Things food company dont want you to know!


sugar-is-addictiveAccording to a recent study published in Nature Neuroscience, high fat, high calorie foods affect the brain in a way that is nearly identical to cocaine and heroin. When two researchers from florida’s Research Institute fed rats high-fat-content foods, including cheesecake, sweets and even bacon, every single one of the food activated a release of dopamine, just as the drugs do. Scarier still, over time the rats needed bigger and bigger quantities of junk food to get that same amount of dopamine, just as drug addicts need more and more of their drug of choice to maintain the same ‘high’. Researchers concluded that when the rats ate enough of these foods, and in big quantities, ‘it leads to compulsive eating habits that resemble drug addiction’ (klein, 2010). The most unsettling finding of all? When the researchers compared the brains of the rats hooked on heroin and cocaine, they found that the additive effects of the junk food actually lasted seven times longer. ‘While it took only two days for the depleted dopamine receptors in rats adicted to cocaine or heroin to return to baseline levels, it took two weeks for the obese rats to return to their normal dopamine levels,’ the study reported (Johnson and Kenny, 2010)

Food choices is important, one small can of sugary drinks can lead to long term addiction. Choose wisely.


This is taken from one small part of the book Brandwashed by Martin Lindstrom.

How i stay lean year round.

singapore fitness blogger
singapore fitness blogger

I got this question often from people, especially with people close to me. ” how can you eat so much but still stay so lean ” There is a few rules that i always follow for me to maintain my body.

  1. Do high intensity workout 2 to 3 times every week. if I workout on my own, I will include a lot of superset and giant set. If not I will attend iron fitness Singapore Wednesday or Saturday metabolic conditioning class.
  2. Watch the sugar in your drinks. Always try to go for zero sugar drink. Say no to Canned drinks, coke, green tea and yes fruit juice can add up a lot of sugar to your diet.
  3. if you know you are going to have a big meal that night, try skipping your breakfast and lunch if need to.
  4. Cut away processed food. Processed food is not recognized by your body, so it doesn’t get broken down properly. So it causes your body to be stress, stress causes a spike in cortisol. Processed food need less energy to break down, so if you want your body to burn more calories, consume natural unprocessed food.
  5. Sleep earlier. Not enough sleep can cause cortisol to rise and causes your body to store fat as well.
  6. Get your carbs from vegetables and fruits instead of rice and noodle.
  7. If possible always go for no sauce. Sauces contains a huge amount of sugar and sodium. Especially those gravy. Watch out for those.
  8. Take your fish oil. Fish oil helps with anti inflammation and recover you faster. This will help to keep your body in balance and less stress.
  9. Do fasted workout (empty stomach) take it slow in the beginning until your body get used to it.
  10. Train your bigger muscle if you don’t have time, legs, back, chest are your big muscle group. Train them well and see your metabolism rise.


Read this, you will be shock at what excuses people give for not working out!

Patient : The problem is that obesity runs in my family. Doctor : No, the problem is no one runs in your family.


The worst thing that anyone can blame is their genetic. No one is ever set for something. Some people think they are born fat or skinny and they are destine to live that way. This is normally the norm however, i would like to point out some of the fitness people in Singapore that will prove to you that you can make a difference! Shape your mind and your body follows.

melissa sarah wee
melissa sarah wee
thara begum yeo, doreen yeo
thara begum yeo

Everyone who did a transformation has a story behind, that motivation comes from deep within them. Often people who didnt stick thru their plan failed to find the true meaning to what they are doing. It is the WHY factor and not the WHAT. We usually focus on What we are doing and not truly asking deep down giving us a deep reason why we should do it!

I workout today because i need to, is not as powerful as i workout today because it is going to keep me healthy and energize me for tomorrow! By tagging a reason to everything you do gives a meaning to it, going thru things without a reason is just like the recent ice bucket challenge where people just pour ice over and shout out to their friends just for the fun of it and throwing the real agenda behind it which is actually to call for more donation.

From today on, i hope you guys can find the reason why! Keep going and never give up!

True Motivation, we are highly motivated inside us!

This is not a motivation talk, because you are already a highly motivated individual. Everyone is self motivated, it just depends on where you focus your energy to. We are self motivated to get the things we wanted, for example working hard and saving up for that car, house, branded watches or to earn money to feed your family and most importantly for survival.


