Intermittent fasting -Week2- Vascularity

Recently i am really addicted to getting more vascular.

How can you get more veins to show?

  1. high protein low carb diet
  • it will help your body to use more fats as energy instead of using carbs. This is especially helpful is you workout fasted in the morning, working fasted in the morning is said to be able to increase fat burn by 20% more than normal workout timing!
  • shred more fats
    • the main reason why your veins is showing is because your fats is thinning out. you hardly see fat people with veins right.
  • take some Nitric Oxide supplement like arginine product
    • Arginine is a vasodilator. it helps to relax the blood vessel and increase blood flow.
  • Lift heavy ass weight with proper form
    • if you are lifting heavy with proper form you will be putting the muscle under a more stressful environment in turn tearing more muscle fiber. To recover yourself during workout the body will call more blood to flow to that particular muscle group (the pump). therefore it creates more vascularity.

    3rd week intermittent fasting

    Doing intermittent fasting for 16(fasted)/8(feast) hour or sometimes 18/6 hour. I dont have a fix plan it really depends on how hungry i feel each day.

    i really do feel more vascular now and more definition is coming out. weight did increase by a bit.
    but normally we dont only go by how much weight you increased, it is not that accurate become what we want now is only muscle gain.

    muscle gain and fat lost so weight will be hover around the same. if my prediction is right, after dropping a few more percentage of body fat, we weight should start to rise. Shall see how it goes!

    All the best people.

    Gaspari nutrition – myofusion

    Taste 8/10 (very rich and creamy)

    Plus points
    Contain : CLA
    Price : mid range
    Mixture of egg protein and whey isolate. Last up to 6 hours

    Usplabs – yok3d

    Very small pills. Easy to swallow
    A lot of people say they don’t feel any effect on this.
    But for me this is the most potent nitric oxide I ever tried.
    In this formula is arginine nitrate(no3)
    Both of this ingredient relaxes the blood vessels.
    Gives you pump and endurance. Makes you want to keep on pumping.

    Contains no stimulants in it. Good product for people who wants a better pump and more vascularity.

    Rating 9/10

    muscletech – nano vapor


    Taste 6/10 (taste like medicine) mixes well. ultra fine powder.
    This formula is supposed to increase your pump with the arginine content.
    Improve focus by caffeine
    You are suppose to feel heat up after taking this, thermogenic compound
    For the thermogenic I felt hotter than normal after workout. So I the thermogenic part am effective.
    Normally I workout at night, sometimes I will feel kind of sleepy during workout. This product boost me and keeps me awake and don’t really gives me sleeping problem after training
    For the pump I don’t really feel much of a different.
    Not one of the best but still worth a try.
    Rating: 8/10