enough quality sleep, some may be due to stress, some can’t stop thinking about work, and many more. Some want to sleep but cant, due to the busy lifestyle trying to get a workout after work and a million of other task to complete we normally put sleep to the last. Hopefully this post can help you sleep better!

Sleeping dog
Sleeping dog

It is important to have enough sleep, there are many benefits for sleeping! It will improve your performance and think better during the day! We have different stages when we are sleeping, from stage 1 to stage 5 it will consider as 1 cycle, in 8 hours we will get 5 cycle! So the lesser time you have to sleep the lesser cycle you will get. We go thru the cycle from deep sleep to light and continue on back to deep and light. Deep sleep helps us to consolidate our memories and clear our mind and thoughts, helps with neural network strengthening to remember, learn and solve problem better and most importantly it increases blood flow to muscle and helps in tissue growth and repair! Sometimes when you are in deep sleep and someone tries to wake you up you will get a shock and you wake up feeling groggy and someday when you wake up at the right time, when you are in light sleep you feel fresh!

So you can say you have a million reason to push sleep to the last priority, but if you feel that you are losing focus on work and wish to change it, you need to sleep! Here are some ways to change the mindset!

Try to identify what your sleep belief ask yourself these questions!  What are your thoughts when comes to sleeping? (Do you tell yourself sleep is not important?) What are your emotions when it comes to sleeping? (Do you tell yourself sleep is for the weak?) Hows your lifestyle affecting your sleep? (I need to stay up to party with friends).

Now with the sleep belief you can see more clearly why you are not prioritizing your sleep. What you need to do now is simply to change the Belief. Like for example, training hard, eating right is important but not sleeping well can stop your gains! Find a lot of research on how can sleep affect your recovery and gains! See what i did there, change your belief and you will prioritize will reset your priority.

Now we know what sleeping can help, we need to SLEEP now! but wait, i can’t fall asleep! So this is where Psyched comes in! Psyched has proven steps and method you can use to help you sleep better! Here are some of the methods they use.

If you are trying to sleep early but you can’t seem to do it try to change your sleeping environment! Use Dark curtains, make sure the room is quiet, comfortable bed sheets, pillows, mattress, blankets, using soothing wall color like blue, white, beige,green, Cool temperature, good air quality (all the air pollution now), aromatherapy (lavender) and remove clutter and distractions!

You can also Practice clearing your mind before going to bed! Things you can do include:
1. Write down your task for tomorrow
2. Write down anything that is bothering you and throw it away!
3. Talk it out with your friend
4. Relaxed body = relaxed mind
5. Keep work at work as much as possible
6. Disengage your brain 2 to 3h before bedtime
7. No work and overly mentally stimulating activies before bed!

If all else failed please seek professional help and contact them at

Singapore First Strength and Conditioning Gym Review

iron fitness singapore
Iron fitness singapore

Iron Fitness Singapore, Singapore first strength and conditioning gym review by Fitness blogger (heechai). **This is not one of those crossfit gym or box. I was invited by Anthony of Iron Fitness Singapore for a trial and to give a review on the gym. I wasn’t really sure if i am up for the training at Iron Fitness Singapore due to a few problem i have:

1. My back injury when i was doing bent over row about 6 months ago. I went to the hospital due to that, luckily no harm was done to my spine however my lower back muscle got really tight.

2. I was also squatting with knee pain and lower back strained at that time (mobility issue).

3. Shoulder and Neck muscle tightness due to lower back muscle pulling and of course from the high usage of computer.

At that time, the discomfort from my lower back is that bad that i needed a massage every 2 weeks.

First day of my trial its legs day, i told coach i couldn’t do it due to my back condition. But at Iron Fitness there is no skipping of training, no matter how you gotta complete the workout. However coach can tune the workout to suit individual level of fitness.

Coach patiently guided me along and showed me the proper way to do it. Because i was having problem squatting on a normal bar, my workout remains however i will be using a safety bar instead.

safety bar squat iron fitness singapore
safety bar squat iron fitness singapore

A safety bar squat will help to keep your body upright while you are squatting. Easier for you learn the movement of the squat.

After my first trial, i when on training at Iron Fitness Singapore for another 3 months without training at another gym. I am training there about 3 times a week on average and here are the results.

1. I was squatting pain free, and my squats increase from 110kg to 130kg. (20kg increased!)

2. Bench press increase from 110kg to 130kg. (20kg increased!)

3. Dead lift increase from 135kg to 161kg. (25kg increased!)

Just my thought on the difference between iron Fitness and other gym.

1. Going to the gym but not knowing what to do? Stuck with your workout and not seeing any progress? That won’t happen because Iron Fitness training changes every day. Knowledgable coach to guide you along and teach you how to train safely.

2. Hate going to gym where everyone looks tired and unfriendly. Not over here, everyone trains hard together and we bond as we work hard and achieve our goals together.

3. Train and train but don’t know if you are improving or doing the right thing? Your progress will be tracked every 3 months here! Of course consistent training is the key to improvement, if you skip training we will know at your fitness test day or 1 rep max day!

4. Worried that the weight is too heavy? Or you might kill yourself in your training? Progressive training, we go by % of our 1 rep max for our training. Ladies do the same as well! This ensure you are always training at your best and will see improvement every 3months!

workout iron fitness singapore
workout iron fitness singapore

Training at Iron Fitness is definitely tough but enjoyable. Most of the people at Iron Fitness has a full time job but everyday without fail they will turn up for training, it makes me wonder at first what motivates them to train there everyday. Then i realise it is the Coach love for all his athlete. Regardless of who you are or where you are from, if you are willing to learn and improve Coach will give you his 100%.

We train there together, motivate each other, care for each other and Get Stronger Together!

Iron Fitness Singapore is run by Coach Kelvin Quah, the first gym that specialize in Strength and Conditioning training in Singapore. Coach kelvin is very knowledgeable in strength training and proper rehabilitation that can help people who is looking to improve his performance in sports and people of any age who is looking to have a fitter lifestyle! To apply for a trial simply fill up the form below and i will get in touch with you!

heechai progression
heechai progression



What kind of training should you do?

So many different kind of training is available now that I am also confuse what kind of training is right for me. We have yoga, CrossFit, Power lifting, bodybuilding style, Running, Calisthenics, high intensity interval training (hiit)
and some suggest just swinging the kettle bell at home for a workout.

The main thing that I want to touch on is what do you want to achieve out of the workout. Have a open mind to it. For example if you want to build muscle on your upper body, you can’t be only doing only running everyday and none of your upper body muscle is work then no muscle will grow

Different kind of training engage your different muscle group, most of the people actually have a mixture of high weight and low rep for strength mixed together with high rep and moderate weight for your endurance muscle.

For myself I like to mix around different kind of workout to shock my body. To make sure that all kinds of muscle fiber is hit. Keeping an open mind is certainly very important, reading on the Web and saying oh this bodybuilder did this kind of training and he is like this, so his workout surely will be able to get me to his size. But remember we only see that one hour of his workout, thru out the day you don’t know what else he is doing! He may have other secret training that he don’t wish to reveal.

likewise during cutting phase, you can see a lot of people doing depleting workout, super high reps but did you see what they did before the training?

To me there is no right or wrong training, every kind of training has its own strength. If you see results, just keep on doing. Just my take.

I Recently have been doing a 4 sets routine.

first set light weight for 20 reps

2nd set 15 reps

3rd set 10 reps

and end off with super heavy 5 reps

if you are unable to complete the reps, pause for 5 to 10 sec and continue.

i ensure that all my muscle group is hit. Give it a try.