To get a ripped six pack, to get shredded, to feel secure, to get girls, to live healthier. Yes its a goal, but are these goal sustainable, why some people giving up half way? Its the mindset that matters, think about this “Oh its doesn’t matter if i am shredded or not, it is not gonna affect my living anyway.” Will you skip training today if your mindset is that? Do i need to have a fit body for survival? No! i need money more for survival as compared to having a good body!

In the short term you can trade your time for money but think about it in the long run if you are down with critical illness because you didnt care for your body. Think about this situation where you are a successful businessman and one day you got struck by heart attack because you didnt watch your diet. Or you are wheelchair bound because you got too fat to walk?

There isn’t any form of motivation in my opinion. There is only that emotional link that causes you to do what you are doing. Now we are looking at health as something we should do, but in fact health is something that we must do. Its like you must breathe in order to survive. It is always you should workout today, you should do that, but why not you MUST!

When you say you should instead of you MUST, are you saying that health is not important! You only know you have to do it. Do you need any motivation to eat? Most probably not. If you need external motivation to do something, that thing might not be what you really want to do.

For me health and fitness is a must, health and fitness is a lifestyle and not a short term goal. You spend so much time studying how to earn money to build your wealth, but what is wealth without health. Imagine if you are just training thinking that you need to lose weight just to look better, will you continue working out if you have no time? You will most likely to reply yourself, argh i got no time today i can always workout tomorrow or watch my diet tomorrow. BUT if your believe is this working out releases me from my stressful day and i will feel healthier will you find time to workout?  I always believe to be healthy gives me more energy and i can work longer and concentrate better. Its not that we are different, or i am crazy to workout and eat healthy its just that healthy living is on my priority list.

The Gym Nation at Feng Shan, Singapore Powerlifting Gym

the gym nation feng shan
the gym nation feng shan

Singapore Fitness blogger heechai visit The Gym Nation Gym , Singapore powerlifting gym! Located at Fengshan Community Club, 20 Bedok North Street 2, Singapore, Singapore 469644 operating hours mon to sun between 9am to 10pm.

“Adult is above 21 years old even with valid student identification.
Student is 21 years old and below with student identification.
Senior Citizen is 65 years old and above with identification.

Entrance fee for Adult is $4
Entrance fee for Student is $3
Entrance fee for Senior Citizen is $3

Membership for Adult is $55/month
Membership for Student is $45/month
Membership for Senior Citizen is $45/month

One time $10 administration charge for new membership”

link from here

the gym nation feng shan
the gym nation feng shan

Awesome facility with 2 power rack and 1 smith machine! Both power rack is equipped with weight lifting platform and bumper plate for your heavy lifting!

the gym nation feng shan
power rack 2

Stable bench for heavy presses!!

the gym nation feng shan

Power rack 1

the gym nation feng shan
cardio area!

5 cardio machines!

the gym nation feng shan
gym bench and dumbbells

dumbbell rack with weight up to 50kg!

the gym nation feng shan
the gym nation feng shan, 50kg max weight


the gym nation feng shan
the gym nation feng shan, bumper plate.

Hardly any gym in Singapore that has weight lifting platform, so you dont have to worry about dropping the weight. Sometimes i really hate it when we are unable to drop the weight, its safety issue during training. You do have a bad day sometimes and might fail on reps or when you are trying to push for extra reps. I just want to be sure that i am able to save myself when needed. Instead of saving you, some gym owner will want to save their weights first “hey dont drop the weight” (just ranting)

Anyway do visit them at for a trial today! for more information here

HIT – high intensity training the secret to growth?

First of all let me give you a little background of what high intensity training or HIT is. Don’t mix up HIT with high intensity interval training(HIIT). They are both different.

HIT is all out hardwork on each set. Each workout will be only last about 25 min excluding the warm up. You are to perform 10 to 12 exercise, each exercise will be a set to total failure. Every rep is a control movement 3 second up and 3 second down. If you are able to hit 12 reps or more you need to increase the weight. you should hit failure about 8 reps then get your buddy to help you up on the positive and you try to hold as long on the negative as possible.

True failure.
How do we define true failure, my take on this. You only hit true failure when your friend tells you to do another rep and you can’t get it up. There is a difference between telling yourself and getting a command from a third party. Unless your mind is so program to this kind of extreme pain, you won’t be able to reach your maximum potential. because our human body is so smart, they will try to prevent us from killing ourself.

The failing mind.
How do you determine a true failure? Does your body fail before your mind or mind before your body? Alot of us would say it’s mind over body. However you body will try to prevent you from killing yourself as that is our body is naturally born for survival. So it’s gonna be near impossible to kill yourself.

You need a Training partner.
Only someone who knows your plan know how to kill you. Only when you get a command from the other party there will be a chance that your mind will go for the 10 reps.

I tried killing myself several times (in the gym) however the pain I get after the 6 rep is that bad that I had to stop on 8. I tried various ways like rest pause where I pause for 5 to 10 sec then continue another 3 reps but that doesn’t bring me to the true failure that I am looking for. Always ended up doing around 20 reps instead of 12.

My way of doing it with a partner will be 3 sec up 3 sec down for the first 6 reps followed by slight spotting from your partner to continue another 4 reps in 3 up 3 down and end off with 2 reps of negative maximum hold for negative. When you failed, that is normally not your true failure. So go for one more rep, you are still alive at this moment. The workout should be of an intensity that you will not be able to stand up or talk properly for a while.

So the 12 exercise will include everything. It’s a full body workout. Here is a example.

1. Leg press
2. Leg extension
3. Leg curl
4. pull up 30 sec up 30 sec down 1 set.
5. Lats pulldown
6. Dips 30 sec up 30 sec down
7. Dumbbell flyes
8. Bench press
9. Barbell military press
10. Bicep curl
11. Tricep pull down
12. calves raises

We will repeat this 3 times a week. Monday, wed and Friday. Sat sunday rest and continue training back on Monday.

Here is a photo of me 2 weeks back. Let’s see how much gains I can make., heechai, singapore fitness blogger, singapore fitness
HIT training

Sports and Fitness Expo Singapore 2013

Pharma Freak, Singapore fitness blog
Pharma Freak


PharmFreak got this very hardcore drug stall feel to me. They could be a good brand to come over to Singapore but some how most of their most effective supplement won’t be able to enter the Singapore market due to some banned ingredient by the HSA.

X-Bionic International, singapore fitness blog
X-Bionic International

some really cool compression gear at the fair, suppose to help you boost your performance. used by astronaut as well.

Coolcore Singapore, singapore fitness blog
Coolcore Singapore

This is something really “COOL”. This should be something nice for Runner or Endurance athlete! This new material that they made actually helps to keep you COOL. The moment the cloth comes in contact with my skin, it like air condition! This material is suppose to work with water, yes that means your sweat! EVEN HOT WATER! Gotta check it out! Like them on facebook.

PhD Nutrition Inc, singapore fitness blog
PhD Nutrition Inc

Another Supplement company here, looks like more and more supplement company is going to step foot into Singapore! No review on this as i have not tried their products.

IMG_0670Okay to be frank this protein bar taste good. The profile of the product is okay as well.

X-Bionic International, singapore fitness blog
X-Bionic International
Key Power, Singapore fitness blog
Key Power
Singapore Powerlifting Assoc, Singapore Fitness blog
Singapore Powerlifting Assoc
Singapore Powerlifting Assoc, Singapore fitness blog
Singapore Powerlifting Assoc

Do visit their gym at Kallang if you like to smash some weights without anyone asking you to leave the gym. Address located here.

IFitness, Singapore Fitness blog

Our local fitness magazine! Check out all the local fitness model and athlete there!

circuit training aibi, singapore fitness blog
circuit training aibi

some circuit training conducted by AIBI.

maxi muscle, singapore fitness blog
maxi muscle
Fitness Sutra, singapore fitness blog, heechai
Fitness Sutra

Check out your one stop health and fitness online portal!


So glad to see more and more supplement company entering Singapore market! This shows that they realize that more and more Singaporean is getting into the fitness wave! I love promoting for this sport event because i do hope that everyone can live healthy and look healthy! Not only rich in the pocket but rich in the health as well!

Do leave a comment if you have any views on Singapore Fitness Industry!